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  3. Part of me is hoping they don't beautify the game too much. There should be a firm respect for what the first two games managed to do with their art style. Of course, I'd be really amazed if they manage to find the original footage to re-render cutscenes.
  4. Prisoner416

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I'm not really interested in anything in a new engine. I'm more interested in the old games and getting them to work with the original code, albeit with tweaking. Same reason I prefer actual cartridges as opposed to emulation when possible. Red Alert, at least the first one, is one that simply must be preserved for humanity. I take a "If it's not broke don't fix it" look at most things. The ideal patch would be set up like the Fallout Fixt patch, where a user can tickmark to install a "purist" mode or choose what optional bits get added. I know it would be neat if we could replace the music in-game with high-quality versions since data size isn't as much of an issue anymore. ...one of these days I'll finish exploring RA3 and the newer titles. To me the early ones still are the best. They could make another in the style of Tiberian Sun or a Red Alert that wasn't camp. Still... while I technically got them all on Origin now (after calling them and telling them I owned the First Decade and a few others, I got an unlock key), I prefer to run the First Decade builds.
  5. Last week
  6. Another month, another update from Jim Vessella regarding the Command & Conquer remasters, this time focusing on the campaign screens in Tiberian Dawn, and how they will now be available for selection individually like in some of the later titles. Here's the full update from the C&C subreddit:
  7. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    FinalSun Map Making videos Season 1 just ended! 2nd season starting 28th September! Check whole 1st season here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7XE0YnXSPzuJg6EFxi7e1Hy
  8. Traymen

    Been A While, eh Lads

    Certainly, it is a astonishing comeback
  9. Check ddraw.ini do note that you have some exe specific overrides at the bottom of the ini file.
  10. Earlier
  11. Very nice! Now also ReShade loads! But how do I actually include new GLSL shaders? The CCConfigFull.exe does not give any advice on that. And what scaling to you use? I haven't found a way to stretch from 600p to 768p without nasty artifacts. The best way would be to display everything in 2x2, 3x3 pixels and then apply high-quality downsampling. An LCD screen with a fixed (native) resolution does not smoothly scale like a CRT did back in the day, and even a filter applied without downsampling doesn't always give convincing results, after all it's vertical pixels times 1.28, with as little blur as possible and at the same time recognizably pixely... I've tried all options within CCConfigFull.exe, combined with 600p to 768p without satisfying results...
  12. Sweet! In that case I won't be needing ReShade necessarily anymore. The only unsolved thing so far is perfect scaling though, as there is as far as I understand it no way to 1. have correct aspect ratio with 600p to 768p scaling, 2. a filter that scales the resolution in a way to be both sharp, pixely and without visible artifacts from the stretch... :-/ A linear filter combined with image sharpening would have achieved something like that.
  13. The version of cnc-ddraw included with the updated config tool allows you to use glsl shaders. The download even includes a few, of which are CRT shaders. It includes a DX9 renderer as well.
  14. Because ReShade needs Direct3D 9 or higher to add post-processing effects (such as CRT effect, sharpening and many others), which is why I'm using it.
  15. Uhhh... why on earth do you think you would need Direct3D 9? This is a 100% 2D game. I'm not really sure I understand your issue here. Why do you want to use that other dll? There is an updated config tool and cnc-ddraw dll available through a little pack that FunkyFr3sh put together. I advise you to install that: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8821-cc-1-tiberian-dawn-installation-on-windows-10/
  16. Update: As it turned out, I get the same functionality / CCConfigFull.exe with the aforementioned ddraw.dll. But since this comes with its own ddraw.dll, doesn't it preclude the use of the extended functionality of the C&C 1 1.06 patch, which comes with its own ddraw.dll? I was just asking a very similar question with the same underlying technical problem here:
  17. Currently I have to choose between the extended DirectDraw options of the patch and ReShade (if you're unfamiliar, it's a post-processing tool by DLL injection, see reshade.me). To be more precise, the second ddraw.dll is actually from dgVoodoo 2 (http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2.html), as it is a wrapper from Direct3D 5-7 to 11, and ReShade needs at least Direct3D 9 to work. Is there a way to load both ddraw.dll's? Or to get C&C to get wrapped up to D3D9 or higher another way, so I could skip dgVoodoo2? I have already tried renaming the second ddraw.dll to another standard DLL name that gets picked up by Windows, such as opengl32.dll or dsound.dll, but either the DLL doesn't get picked up or there is an error complaining about a mission hook in DDraw (other DLLs can mess with DirectDraw as well apparently). Windows 10 x64, installed from Origin, applied 1.06 rv3 (most recent), nothing else. Thanks
  18. @Nowaru the soldier on the barracks model is available in one of the artpacks as far as I remember. so if you are planning to have a commando similar to Havoc from Renegade that is already done by some modder on moddb I saw they posted havoc in game picture but never released it. @Nowaru Soldier.zip
  19. Inferno

    Been A While, eh Lads

    Hey dude. Good luck with the transition
  20. Funissenty

    The best free PC software

    In fact,there are many best free pc software to choose from. Safewiper helps you optimize your computer's equipment and space. Microsoft To-Do allows you to do anything from work to play. Adobe Photoshop Express helps you image editing and collage making mobile App
  21. Ahh seem like it still not works well with the versions I have
  22. It should be extractable from the game's files (may not even need to extract it), But I dk if it will work with existing bones or if you will need to rebind them all though...
  23. Reaperius-17

    FinalAlert Map Editor broke

    Plokite_Wolf idk how too do that. Is there anything I need too download.
  24. Plokite_Wolf

    FinalAlert Map Editor broke

    Worst-case scenario, run it in a virtual machine with an older OS.
  25. That... is a weird bug. I have never seen anything like it.
  26. Nmenth

    Been A While, eh Lads

    We can't keep the site alive by ourselves. This forum requires an active community too.
  27. PurpleGaga27

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Alan Wake and For Honor are free to get at the Epic Games Store for a week. Both of them were major titles.
  28. PurpleGaga27

    Been A While, eh Lads

    As of right now, this forum has gone more inactive and I am frequently active in Revora and Reddit forums. Pretty much Plokite and Nmenth have something else in their hands instead of here. And yes, I still miss retired Zee Hypnotist (aka Rabbit) and Sonic.
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