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    The new patch for the C&C Remastered Collection is now live and available to everyone. There's a lot of changes, including those from the previous two beta branch patches (both documented and previously hidden ones), and possibly some new ones. Read the full change list and roadmap here. NOTE: If you were using the beta branch patches on Steam, make sure you DISABLE the beta participation for the game to receive this update.
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    Seems the beta branch was deleted entirely now. By the way, the Remaster does not seem to update its version number; it's been stuck on 1.153 since release. The actual version number is only indicated in the build number, so I took the liberty of listing them up: 732159 - Original release (05/06/2020) 735514 - Patch 1 (22/07/2020) 740600 - Patch 2 (06/08/2020)
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    The first content update for C&C Dawn of Tomorrow has been released! It includes three new missions, several fixes for existing missions, as well as a slew of bug fixes. You can learn more and download the mod from my website, kilkakon.com/c&c The following download mirrors are also available: - EXE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc6iti71tuivoax/c%26cdotsetup.exe?dl=0 - Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znvdb4g47v16zrb/c%26cdot.zip?dl=0 New missions include: "Consicence" by Scionox. Play as the United States in this challenging mission as they seek to liberate a lost city and free a defecting scientist. "The Hunt". A non-production mission where you have to take out a number of Tomorrow MCVs before they escape a mountain pass. "Survivors", which incorporates a new terrain adapted from work by Tschokky. It's a brief glimpse into what life is like for the Company of Answers after the conclusion of the campaign. Other adjustments include: Cold Front and Checkmate have been made more challenging as they were easier than I had intended. Nowhere has ownership of a few buildings changed around so the defences at the end of the level are powered. Tear Gas APCs no longer disappear into nothingness when they're destroyed. Mission Critical Structures are now labelled with a tooltip (thanks to Nyerguds). The Propaganda Centre is no longer referred to as a Prison in FoT3 (thanks again to Nyerguds). A few typo fixes and similar adjustments here and there. Hope you enjoy the new content and have fun!
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    i made something similar already: https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc3-tiberium-refined/videos say if you generate your ionstorm through OCL method, add DestinationPlayer="PlyrCreeps" to it so the ionstorm will attack all players, like this: <ObjectCreationList id="OCL_TiberiumCrystalIonStormCreation"> <CreateObject Disposition="ON_GROUND_ALIGNED USE_WATER_SURFACE USE_CLIFF" Count="1" DestinationPlayer="PlyrCreeps" Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS"> <CreateObject>TiberiumCrystalIonStorm</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList>
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    The development of the second patch for the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is well underway, and players can test out its beta right now. Aside from an early version of LAN play, it has a feature that will bring a smile to many players - a slider which dictates the speed of Tiberium/ore regrowth, among other changes that will be officially announced once the patch is finished. Here's Jim Vessella's full update: Fellow Command & Conquer fans, Today we are inviting you to try a Beta version of our in-development patch, which most importantly includes an early version of LAN Play. Our goal in sharing this Beta version is to get your feedback on LAN Play and ensure this feature is living up to your expectations. We’re looking for both qualitative and technical feedback on the feature, especially with regards to playing multiplayer LAN games with Mods enabled (either locally or over VPN). We reinforce this is an early version, and certain elements (including AI) may not work correctly in LAN play just yet. Everyone who owns the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection on Steam is able to participate in this Beta version of the game. Please follow these steps to gain access: Go to your C&C Remastered Collection page on Steam Click on the Manage button (gear icon) Select Properties Navigate to the Betas tab In the dialog box, enter “TDRABetaPatch1” Click Check Code Once the code accepts, select the “Public Beta” branch from the drop down menu The game will now update to the Public Beta version, at which point you can play At any time, you can update back to the standard live version via the same drop down menu Please note, there are several dozen other improvements in this Beta version, which we’ll list out in more detail when the patch is officially released. However, please keep an eye out for these key items: The ability to choose the speed of Tiberium / Ore regrowth. This is now a slider in the game rules section. (0 being disabled, 1 being default, and 2-9 being multiples on default). We’re eager to see if this feature satisfies requests from the community, and we’re also looking for feedback on what the new Quickmatch default regrowth setting should be. If you saw increased framerate stuttering or launch crashing after the June major patch versus the launch version, we have an experiment you can try: Go to your C&C Remastered Collection page on Steam Click on the Manage button (gear icon) Select Properties On the General tab, select “Set Launch Options…” In the box, enter “NOSPLASHPRELOAD” Click OK and launch the game This will effectively revert the texture optimizations we made in the June Patch, and may help performance / stability with certain hardware configurations (This launch option will also work with the standard live branch as well) Please note, while playing in the Beta version, online play will be disabled and certain mods may not be compatible. Please play the Beta version and alter Launch options with caution and understand there may be a risk. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on LAN Play and other improvements. Cheers, Jim Jimtern
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    Yeah I think we are all guilty of the hindsight cringe.
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    I'm guessing the issue is that the rushes can apparently be executed before the opponent has any chance of building up any kind of defense against such tactics, since the kind of high damage defenses that could actually stop an APC from reaching the inner buildings (tanks and defense buildings I guess; infantry can just be ran over) are much slower to make than an APC and 5 engineers. And since TD engies are insta-capture, once the APC gets there you basically already lost.
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    About an hour and a half ago, Jim Vessella posted an update on the C&C subreddit regarding changes in the beta branch of the C&C Remastered Collection, as per last week's call for community input: The Nod Cargo Plane delivery time has been normalized to 4 seconds on Normal speed The TD Weapons Factory health has been increased by 30% The RA1 naval structures have been removed from the victory condition To address the TD Engineer / APC issue, the APC now has the Repair Facility as a pre-requisite to build Harvester logic improvements AI supported in LAN mode Quickmatch map pools rotated, added selected community-made maps The full post (and it's quite a read) can be seen here.
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    Meh, I wasn't there for the C&C remasters. I am for Cities Skylines which is a game that needed a lot of CPU and RAM power. I might need to upgrade a new video card soon, possibly aiming for a GeForce RTX 3060 with a much better smoother 4K gaming. Also in need are a 4K monitor and a 1TB SSD on a PCI-Express chip so I can install any game that is 100+ GB.
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    For the first time in over a decade, I replaced a potato PC with a new primary custom PC: Primary PC: Case/PSU: Custom recycled midtower case with Thermallake power @ 500W Motherboard: Asus Prime B365M-A CPU: Intel Core i3-9100f @ 3.6 ghz CPU Cooler: Intel stock fan RAM: Oloy 32GB DDR4-2666 RAM Dual Channel Video: EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM SSD: 1TB Silicon Power SATAIII (two partitions for Win7 and 10 64-bit) HDD: 2TB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATAIII (spare) Optical drive: LG 16x Blu-ray writer Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Display: HP 25" widescreen LED HD monitor (plugged in with HDMI) Speakers: Creative 2.1 ch speakers with subwoofer Input: Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse Pic: https://twitter.com/PurpleGaga27/status/1286151220810285056
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    Yeah, Sonic lowered the requirement for veteran status from 2500 posts to 1500 posts a few years ago.
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    Well for what it is, welcome back. Definitely lots of old teenager cringe posting in the archives.... Oof. I think we're all guilty of that
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    Is necroposting still a thing people complain about? It's been a few years, and apparently I'm a 'veteran member' now? I'm kind of scared to look back on my old posts here, some classic teenage cringe-content I'm sure. Looks like my sig got eaten by whatever image server was hosting it, and my avatar got borked by however many forum software changes there have been. I think i remember the image I used to use... Hope everyone has been keeping well, I just happened to end up here looking for tibsun stuff and remembered having an account. I only posted here for about 4 years but somehow managed to spam myself into the top 30 of all users.
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    Hi Purple, Apologies that the mission bugged out for you. What I can do is attach this file, it'll make it that if you load your save of CoA4 and then restart the level you'll win automatically. http://kilkakon.com/kocb/scg04ea.zip Drop the file into your DoT directory and you should be good to go. It's an old version of the map (still has the helicopter problem) but as it's just going to auto-complete that should not be relevant. Were you playing on 1.2? As in, you weren't playing on a 1.1 save? I removed the main reinforcement that was glitching out the victory condition (helicopters could spawn that if the player built over would then queue up off map and prevent more helicopters from spawning). If you did keep a save of the level I'd be interested in seeing it. On the airstrip front, CoA aren't supposed to have vehicles after mission 3. They're an infantry/aircraft faction.
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    Somehow this game runs better on Windows 10 than on Windows 7 due to less video stability issues. However there's a problem with one of the missions, particularly in the Company of Answers campaign, the one part where you have to destroy all enemy structures. The bug occurred after I destroy everybody and nothing happens. Also that mission lacked the ability to build a war factory airfield (which can automatically send in a reinforced unit every so number of seconds) despite only two rangers and two overseers.
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    Today, the first patch for Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is planned to go live. The changelog is quite long, but here is our summary: Performance issues will be resolved by loading everything before the match launches, which will prolong loading times but should reduce stuttering in the middle of the game Private (passworded) game lobbies are now available Muting players in chat enabled Overwriting existing saved games now possible Random faction choices available in custom matches Deploy hotkey now universal to all units with such a function Manual saving in custom missions enabled Tweaked balancing of the Hard difficulty mode in Tiberian Dawn Fixed bug that changed the difficulty of the mission after reloading Nod Cargo Planes no longer destructible Mission-specific fixes Various mismatching tile fixes on maps Map pool adjustments Tweaks to mod menu Jukebox now available in the main menu To read the full changelog, click here.
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    You may have seen a bunch of cute and chunky Tiberian Dawn unit videos floating around the community in the past several months. These come from Benjamin Tay, an animator who worked for Lemon Sky Studios (including the C&C remasters), who has decided to make a video series of short stories with such adorable unit designs. Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units follows a GDI light scout and APC scouting around a nearby Nod(dy) base. If you're new to the series, visit the official channel to catch up.
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    Not only Nina's Synthian is my favorite song of 2020, but also it could be possibly my favorite album of 2020 as well. You're going to love her music. As for an encore, why not throw in the Sleepwalking album as well?
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    you need to make the BuildInProximityToSamePlayerStucture= to false