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    Hi. I really like the Yuri's Revenge thing that all units have own voices (mostly vehicles) instead of same voice for all vehicles in RA2. Is there any mod or guide how can I activate(?) these voices in vanilla RA2? Thanks.
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    I've found Sound editor. Now, I need rules.ini of RA2, right? I've found rulesmd.ini from YR, but no trace of RA2 one. Where can I find it? In rulesmd.ini there are a strings like: VoiceSelect=ConscriptSelect VoiceMove=ConscriptMove VoiceAttack=ConscriptAttackCommand VoiceFeedback=ConscriptFear VoiceSpecialAttack=ConscriptMove DieSound=ConscriptDie So I need to enter right group of sounds name for each unit, right? Where can I find these grup names?
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    The sounds are accessed differently, you have to launch the Sound Editor. And by "launch", I mean from the Launch menu.
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    Thank you for a detailed answer. I have XCC Mixer and there were times when I extracted music and video files from CnC games. Now I have looked through the mix files I have in the RA2 folder and found nothing. Where I need to look? i have The First Decade RA2 (RA2 and YR in same folder). Please, write down the process I need to do. I won't do it in one day anyways, I'll do it slowly unit by unit. Thanks.
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    It is less straightforward than you may expect. First you would have to copy the audio files from YR to RA2, which you can do with the XCC Mixer's Sound Editor (you can find a download for XCC Utilities in the Modding Tools sticky thread in this forum). However, even after you have the audio, you then would need to code them all in sound.ini and then tell what units use which voices in rules.ini. That's a lot of work, and the boring kind too. Possibly someone else has already done this and could save you the trouble... if you can actually find it (maybe some other people here more familiar with mod archives could help you with that). Otherwise, unless you really want this, have a lot of time to spend, and don't mind extremely repetitive work that will most likely take several days to finish, I wouldn't recommend doing it. If you are willing for the challenge, I can explain in more detail exactly what you would need to do, although I haven't done any work with sound.ini for a while and would probably need to refresh my memory.
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    Good gods, what a bunch of whiny crap. As far as I see it, they never copied that database with ill intentions, they just severely botched their launch of it, and rectified that as soon as they could. There are no passwords in the DB, just password hashes. Not only aren't those particularly useful (that's the bloody point of hashing them), but if they could copy the DB, they already had access to those anyway, even before the split. So yeah, they messed up, but it doesn't look like they keep demonizing the other side. All of this just sounds like a lot of childish butthurt from BHP to me.
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    I don't mind that you've changed your position entirely but it's just odd that you won't own up to what you used to believe. Nice JC Denton macro, though.
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    It's still a red herring. A database full of forum passwords that no one is going to do anything with is a distraction from the issue: why they left. You yourself should understand considering you've been very adamant against "BHP" before you were recruited by them, alongside Pushwall and sith_wampa. I'm not taking your replies personally. A "personal attack" used in context is "attacking the character of the person instead of their argument", not that I'm feeling indignant. ;-)
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    I'm not surprised that someone is attacking me as a person instead of my arguments, that's par for the course. FWIW: if you can't post without personally attacking someone, you're not supporting your argument - you're undermining it Also, armchair psychologists are a big problem.
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    Pfff, I think it was pretty great 10-15 years ago. (Well, original Reborn vs RenAlert wars aside. )
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    Let's not kid ourselves. C&C's never been a particularly healthy community to begin with.
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    I asked who defines ethics as applied to this situation. I didn't ask for a Wikipedia article, but I appreciate the read. I'll get around to it when I have some time. I'm not aware of any sabotage. From my access to the staff forums, I see several statements from the leadership saying "we don't want to hurt APB because we like it" and whatnot. There's no deliberate malice that I'm aware of, and I came onboard after the situation happened because I saw an opportunity to work with a community that isn't full of toxic people. Don't worry about your English. I can understand you perfectly. English isn't my only language, either. Jeg er tosproget men jeg generelt at skrive på engelsk. ;-) If the rights to use the launcher were given by the person who developed it but then something screwed up, it isn't permanent. They can fix it themselves. If I owned a business where someone who developed a program I needed (but wouldn't give me the code) and left for another competitor, I'm not going to throw a fit about it. I'd find someone else who can do it. Therein lies another problem here: APB doesn't have people who can do it because Renegade's community shinks year-after-year. It's a big issue for them because their lack of focus on developing a better mod lead to a dying community for their mod. You can't draw talent from a pool that has none. I understand that you have your perspective of how things should go - so try and understand their perspective. If Catalyst were able to access their database of staff discussions before they had a chance to back up everything they worked on, there's no doubt he would've deleted all of it. Years of work would've been lost, and it wouldn't be discussed here on this site because nobody would care. The only reason this is becoming a big problem is because certain individuals are posting about their indignation here and in other forums. Had they not done what they did, they'd lose out and "BHP" would've faced no repercussions. I can't say that I'll speak for you, but I really doubt anyone who's taking their side right now would care if years of staff discussions were lost - and some of these discussions are "lol ack is teh azhoel" which even I don't want to see lost to the ether because someone got mad enough to screw them over. As far as the ends never justifying the means? There's no universal agreement on that. What you meant was "I don't feel that the ends justify the means", but you have the luxury of not worrying about any consequences for a decision you never had to make.
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    I'd be surprised if APB won anything because it's still incredibly dated looking. That's a big problem for new players. They're still using my old buildings from 11 years ago.
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    I never told you what to do. I said you should care, not that you have to care. Please stop arguing against strawmen and address what I actually wrote instead of what you think I wrote, Banshee. It doesn't bother me that you don't care enough to actually try and have a bit of understanding of this issue before you make public posts regarding "ethics", which you have yet to define for us - so once again, who gets to determine the "ethics" here and why? Because right now you're buying completely into a one-sided story, and that's not particularly fair to the opposing side. This isn't a case of news journalism presenting an obvious lunatic as an opposing view to reasonable propositions - it's a schism in Renegade's largest (and basically only) community and your reasoning so far is that one side is bad because you're a webmaster, so therefore you're against having databases cloned and you consider that to be unethical. Which, of course, is still a nebulous term in this discussion as both sides of this issue aren't shining examples of great behavior. You say you don't care but what I'm seeing is that you only care because one side is saying "they stole our database" and that resonates with you, but you don't care about the reasoning behind it. So you're commenting without enough information to make a conclusion that isn't heavily biased toward one side. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. @Nmenth: Hey, whatever. It's your site. Have people duke it out on here if you want to
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    You should care about why they left if you're not just here to shill for a certain side of this subject. People don't up and leave partnerships like the "BHP" thing without good reasoning - especially people like OWA who isn't known for being anything but calm and reasonable as an objective viewpoint. The database cloning is a result of their reasoning for leaving, not the primary issue here. This is me writing as someone who isn't a webmaster for anything but my dinky little portfolio, so I don't understand the attachment to an obscure database of posts. It feels like a big red herring that's distracting from the obvious problem here: "BHP" and their history. "but it was also designed by some of the people there to clearly harm BHP." [citation needed]
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    If it's not beneficial to feed it, why are you buying the "ethical" red herring? It's an obvious distraction from the real issue here: the reason why they left.
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    His project? LOL, okay. I'm sure I had vested several years of my life into that project and there's still plenty of my stuff in there nothing to do with it at all. I'm pretty sure CCNZ can do better with forum moderation than to allow us to post this kind of stupidity here. This community is essentially dead. Almost all of the talent has moved on to other games and makes far better mods than anything this community has ever seen. If you guys want to participate in trivial debates about the "ethics" (Whose ethics? Who gets to defines them, and why?) of moving projects away from a community based on how SomethingAwful.com they can be, go ahead. I'm also sure that won't make CCNZ look like they're being used as tools in some kind of hilarious propaganda war with one mod pitted against another mod in a dead community. TL;DR: Consider moderating the forum to remove this petty crap before CCNZ becomes a battleground in the renewed APB vs Reborn war.
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    Hey look, it's W3DGate. Also known as RenegadeGate, W3DGhazi, RenegadeW3DGhazi, W3DRenegadeGateGhazi, or W3DGhaziGate "It's about ethics in leaving toxic communities! MUH ETHICALS!"
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    The amount of butthurt this subject has generated is quite amusing to say the least
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    Can confirm, danpaul88 did indeed make the launcher, this isn't contested. The contested part involves user accounts and users.
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    This is very true, you decided to keep it closed-source when asked by other staff. And when you rebranded it, you forcibly pushed an update to all BHP Launcher users that caused all existing players to download and overwrite their BHP Launcher with the W3D Launcher -- prompting them with a message suggesting they cannot play again if they don't get this update. Among other things, this process involved automatically re-locating game data, configuration files, screenshots, etc. to a new W3D Hub-branded folder on their hard drive (without informing them of the move or new location). Surely you realize how unethical that is?
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    A number of groups in the C&C community have come together to form a new IRC network. I don't personally think it's pitiful by any means. I'm going to point out here that both APB and TSR had patches that were being worked on before W3D Hub happened, and both teams continue to mod because they enjoy modding. I don't agree with the actions that occurred, but to imply that either party only feeds on negativity is a clear departure from reality. Confirmation bias. The thread was locked because you and another user in the thread were hopping between denial and trying to deflect the evidence being presented to you to the point at which the content of the thread was nearly entirely inflammatory. I was hoping for some civil discussion, or at least some concerning facts, especially with news staff from another C&C website. I don't want to speculate why you personally were doing it, I can only imagine you had made your mind up before the discussion began, or just do it for entertainment, like ACK is here. As for you ACK, being completely outshined in the area of Internet drama and shame in the community must have been a blow, but with all the progress you've made with the skills you honed in part back here in the C&C community, it can't be so bad. What Lord Kane just posted above is indeed factual, but it left out a great deal, I'll try to be brief; the first point leaves out power grabs by a third party, and that practically every instance of what could be described as drama intimately involving said third party. in regards to the second point, whilst OWA did call for meetings, it was long after alientating a a lot of the BHP team by performing a number of unannounced changes, including adding people from said 3rd party into positions in BHP, and revealing he wanted other people in BHP fired. I'm really not sure what to make of the third point, as whilst I agree that CJ was absent for some rather long periods, and it would have helped if he hadn't been, I don't recall him sending people to "resolve" situations. All in all, my sentiment from here is the same as that some other people from inside and outside it have echoed, that we should move on from this. Additionally the history of it is so long complex and contested that a full picture of it would fill volumes. So I'll just quote ACK;
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    I was referring to this post, your return which is itself an action and not a part of your character, and your facetious posts which infer that ethics in regard to data handing, to which data handling and protection laws owe their origin, are completely arbitrary. My mention to being outshined is to demarcate a milestone, in comparison to something that was not so much your person, as the impact of a series of internet jokes/culture. This was a pretty memorable event, don't take it personally.
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    This isn't the issue though, this is a post referring to an APB dev blog, and so involves things about BHP, their goings-on and userbase. We took this attempt to uproot the playerbase through authentication data theft very seriously as it didn't involve the consent of those involved (ie the webmaster or userbase). Nonsense, back when MP-Gaming was around I didn't buy into the clash. That was back when you used to hang about with us on IRC in some attempt to keep tabs on BHP wasn't it? Those were destructible times :~).