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    27 October is when CNCNZ.com observes its anniversary, this time number 22. But alas, if you have visited this site at any point over the past year or so, you will have noticed that our activity has not been what it once was. Due to private obligations and shifting focus to other projects and ways of contributing to game communities in general, combined with a lack of enthusiastic staff who would push content and news, those of us who remain have left CNCNZ.com on the backburner for a while, although we do cover official C&C remaster news and news regarding former C&C developers whenever we catch wind of them. However, once this "quiet" phase ends, I would like to announce that CNCNZ.com will change its scope in the foreseeable future to better serve the series and the community as a hub for C&C info, in which a greater stress will be the aspects that you usually need multiple clicks to reach. What that will exactly look like, we can't and won't reveal right now, but watch this space in the coming months. Until then, we're still available to talk on our Discord server and our (currently asleep) forums.
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    Greetings all.... I decided to log in here after 2 years away and see whats happening. I see nothing has really changed. I have changed though. I'm moving on in my life. I'm now engaged to a great girl. Saving to buy a house and enjoy life. Some travelling coming up to. I still enjoy gaming but nothing C&C takes my interest anymore. Anyway. Just a quick post to say hi. I might pop up every now and then.
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    Hi Everyone. Not sure who remembers me still but I'm Alpha, or as I go by these days Birnabear. Been trying to temper my excitement for the CNC remakes as much as possible but it has finally all boiled up to a point and I am super excited for some more Tiberium harvesting shortly. I feel like I spent most of my formative internet days in the 00s in these forums as well as petro-gamers, so it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see it all still going. It's been a while (aside from a brief visit in 2016) but its great to see a heap of old names I recognise, as well as a heap of new ones which is good to see. Anyway, no more rambling. Hello all!
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    Within the past week or so, Petroglyph Games' website has been updated for the first time in many years, showing a more modern design showcasing most of the games they've worked on thus far. What's interesting here is that the site features the first look at Red Alert Remastered in-game, as well as an alternate C&C Remastered logo in the video reel at the top: You can see the full resolution of the split screenshot here. Wonder what the official word on this will be.
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    As a New Year's gift, @Lauren (a.k.a. Darth Jane) published an entirely new tool called the Assimilator. The way it works is that it loads any .skudef of a late SAGE game (Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising, or Tiberian Twilight), and then it lists all the W3D animations contained in that game. You can then select any animation, and in the right part of the window, you'll see the XML output of that animation. This way, you won't have to resort to custom art packs to get the animations you need. The tool can be downloaded right here on CNCNZ.com (relevant download pages have been updated). Note that you require Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 build 1607 or newer with .NET Core 3.x installed.
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    A most unlikely event has just occurred - beta version 0.09c of Command & Conquer: Red Alert has been discovered. The exact source and date of this build is unknown, but the person who found it is Siberian_GRemlin, whom Russian fans may know for his translations of earlier games in the series. Here are some of the differences: there are no countries (subfactions) yet some previously unseen cutscenes appear, including the long-lost shipyard one certain removed voice lines appear, including "It is done" and "Time for a little five-finger discount" which we would only hear in the track Radio 2 Remix rudimentary skirmish AI dev build of the map editor with debug keys a sprite believed to be the cut commando Megan is present TaxOwlbear got the build early while it was being verified by CCHyper, Nyerguds, Tore and Chad from CnCNet, which is what you see above. More information can be found here, and the download link is here.
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    In a second update in a single hour, we have more news on the C&C remasters. Turns out that 20 tracks recorded by Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons (who had their legendary live performance at MAGFest last year) will be available as a bonus in the already announced jukebox feature. Above is a sample of that - including the track Just Do It Up which was not played at the concert. Here's the full update from Jim Vessella: Fellow Command & Conquer fans, Over the past year, we’ve dedicated several posts to provide details on the soundtrack for the Command & Conquer Remaster. But we’ve kept one special surprise up our sleeve, which we’re now ready to reveal today. Last year at MAGfest 2019, there was an amazing Command & Conquer setlist performed live by Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons. The Tiberian Sons are a band who specialize in remixes of video game music, with members Tony Dickinson, Travis Moberg, Connor Engstrom, and Max Noel. For MAGFest 2019, they collaborated with Frank to put together a 90 minute concert of iconic C&C music from across the entire franchise. Like many of you I watched this concert streamed live and was blown away by the performance. And I knew at that moment we needed their talent represented in the Remasters. So the next week I pinged Frank and asked if he and the band would be interested in recording the performance for the Remasters. Frank and the band loved the idea - so we made it happen. Frank and the band re-recorded their entire MAGFest performance in a studio environment, and Frank personally mixed the tracks throughout 2019. What we now have are over 20 high-fidelity tracks performed by Frank and The Tiberian Sons (spanning the entire franchise), which will be included in the Remaster at no extra charge. All tracks from The Tiberian Sons can be listened to via the “Bonus” category in the new Jukebox, and if you so choose, may be seamlessly integrated into campaign missions via the toggleable audio settings. Now, you may remember that around this time last year, I posted a survey here on Reddit asking for the community to vote on their favorite tracks. I can now tell you the goal was to ensure we had the community’s top 10 favorite tracks represented in the studio recording. When the votes were tallied up, it turns out 9 of the top 10 voted tracks were already included in The Tiberian Sons setlist. However, there was one fan-favorite track that slipped through the cracks of the original setlist - Just Do It Up. So to deliver on the community’s top 10 vote, Frank wrote an arrangement of Just Do It Up to have specially recorded by The Tiberian Sons for the Remaster. After keeping this content under wraps for an entire year, we’re ecstatic to finally share a sample of Just Do It Up and other tracks in the video above. We hope you are as excited about the involvement of The Tiberian Sons as we are. A huge thanks to Frank, the band members, and their visual artist, Nate Horsfall, for extending their incredible talent to the Remaster project. We anticipate these recordings will become an icon of C&C history and be listened to for the next 25 years and beyond. But in the here and now, this week is just getting started. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for the C&C Remaster, and we want the whole C&C community to be there. Tune in at 7:00am PDT tomorrow (March 10th) to join us for all the details. Cheers, Jim Vessella Jimtern
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    I loosely agree with the premise of the topic for many of us the world is changing as we know it. though this has all happened before, I guarantee this is new experience for everyone on this forum the world will recover, sure, but it will be different, I think we will all have new perspective, and it might be a long while before things go back to normal
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    you need to make the BuildInProximityToSamePlayerStucture= to false
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    I think there was a potential draft of the story for C&C 3 and Tiberium, where the Scrin were actually human: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3151-travail-sur-scrin/ Which was then altered to look like this: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3152-scrin/ This is official art from C&C 3. Both pieces come from the same artist. Worst of all is the former is what appears to be a final, colorized version, so this means it likely wasn't just a "what if" idea, they put a lot of thought and development into it, before it was scrapped and the aliens became "generic Hollywood aliens". Now, remember, the C&C 3 and Tiberium "story bible" did take inspiration from the scrapped TS Story Bible (like the Tacitus being recovered in 2028), as well as some elements seen here: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chrissyx.com%2Fc%26ctib.php&edit-text= Kane was originally in contact with the Scrin, at one point, and he was the member of an ancient, highly advanced human civilization. Not too dissimilar from what Westwood had in mind, from what I can recall (well, the ancient civilization, that Westwood had in mind, was from Mars, at one point, but that was scrapped). We'll never know the answer...But it ties in everything pretty neatly, if Scrin are humans. 1. They've evolved to become a cult of addiction instead of a race (Kane's Wrath Intel Database). They were humans and we're all prone to addiction. Reason why we don't see "the addicts is because they're humans and most of the Scrin harvesting force are just bio-mechanical constructs made by advanced nanotech. This can also explain why it's so easy for them to mind-control Humans (who's to say an alien brain and biology are both compatible with Human brains?) and to turn them into "Scrin" (Traveler-59's Cultists (and they're called by a typical Nod name!)) 2. They know Kane cause he was their prophet, in the past. They were part of that same ancient civilization. 3. The "Brotherhood" that was the "enemy" of "The Scrin" (as mentioned in that GDI Intel Database entry) can only be Nod. There was also the word "Ascended" thrown in there. (Read, under "InOps" here, find the entry titled "Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus": http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Intelligence_Database) This explains how Kane knows of the Scrin and understands their technology and seems to know their origins. The Scrin were originally on Earth...Not as invaders, but rather, they were Humans, whom were later exiled (or simply left). This is why Kane can regenerate so well and so easily compared to us mortals, why he can give his DNA to others (C&C4...But let's ignore that one). This explains why they came back for Earth, specifically. Kane is also seemingly immune to Tiberium (C&C3) and this explains why some mutants exist, why some humans are seemingly not dead, but only mutated after Tiberium exposure (think of it like Marvel's Inhumans and Tiberium is Terrigen Crystals / Terrigen Mists) - Those mutants were part of the "ancient advanced human race" that roamed Earth millennia before (or a Human/Ancient hybrid). This isn't too dissimilar of the concept of the Nephalem in Diablo 3, the Precursors/Isu from Assassin's Creed (or a potential Human-ancient hybrid, like what the Assassins and Templars are) or the half-God/half-human hybrids of Greek mythology. Heck, even Halo has its lore settled on the concept of there having been an ancient space-faring Human race 100 000 years ago, just close enough to today for humans to have had the chance to fully evolve to Homo Sapiens, but distant enough so that any trace of that civilization can have completely vanished, without leaving a trace, so to explain as to how we don't have far advanced technology today, and to avoid contradicting how civilization truly started 10 000 years ago for us. So...Yeah, that would've been a cool twist. Think they're aliens? Nope! They're humans. Oh, also CABAL is part of them, because he was reborn from an ancient Scrin AI. So technically, the 3rd faction is not only the Scrin, but also CABAL and The Forgotten. It's all 3! That would've been mind-blowing. Imagine the devs telling us whenever we asked if it was The Scrin, CABAL or the Forgotten, and the devs would always say "Yes", but we'd be like "they're trolling us! Which one is it?!" and then it turns out they were telling us the truth.
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    Some xml files that were excluded from the SDK CnCXml file. Enjoy Path has been provided in the zip file. Was originally reverse engineering these files from WrathEd, but I discovered on the Xbox version; non compiled xml files for the campaign AI. So I used those and made changes from Wrathed Viewer to match the current 1.9 AI. That's also why there is commenting in the files Campaign AI.zip
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    Here are the textures from C&C renegade, feel free to use in your mod Add to "terrain.ini": ;;Renegade Terrain 0201grassl Texture = 0201grassl.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain dirt_01 Texture = dirt_01.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain grass_03 Texture = grass_03.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain grnd_rot2 Texture = grnd_rot2.tga Class = Type Rock End Terrain ik_ground_dirt256 Texture = ik_ground_dirt256.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain rock Texture = rock.tga Class = Type Rock End Terrain sand Texture = sand.tga Class = Type Dirt End ;; Terrain cc_grass1 Texture = cc_grass1.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain cc_lavarck Texture = cc_lavarck.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain grnd1 Texture = grnd1.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain l00_dedgrs Texture = l00_dedgrs.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l01-scree Texture = l01-scree.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l01-tibgrnd Texture = l01-tibgrnd.tga Class = Type Misc End Terrain l02_ice Texture = l02_ice.tga Class = Type Misc End Terrain l02_snow Texture = l02_snow.tga Class = Type Snow End Terrain l03_bchsnd Texture = l03_bchsnd.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l03_wetdrt Texture = l03_wetdrt.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l05_grass Texture = l05_grass.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain l05_gravel Texture = l05_gravel.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l07_dedgrs Texture = l07_dedgrs.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l10_sandruff Texture = l10_sandruff.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l10_sandsmth Texture = l10_sandsmth.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l11_gravel Texture = l11_gravel.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain lv8_dirt2 Texture = lv8_dirt2.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain lv8_grvl Texture = lv8_grvl.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain lv8_sand3 Texture = lv8_sand3.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain lv8_stone-flr Texture = lv8_stone-flr.tga Class = Type Rock End Terrain lv8_xflr Texture = lv8_xflr.tga Class = Type Rock End Terrain snd Texture = snd.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain tx_tmp_highgrs1 Texture = tx_tmp_highgrs1.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain tx_tmp_highgrs2 Texture = tx_tmp_highgrs2.tga Class = Type Grass End Terrain 0202cavetx Texture = 0202cavetx.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain cc_conc1 Texture = cc_conc1.tga Class = Type Misc End Terrain 01lv1-cliff8 Texture = 01lv1-cliff8.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain bbngRockface Texture = bbngRockface.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain bbnRock Texture = bbnRock.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain nod_mnt05 Texture = nod_mnt05.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain mtn Texture = mtn.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain lv8_cave Texture = lv8_cave.tga Class = Type Dirt End Terrain l11_rock Texture = l11_rock.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l10_cliff1 Texture = l10_cliff1.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l10_botcliff Texture = l10_botcliff.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l05_snwmnt01 Texture = l05_snwmnt01.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l05_rckwall Texture = l05_rckwall.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l03_rock01 Texture = l03_rock01.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l03_mossrock Texture = l03_mossrock.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l03_lvrock Texture = l03_lvrock.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l03_bushes Texture = l03_bushes.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l02_mnt02 Texture = l02_mnt02.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l01-rock2 Texture = l01-rock2.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain l01-cavetx Texture = l01-cavetx.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain grn2 Texture = grn2.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain grn_rck2 Texture = grn_rck2.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain cht_snwmts Texture = cht_snwmts.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain cc_mnt1 Texture = cc_mnt1.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain 01lv1-cliff7 Texture = 01lv1-cliff7.tga Class = Type Cliff End Terrain 01lv1-cliff1pc Texture = 01lv1-cliff1pc.tga Class = Type Cliff End link: https://mega.nz/#!ufBnQCoD key: 2ytKWfhpepRaOIf5i0jEwWVxDe8zRDTfrl62Pfu5070
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    UPDATE 2019 I wanted to update this thread. I used to make a Tiberian Sun themed webcomic out of LEGOs as you likely already now. I stopped producing them quite a while back due to some technical and time related difficulties. Two primary websites where the comic used to be hosted have both been shut down, so I wanted to reupload the comic as a complete collection without the previous site's branding. The collection also includes a few extra goodies! I remember not posting the last three or four episodes on every outlet, so some of you might not have seen those if you weren't checking the old sites where it was hosted. The series wasn't planned to end with E13, but the conclusion in that one is a good parting point so it doesn't end on a cliffhanger at least. TIBERIAN DAYLIGHT COMPLETE COLLECTION Episode #1 - Lucky Day: https://i.imgur.com/WnhnqJa.jpg Episode #2 - Chemical Contact: https://i.imgur.com/Zz2ZX69.jpg Episode #3 - Nod Tactics 101: https://i.imgur.com/qbU9Eif.jpg Episode #4 - Obstruction: https://i.imgur.com/M0YkWOV.jpg Episode #5 - Rescue Elite: https://i.imgur.com/s7jVtEA.jpg Episode #6 - Bridge Repaired: https://i.imgur.com/1Q63zBz.jpg Episode #7 - Disc Away: https://i.imgur.com/Pq26YDn.jpg Episode #8 - Veterancy: https://i.imgur.com/7OZ3j5V.jpg Episode #9 - Medical Magic: https://i.imgur.com/tK6nN5m.jpg Episode #10 - Good Old Terrain: https://i.imgur.com/k7rDDQO.jpg Episode #11 - Tacitus Trouble: https://i.imgur.com/39k1Ke0.jpg Episode #12 - Unexpected Response: https://i.imgur.com/bJL3ZYv.jpg Episode #13 - A Technical Breakout: https://i.imgur.com/giQQ1w5.jpg OTHER GOODIES / EXTRAS TD Facts - Angry Cyborgs: https://i.imgur.com/y429OMq.jpg TD Facts - Wolverine Guard Duty: https://i.imgur.com/d8PArzn.jpg TD Facts - Good Titan: https://i.imgur.com/oZV1QL1.jpg Promotional - Lucky: https://i.imgur.com/l8oP1Ts.jpg Promotional - Cyborg: https://i.imgur.com/rTBX4wh.jpg Promotional - Chems (with Captain Thorn): https://i.imgur.com/WxtzXbq.jpg Promotional - Grenadier (with GDI Commander): https://i.imgur.com/8h0WD8q.jpg Community Spotlight (Initial Reaction Comments): https://i.imgur.com/RfoYbWG.jpg SquidEmpire's Pixel Fan Art (featuring Lucky): https://i.imgur.com/FLPPKD7.jpg Custom TD Forum Signature: https://i.imgur.com/hrOLFBy.jpg Thanks again to everyone and I hope you enjoy the extra goodies!
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    So I've been scouring old magazine coverdisks for promo screenshots and found these: You've certainly seen them all but these are in lossless, presumably original quality. I'm not sure if they are available like this before so posting here. The coverdisk they were found (originally in BMP format dated 13 April 1998) is for the Slovak magazine Riki issue No. 31 (CD 9), available here.
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    Another month, another update from Jim Vessella regarding the Command & Conquer remasters, this time focusing on the campaign screens in Tiberian Dawn, and how they will now be available for selection individually like in some of the later titles. Here's the full update from the C&C subreddit:
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    Part of me is hoping they don't beautify the game too much. There should be a firm respect for what the first two games managed to do with their art style. Of course, I'd be really amazed if they manage to find the original footage to re-render cutscenes.
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    About an hour ago, EA producer Jim Vessella posted a new update on the C&C and Red Alert remasters, along with the above shown render of the Aftermath Tesla Tank. Here is what he had to say: The original post is here. Relatedly, the old official Command & Conquer Facebook page has been resurrected the other day and will now also post about remaster updates.
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    Intel has released the main specs the 10th gen Comet Lake chips and their prices (sorry Intel fans, no PCI-E 4.0 tech -- release date still TBD). All CPUs except low-end ones (like Celeron or Pentium) have hyperthreading technology: https://www.pcgamer.com/intel-comet-lake-release-date-specs-performance/ Maybe Intel will zoom in PCI-E 5.0 or 6.0 tech by the time the 11th gen Core CPU chips come around.
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    Abraham Lincoln's administration saw the largest number of American deaths, mainly due to the civilwarovirus epidemic.
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    Yes! Thank you so much for your help. Not knowing any better, i was under the impression that the CNCNet YR client automatically fixed the issues from the games. I went in, adjusted the renderer, now the game is running smoother than ever. It even fixed an issue i was having with YR during campaign missions the game would suddenly stop working. Thanks again for all of your support.
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    From Tiberian History <!--This module controls the use of the weapon that allows the projectile to damage while it travels to a target. --> <FireWeaponUpdate id="ModuleTag_ProjectileWeapon"> <!--Adjust the fire delay time so that the leaving projectile does not damage the Disruptor it is firing from! --> <FireWeaponNugget WeaponName="DisruptorBeamProjectileWeapon" FireInterval="0.066s"/> </FireWeaponUpdate> Weapon <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeam" Name="DisruptorBeam" AttackRange="300.0" WeaponSpeed="200" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ClipSize="0" ReAcquireDetailType="PER_ATTACK" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" CanFireWhileMoving="true" MaxTargetPitch="30d" MinTargetPitch="-15d" FiringLoopSound="GDI_Disruptor_BeamWeaponLoop" FiringLoopSoundContinuesDuringReload="true" PreAttackType="PER_TARGET"> <!--Match your prefire FX v --> <PreAttackDelay MinSeconds="1.0s" MaxSeconds="1.0s"/> <!--Adjust until your projectiles are seamless, like a beam. --> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.0666s" MaxSeconds="0.0666s"/> <Nuggets> <ProjectileNugget WarheadTemplate="DisruptorBeamWarhead" ProjectileTemplate="FXDisruptorBeam"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeamWarhead" Name="DisruptorBeamWarhead" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" HitStoredTarget="true"> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="50.0" DamageType="GRENADE" DamageFXType="NOD_ION" DeathType="EXTRA_3" Radius="15.0"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="0%"> <Filter Rule="NONE"> <IncludeThing>GDIDisruptor</IncludeThing> </Filter> </DamageScalarDetails> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="200%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="VEHICLE"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> <DamageContainedNugget MaxUnitsToDamage="100" WindowBlastFX="FX_ClearGarrisonBlue" Damage="=$CLEAR_GARRISON_WEAPON_DAMAGE" DamageType="GRENADE" DeathType="NORMAL"> <DamageObjectFilter Rule="NONE" Include="INFANTRY"/> </DamageContainedNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="20.0" Suppression="25" DurationSeconds="5s"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeamProjectileWeapon" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS NOT_SIMILAR" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AttackRange="9999999.0"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.0666s" MaxSeconds="0.0666s"/> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="10.0" Radius="10.0" DamageType="GRENADE" DamageFXType="GDI_SONIC" DeathType="EXTRA_4"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="0%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="BRIDGE_SEGMENT"> <IncludeThing>GDIDisruptor</IncludeThing> </Filter> </DamageScalarDetails> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="200%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="VEHICLE"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="20.0" Suppression="25" DurationSeconds="5s"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate>
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    After a good while, we have another update on the C&C remasters. The project has since reached the Content Alpha milestone, meaning all assets have been remastered to at least some degree. EA producer Jim Vessella touched on the topic of multiplayer in the latest update: Fellow Command & Conquer fans, We hope everyone had a great holiday season and their New Year is off to a positive start. For those of us on the Remaster project, we’ve been hard at work over the past two months since our last update. In terms of development progress, we just completed our Content Alpha milestone. This is a huge moment for the project, as it means there are no longer any legacy / placeholder pieces of content in the game. Every frame of animation, every tile of terrain, every second of audio, and every piece of UI has received a remastered pass. This allows us to play both games in a completely remastered fashion, and identify areas we’d like to continue polishing based on feedback from the team, colleagues, and the community. Now, since the announcement of the project, many of you have been asking how Multiplayer will function in the Remaster. So for this update, we wanted to take a deep dive into the components of Multiplayer and describe how we’re approaching this beloved part of the game. At a high level, Multiplayer has effectively been rebuilt for the Remaster. Starting with the backend, Multiplayer now runs on dedicated servers based on Petroglyph’s architecture, with a goal of providing reliable connections and prevent misbehavior. We’ve been playing multiplayer games for several months with our QA teams around the world, and feeling confident about the stability the architecture is providing. Now let’s jump into the actual modes and features. When navigating to the Online portion of the menus, players will first have the ability to host or join custom multiplayer games. Once players join a game lobby, they can choose their team setup, select maps, and set game rules. In terms of rules, we’re aiming to support the most relevant multiplayer options, from starting resources and units to flagging Crates or Visceroids. (Yes, the Visceroid has also been remastered and is as weird as ever) We’re then looking into some additional options based on guidance from the Community Council. You can also chat with other players in the game lobby, and ensure you get the perfect setup for your custom game. Alongside custom games is the introduction of 1v1 Quickmatch for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert™. Quickmatch will focus on competitive play and utilize an Elo-based matchmaking algorithm. Games will pull from a filtered map pool with set game rules to reduce luck and randomness (For example, no Crates in Quickmatch). To highlight the results, 1v1 Quickmatch will be supported by an in-game leaderboard to track a player’s wins, losses, and points. We’re looking forward to watching the most competitive players go head-to-head and see who can become the top ranking commander in each game. I fondly remember being one of the best C&C3 players in the world for about 2 hours when the game launched, only to be quickly humiliated when competitive players began to learn the game, haha. In a further effort to help modernize the online play experience, we’re also introducing replays into the Remaster. Players will be able to watch replays from their custom and quickmatch games, and we’re currently iterating on the available controls within the replay system itself. In conjunction with the replay system is the addition of Observer mode into both games. Through the Observer mode, players can spectate on live games in-progress (with a small time delay), which we hope will be a valuable tool for shoutcasters and viewers alike. There are then several other multiplayer oriented features which have been requested by the community over the past year. We’re in the process of evaluating these features and will aim to share more in the months ahead. As always, please continue to provide your comments in the thread below. As you all know, 2020 is the 25th year anniversary of Command & Conquer. We expect this to be an exciting year for C&C, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with all of you. Cheers, Jim Vessella Jimtern The original post is here.
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    First letter is faction (C=civilian), second letter is palette (A=arctic), next two are location (WA=Washington DC), the rest indicate the specific structure. In this case, the PrerequisiteOverride is pointing to the pieces of the Pentagon. If this comes from the unmodded rules, then this is for the SEAL being craftable if you own any piece of the Pentagon.
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    EA producer Jim Vessella, true to his monthly schedule of remaster updates, has today posted about the in-game soundtracks and the jukebox feature, including some comments from veteran composer Frank Klepacki, and a sample of some of the remastered tracks - Act on Instinct, Demolition, and Fogger. Fellow Command & Conquer fans, I wanted to start this post by saying I’ve seen all the comments with the desire to see in-game footage, and thought it would be helpful to provide some context on the timing here. Essentially, we want to make sure we have all the supporting assets in place (like an updated C&C website) before revealing the in-game content. This will allow us to utilize some more flexible media components for the reveal, and ultimately help our awareness so we can get more gamers excited about C&C and the Remaster (which is beneficial for all of us). And while I cannot provide an exact date, getting all this in place is one of my top priorities and I’m crossing my fingers it can happen soon. But overall, our gameplay implementation is right on schedule, with Petroglyph currently focusing on getting the Nod campaign all stitched together. In the meantime, we wanted to share some special content with you for this post. If you remember, earlier this year we asked the community to provide input on our approach for the soundtrack, including what versions of the tracks you wanted to see in the Remaster. All of us on the team listened intently, and we heard a general consensus for having the most variety possible. So with that request in hand, we pushed hard to include all the versions of the tracks. This means the classic low fidelity versions (without voices), the original soundtrack versions now remastered (with voices), and then of course the Remastered versions of all classic tracks. This will also include many of the rare / unreleased tracks, several of which have never been heard before in higher fidelity. But getting there wasn’t always easy, and here’s an overview from Frank describing the remastering experience: “The process of going through every single piece of music and bringing it to a higher quality standard has been quite a journey back in time for me, and I’m really glad that all of these tracks will finally be heard in full high quality for the remastered game experience. After combing all possible archives, a handful of tracks were just nowhere to be found – this included ‘Snake’ and ‘Fogger’ from C&C Red Alert. One thing that I did back in the Westwood era, was mirror my home studio with the same gear I had at work, and fortunately I had kept much of it all these years. So I started there, and I went to painstaking detail and trial and error to track down and match as much of the exact original sounds and instrumentation I could find, to recreate these songs from scratch in order to have the best high quality versions once again for the remaster. Hearing these new versions, especially in stereo now, is a whole new experience.” To add it all up, between the classic and remastered versions of the tracks, we’re clocking in at over 10 hours worth of music across 175 tracks! Now, with that much music and variety, we figured players would need a way to organize all the music content. So we are excited to share that the Jukebox will be making a full comeback in the Remaster, and be more enhanced than ever before. The Jukebox will allow players to create their own playlist utilizing any combination of music to their desire. Easy to use filters help the sorting process, and for the first time you can listen to Red Alert music in Tiberian Dawn or vice versa. This feature was a labor of love for Frank and some of the original Westwood engineers on the project, who wanted to deliver the best music experience possible for the community. Overall we just can’t wait to put the Jukebox in your hands, and see all the unique playlists the community puts together. As a special treat to celebrate this post about the soundtrack, Frank has put together a compilation of several Remastered tracks for your enjoyment. You’ll be hearing a sample of the Remastered versions of Act on Instinct (without voices), Demolition (which was never included on the OST), and Fogger (which Frank described above as being recreated from scratch in high fidelity). To help provide a comparison, each track also includes a short intro of the classic low fidelity version as heard in the original game. And finally, you may notice there’s an unchecked box called “Bonus” in the Jukebox. Well, we haven’t forgotten about the voting you did earlier this year on your favorite tracks, and as such we’ll have a special surprise to reveal at a later date : ) As always thanks for your ongoing patience and support, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the soundtrack details, Jukebox, and the music itself. Cheers, Jim Vessella Jimtern You can read the original announcement and listen to the tracks on the C&C subreddit.
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