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  1. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    Playing FTL again.
  2. Independence day! YAAA Star trek? I thought it couldn't get worse, I was sadly mistaken.
  3. Luk3us

    Insane find

    Seems christmas has come early eh?
  4. I've yet to see a decent Video game to Movie/TV conversion yet. I have low expectations.
  5. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    I have Fallout 4 installed, but haven't touched it yet. Still playing some Annon 2205.
  6. I always found it amusing that the All Blacks were made up of a lot of brown peoples, and the All Whites were made up of mostly white peoples. Its not racist or nothing, just slightly amusing.
  7. Luk3us

    New Fibre Internet Connection

    Oh what the **** is that ****!!!!! Seriously though, that is pretty damn impressive. As for mine? Not so much.
  8. Wow, 18 years that is quiet the acomplishment. Nice going Sonic.
  9. Luk3us

    Halo 5: Guardians Launch Trailers

    That 'gameplay' trailer was kind of lacking in..... GAMEPLAY. There was what, ten seconds total? CG is looking pretty snazzy though. The live action trailer was dull though.
  10. Luk3us

    Video of the day

    I'll watch, but I have low expectations.
  11. Luk3us

    Video of the day

    Bat blood.
  12. Makes me want to get the new version actually.
  13. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    The staff thing really really pissed me off... My overal impression was this game was average. Snake eater is probably still my favourite in the series followed by Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid II and then Metal Gear Solid IV.
  14. Even though I have a disc of this somehwere around here, its nice to have a digital copy now.
  15. Luk3us

    EverSpace needs you!

    A space flight sim... Looks cool, but I tend to stay away from Kickstarters and Early access game as of late.
  16. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain :D :D :D
  17. Hopefully they don't mess this up. Comic book movies generally suck. Marvel has just gotten lucky... Like, really lucky, as of late.
  18. Luk3us

    Who's using the Torch browser?

    Firefox for me. It's got all my addons.
  19. Hmm... I'll upgrade when I build a new computer me thinks. So another year for me.
  20. Luk3us

    Throwback Thursday for 30th July

    That game is so old I can't remember half the things that went on.
  21. I fear the only C&C game we will see in the future will be some either a ****ty mobile phone game, or a ****ty browser game. Either way... Future isn't looking to bright.
  22. Luk3us

    Throwback Thursday for 30th July

    I dunno, Yuri could have mind controlled the T rex and then... OK, yeah, he's screwed.
  23. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    I agree, people should really play from the start of the series... That being said some games are so old its not funny. Whilst I loved Meta Gear Solid when it first came out on PS1, there is no way in hell I'd go play it now. Its just too old now. I would totally play an HD remake, which there are at least two, so.... Bad example I guess. In other news I am about to play, Blues and Bullets, its a story game. With creepness, apparently.
  24. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    $6 bucks. So if it lasts an hour, its like $1 for every ten minutes. haha.