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    Now Playing - Games

    Since last I posted in this thread, I've finished the Witcher 3, it took about 126 hours to complete one run through. Haven't played much since. I've bought Metal Gear Ground Zeros though, when it was on sale. So we'll see if that is any good.
  2. Awh. I used Xfire for years. It was an awesome system, allowing you to talk to friends and take screenies. And it was a good lobby broswer for Call of Duty, way back when. Then steam came along and well, it replaced Xfire in every way. Sad to see it go though. Rest in peace, Xfire.
  3. Batman is coming for you Superboy! :D
  4. I've never seen the long version of that song/intro.
  5. Luk3us

    Battle Alert - a mobile C&C ripoff

    There are SO MANY clones nowadays I don't think anyone cares any more.
  6. Luk3us

    Video of the day

  7. The only C&C game I can see in the future will be some mobile game. :|
  8. Luk3us

    Pic of the Day

    Sky god has an erection.
  9. Luk3us

    Question about Origin's Game Time

    I would presume it works for all game modes? It would seem silly to have a 'free game' for 24 hours and then block half the game.
  10. Luk3us

    Video of the day

    Looks pretty cool, but I hate when they try to fake a multiplayer match up. No one acts anything like what was shown in that trailer. My concern is how they handle the special classes, because whilst it'll be cool to play as Darth Vader, getting curb stomped by him probably won't be.
  11. Luk3us

    Christopher Lee Passes Away at Age 93

    He was in SOO many ****ty B grade movies it isn't even funny. But I suppose you have to start somewhere.
  12. Luk3us

    San Andreas

    Nah, he's The Rock, now and forever! They're put it on his tombstone.
  13. Luk3us

    Is FIFA that terrible?

    FIFA is an easy target, its so obvious how utterly corrupt they are. Though its kind of amusing its the FBI who take an interest. I mean what the **** does America care about football anyway?
  14. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    Red Alert 2, a game so old I have to use discs to play it. Playing Witcher 3 at the moment, big game.
  15. Luk3us

    San Andreas

    I already saw this movie, it was called 2012.
  16. Have to admit, those Titans look pretty awesome. I like how the whole top swivels around independent of the feet.
  17. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    I played the original Witcher way back in the day but naturally lost my save file. I was able to download one with similar choices to mine back when the witcher 2 came out. So close enough. As for the witcher 3, I've put about twenty hours into it thus far, it really feels like a massive game, a lot of dialogue and quests that are actually interesting.
  18. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    The Witcher 3 is pre-loaded and ready to go in about, 13 hours? Tomorrow is going to be awesomesauce.
  19. Luk3us

    GTA V Coming To PC, Xbox One & PS4

    Even though they say its OK for SP mods, its still a risk. Not worth the trouble imo.
  20. Luk3us

    Paid mods

    So steam is now letting people sell their mods for money on steam! Only for Skyrim at the moment but it'll probably expand in time... ROFL what a cluster**** of **** they have unleashed. It'll be interesting to see what happens in a few days when all the **** dies down. I predict disaster. The future!
  21. Luk3us

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Nah, I'm not a fan of the Avengers. But I like their individual movies, which is odd.
  22. Star Wars Battlefront will be out at the end of the year, should be epic.