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    Now Playing - Games

    Across any platform. Age of Mythology. Resident Evil 3. Because older is cheaper...
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  3. Luk3us

    The happiest country in the world is.....

    Auckland has always had problems and it always will. The solution to the immigration problem is to spread those people around the country. But no, everyone wants to live in stupid Auckland. Come live in Christchurch, it should be rebuilt by about 2150.
  4. Luk3us

    Cities: Skylines

    According to steam I have 131 hours of playtime with Cities Skylines. I tend to come back to it every few months build a new city. The best part of the game is the workshop, there are so many mods for buildings that make it really ****ing awesome. The biggest problem with the game is the traffic, but there are mods for that.
  5. Pah Windows 10. Windows 7 forever! Or until I build a new computer.
  6. Luk3us

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    June? Really? They're been releasing trailers for over a year now... FFS.
  7. Luk3us

    Goodbye Firefox, Hello Chrome

    Firefox still runs fine for me, it has all my addons that I use, most of which aren't available on something like Chrome.
  8. Luk3us

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    OK, that was one of the better teasers/trailers I've seen in a while. Seems quick that they're making a sequel. Hope it's as good as the first one.
  9. Hmm, I don't recall EA doing anything particularly scummy last year... Heck even Battlefield one launched in an alright state, unlike BF4. That being said Mass effect is coming out next month, I'm sure that will be controversial in some manner.
  10. Luk3us

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Please don't suck.
  11. Luk3us

    Video of the day

    Go go power rangers! Yeah that movie is going to blow.
  12. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    Just finished Watch Dogs 2. Too many hipsters... God... I liked the first one better imo.
  13. Luk3us

    Pic of the Day

    I want one.
  14. Luk3us

    Assassin's Creed the movie

    One of these days they're make a really great video game movie... One day.
  15. Luk3us

    Assassin's Creed the movie

    So is it as much of a train wreck as everyone says it is?
  16. Red Alert 2 was probably the best C&C game. Probably.
  17. Luk3us

    Now Playing - Games

    Planet coaster.
  18. Luk3us

    Movies of 2017

    They're rebooting power rangers? But... Umm.... Hmm.. That just seems weird.
  19. Luk3us

    Video of the day

    The Kangeroo is just as surprised he got snogged in the nose as everyone else.
  20. Luk3us

    Fathom - RTS

    Underwater huh? Well at least its trying to be original.
  21. Luk3us

    Transformers: The Last Knight

    Anthony Hopkins? Really he's in this one? The trailer looks serviceable I suppose. I have no idea what is going on, but then that's always the case with these movies.
  22. Brendan Fraiser lol I remember that guy. Movies are becoming more, shallow imo. TV is where its at now. With shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Breaking Bad, which are far more entertaining that Missions impossible 53 or James Bond.