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  1. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    I've been hearing great things about this mod for years now, and I feel that now is the right time to sink my teeth into it and see why people praise this mod so highly. Tomorrow, 11-03-2018 at 14:00 GMT I will be hosting another episode of the C&C Mod Spotlight, with C&C Generals: Operation Firestorm and its GLA Faction Hope to see you all then on my channel on twitch!
  2. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Hello every one, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and welcome to another strea...... ... Wait, I'm not streaming now. Any way. For those who don't know it yet, I do livestreams of a couple of C&C mods, such as Mental Omega, YR: Red-Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Generals: Rise of the Reds on my twitch channel The streams usually last for 2 hours per stream. In this topic I will post updates on when I stream which mod. Mental Omega is done currently on Wednesdays at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving) together with Zenothist, who streams on The mentalmeisters channel and if your connection is up to it, you can view both streams side by side on our shared Kadgar basically allowing you to view the streams from 2 different perspectives, as Zenothist and myself are always observing/playing in the same games. Of course you as players are more than welcome to jump into our hosted games. YR: Red-Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Colony Wars are done on Fridays, also at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving). YR: Red-Resurrection is publicly available here which means you can join us as players on stream. Usually I try to stream this mod once per month. If demand gets high enough, this might change in the future, Attacque Supérior is currently not available to the public, so the streams that we do of it, are basically a showcase of progress Graion Dilach makes in his mod. And once this mod is released to the public, of course you can jump in as players. I try to stream this mod once per month, but it depends on the progress that has been made in between streams, so there is a chance that in a given month there will not be an AS stream. Colony Wars made its debut on July 11th 2014 on my channel Because it's still in Pre-alpha stage, it's not available to the public and just as with Attacque Supérior, we'll try to bring something new to showcase with every stream as development continues and hopefully I'll stream this once per month as well. On other Fridays on occasion, I do stream Mental Omega. I usually have a different co-commentator, or even multiple co-commentators and during these streams, I tend to me more laid back, relaxed and I may even play different background music. Generals: Rise of the Reds is streamed on Sundays, at either 13:00 GMT or 14:00 GMT, depending on who my co-commentator is (daylight savings) and these streams are of the internal beta 1,85, which currently doesn't have a scheduled public release. In the future, once this version does get released, most streams will revolve around 1,85, but I've received word that from time to time I'll end up doing a pre-release 2.0 stream, to showcase new stuff. In the info section of my channel, which you can find below the video window, I have posted lots of information about what I stream, when I stream and some of the images will lead to different links. So please take your time to look around and click on those images and links I've posted there. One very important link is the Schedule and Countdown which I update after every stream, given I know what I end up streaming next, which shows you a countdown on when the next stream is. I also have a Facebook page where I always post updates on anthing related to streams o videos I make. Also, my Twitter is always up to date on what's going on. I even have my own subforum on SWR Productions (forum currently down) where I post all sorts of updates, and where you can ask questions and give feedback. Lastly, my Youtube channel is where all streams, except for some Friday MO streams, are uploaded as well. So I hope to see you all on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Hecthor Doomhammer The Chinese Generals betrayed Mother Russia with an agenda of their own, signing a pact with the Pacific Front, and as expected, Mother Russia didn't like it. And how does Mother Russia show that she doesn't like something? Bomb it with tonnes of Kirov's! Hopefully Zenothist's connection has been fixed (I've been told it has been) so join me and Zenothist for another multi stream on my channel if you just wanna hang out on my chat, or, if your connection is up for it, on kadgar on wednesday June 11th 2014 at 18:00 GMT. Countdown to when the stream starts See you all then!
  3. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    There was a time, back in early 2014, or 2015, when M.Kenosis aproached me, asking if I would be interested in showcasing his mod: EASB Hour for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. It may have taken some time for me, mostly due to getting my life back on track, but now I am ready. Tomorrow, March 4th 2018, at 14:00 GMT I will be diving into this mod and seeing why M.Kenosis wanted me to showcase his work for this weeks C&C Mod Spotlight. However, due to the fact (yes, I have been spoilered a bit) that this mod only has 3 Countries available in Skirmish, I will only dedicate 1 stream to this mod. But for Youtube, I will be splitting the recording into 3 videos, 1 for each Country. Still, I hope to see you all on my channel on Twitch at the end of this countdown.
  4. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    It's Monday! That means everyone back to work or school! YAY!!! (not) However it also means it's time for another week of streaming, which will start tonight at 19:00 GMT, where I will finish casting the last replays that I still have of Generals: Contra 009 Beta 2 on my channel on Twitch. If there is still time left, I might jump on RotR's SWRnet and see what we can do there. See you all then!
  5. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Sorry for the late announcement. I am still a little hungover from last night (what a party) Today, February 25 2018 at 14:00 GMT I will be closing off the series of C&C Mod Spotlights for C&C Untitled with a showcase of the China faction. Not only that, but I will be playing the NEW Patch, 3.76.77 which was released a few days ago. So hopefully you all can join me, on my channel on Twitch and I will see you then!
  6. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Another lazy Sunday afternoon, another C&C Mod Spotlight. With GLA done, it's time to have a gander at what this mod did with USA. I keep hearing good things about them, so I am realy curious! Especially since thus far, this mod is aesthetically really pleasing! Tomorrow, 18-02-2018 at 14:00 GMT I will go live on my channel on Twitch with the C&C Mod Spotlight: C&C Untitled - USA Faction Showcase. Hope to see you all then!
  7. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    As part of my weekly schedule, the Friday is dedicated to the main mods of Red Aelrt 2 / Yuri's Revenge. Tomorrow, February 16 2018 at 19:00 I will go live with a session of Mental Omega 3.3.2 with, later in the evening, some songrequests on my channel on Twitch See you then!
  8. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Starting tomorrow, 12-02-2018 at 19:00 I will be dedicating every Monday that I can to streaming 1 of the 3 main Generals - Zero Hour mods on my channel. I will be starting out by checking Rise of the Reds's SWRnet to see how many players there are (always first). If enough, I will stream some PvP this. Otherwise I will check Shockwave's SWRnet to see how many players there are (always second). If enough I will stream some PVP of this. Otherwise I wil check of I have any Replays of either RotR or SHW and cast those (always third). Lastly I will look if I can get a Contra PvP stream going, or cast some Contra Replays. (My last option is that I will stream a game of my choice) So let's see what we can get done, shall we? So once again, Tomorrow, 12-02-2018 at 19:00 GMT I hope to see a lot of players on Rise of the Reds' SWRnet! See you all then on my channel on Twitch
  9. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    After all the reorganizing, rebuilding and celebrating is over, it's time to get back on schedule. Tomorrow, February 11th 2018 at 14:00 GMT I will re-attempt my C&C Mod Spotlight of C&C Untitled, with a GLA showcase. I'm switching the Mod Spotlight streams from the evening to the afternoon, so I can stream longer, as well as not having to worry that I'll oversleep the next day due to the streams being so long. After this I am planning to return to the set schedule of 4 streams per week, so I am back! Hope to see you all then on my channel on Twitch!
  10. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    With my life's situation sorted out and my timetable set up, it's time to return to the Command & Conquer: Mod Spotlights. For the first mod to be showcased after the hiatus being C&C: Untitled, which you can download here Tomorrow, January 14 2018 at 19:00 GMT I will have a look at what this mod has done to the GLA Faction. Hope to see you all then on my channel on Twitch
  11. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    For day 2 of my celebratory return to Twitch and Youtube I want to stream Rise of he Reds 1.87 1.3 Tonight at 19:00 GMT, I'll bring out the beer and log on SWRnet to see how many people are ready to play. See you tonight on my channel on Twitch
  12. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    After about 2 months of hiatus, getting a new job and a new PC, it it some to end my hiatus and come back in all my glory! Tonight at 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET I will stream Mental Omega 3.3.2 all evening until I collapse and I will be drinking beer from the moment I go live! Join me on my channel on Twitch as I hope to see you all then!
  13. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfIYhXFbZ8c While I will not be home on Friday evening and Saturday evening, I will be holding a livestream of Mental omega 3.3.2 on YOUTUBE! This is to compare the Twitch viewership to the Youtube viewership, plus to see how Youtube streaming has evolved, since now both Streamlabs and Ankhbot allow for Youtube streams. This link leads to the event. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for this and much more content! The livestream will be held on Sunday September 17th 2017 at 15:00 CET Hope to see you all then!
  14. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    I know it has been a few years since I last talked about this mod. and I was planning on including it in the C&C Mod Spotlights, but that was only until its lead developer, Omegabolt told me he was working on an update, since the CNCnet4 was no longer working and it breaking the mod a bit. So tonight, August 18 2017 at 18:00 GMT OmegaBolt will join me as I will do an old fashioned Pre-release Beta stream of his mod: YR Red Resurrection! We'll have a trip down memory lane and remember why I loved this mod so much as well as showcase some new units, support powers etc. I hope to see you all then on my channel on Twitch
  15. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    (Too lazy to look for / make promopic) Now that the last of the OpenRA Tournament videos is posted on Youtube and I can put this behind me, it's time to get back to a sort of schedule. So tonight at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET I will be doing a livestream of Mental Omega 3.3.2, on my channel on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/hecthordoomhammer Hope to see you all then!
  16. Greetings ladies and gentlemen. My name is Hecthor Doomhammer and welcome to the second edition of the Hecthor Doomhammer Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament (tm) in OpenRA. Seeing as how last year’s tournament went in terms of organisation and execution, I am happy be hosting another edition of this kind of tournament. Starting Saturday July 1st at 10:00 AM GMT / 12:00 PM GMT 16 of you will be waging a 2 weekend war to decide who take the honor, glory and the prize money on Sunday July 9th Hosted and livestreamed from my channel on Twitch and joined by SoScared, FiveAces and Jazz_KCS as tournament officials. All matches will be streamed live and later edited and uploaded to my Youtube channel. In this topic on Sleipnir's Forum you can see all the information necessary as well as sign up if you wish to have a shot at the prize pool, currently sitting at a solid €160. Hope to see you all then!
  17. Hecthor Doomhammer's Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament 2017 in OpenRA

    And then there were only 4. This year the Tournament has seen quite a few surprises, both negative and positive, but there can only be 1 who claims victory over all. Tomorrow, July 8th 2017 starting at 10:00 GMT, I will be hosting the last day of this year's Hecthor Doomhammer's Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament (tm) where we will see both the Semi Finals, as well as the Bronze Match AND while we're at it, we'll go all in with the Finals as well. Prepare for a marathon of a stream. The rules of the Semi Finals have changed: no longer will we see 5 guaranteed matches where every country is represented, but we will see the even match 2 and 4 be a mirror image of match 1 and 3, with match 5 being RNG. This will be for a Best of 5. This means that Player 1 on the bracket picks the map for match 1 and 2, and for match 1 he also gets to pick the starting positions. Both players pick their countries for match 1. For Match 2, the players will not only switch starting locations, but also their countries. Player 2 gets to select the map for match 3 and 4, as well as the starting position for match 3 and both players pick different countries. Match 4 will see the switch of locations and countries again. For both the Bronze Match and the Finals, players have to choose their 1 strongest country, and play that for a Best of 7 with randomized starting positions. At the end of the road when we know the score, the prizes will be handed out: 4th: €10 3rd: €50 2nd: €75 1st: €135 and we can close of this year's edition of the Hecthor Doomhammer's OpenRA Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament (tm) Join us tomorrow at 9:30 GMT so that we can start the semi finals at the end of this countdown Of course the entire event will be streamed on my channel on Twitch Hope to see you all then!
  18. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Although my OpenRA Tournament starts tomorrow at 10:00 GMT, I will be holding 1 last stream to try and hype it up! Especially since Twitch has now granted their Affiliates, of which I am one, a SUBSCRIBER BUTTON! Now if Twitch approves of it, you will, once you subscribe, be able to use the hecthoRHammer emote (case sensitive) Tonight at 18:00 GMT, I will be streaming OpenRA for a little while to hype up the tournament! Everything is taken care of, except the tournament matches themselves! See you tonight onMy Channel On Twitch!
  19. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    In Mooman's Rules Yuri only has 1 "country", which would mean that for the last of this Mod's Spotlight it would be a very short stream. But just like with Cannis Rules, I will be showing off some of the extra Game Modes that Mooman's Rules added, which were the main reason I loved Mooman's Rules so much and that allowed me to spend countless hours on this mod. So join me tonight, June 25th 2017 at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET on my channel on Twitch so that I can show you what I'm talking about. Remember that next weekend my OpenRA Tournament starts and thus that I will be taking a 2 week break from the C&C Mod Spotlights See you all then!
  20. Hecthor Doomhammer's Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament 2017 in OpenRA

    With only 8 days remaining before my OpenRA Tournament starts, tomorrow, June 23rd will be your LAST CHANCE to sign up! Know that the prize pool has increased to a whopping €250!!! And of course don't forget about the added prize of the Possible RA:GL Masters Seed for Season 4! While we already have 16 players and a few reserves, I would still love to see this tournament reach 32 players! For this occasion, I will be holding 1 last hype up stream of OpenRA's Red Alert starting tomorrow, June 23rd at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET and I will go until MIDNIGHT as Registration for the tournament closes then! So this is really your last chance to sign up. If we don\t make 32 players, the Tournament will go between the 16 that signed up early. The rest will just be reserves. Read up on the Tournament HERE! and SIGN UP TODAY, because after the stream ends, so will the registration. If you're 1 minute late, you're too late! The clock is ticking! See you all on my channel on Twitch!
  21. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    The second stage of the Mooman's Rules Spotlight takes us to the Soviet Side. Join me tonight at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET on my channel on Twitch to see what new toys this old mod gave to the Glorious Soviet Union! See you all then!
  22. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    For as long as I remember, Mooman's Rules was the second mod I ever played. Along with the Tech Expansion and the Tech Wars game mode I spent countless hours playing this mod. As part of the Command & Conquer: Mod Spotlight series, I'm going to be taking a trip down Memory Lane and showcase what Mooman did with the Allied Faction. I will be starting tonight, June 11th at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET on my channel on Twitch. Hope to see you all then!
  23. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    After a short break for a family trip last week, it's time to return to the Command & Conquer: Mod Spotlights. This week's feature will be the entire USA Faction of Generals: Contra. Join me tomorrow, May 28th 2017 at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET on my channel on Twitch as I will be showcasing what the developers have done to the existing Generals, as well as look into what this new "Cybernetics" Generals has to offer. (or Robotics). Hope to see you all at the end of this countdown!
  24. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    It's time to bring the Command & Conquer: Mod Spotlight back to a Generals - Zero Hour mod. This mod was highly requested back in 2015 when I first announced I was interested in doing these Mod Spotlights and now it's finally time to dive in BLINDLY! Over the course of 4 weeks (with 1 week me being away) I will take a good look at what Generals: Contra has to offer. I can already tell from the 5 minutes I looked at this mod to see it it would work, that I've got my work cut out for me. Tonight, May 14th 2017 at 20:00 CET / 18:00 GMT I'll have a good look at what treatment the GLA Faction received. Since Contra introduces 1 new General per faction, I'll go over the vanilla Generals first and save the new one: Assault, for last. For this momentous occasion I've created a countdown here. Hope to see you all then on my channel on Twitch TV!
  25. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    It has been a fun ride down memory lane for me as I showcased the very first Mod that I ever played, but there is still 1 more thing to do before I close this off. As Cannis' Rules only has 1 Yuri "country" his would be a very short stream, so I will be giving some attention to a few other game modes today after Yuri is done. Tonight, May 7th 2017 at 20:00 CET / 18:00 GMT I will be going live with the last of the Cannis' Rules Mod Spotlight and at the end I'll be giving my final verdict. I hope to see you all then on my channel on Twitch