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  1. Glad to see c&c mods are still alive (though some of these have yet to release anything xP) Hope we see even more raise after the remaster will come out (though I'm not counting on it... but you know... Expect for worse and hope for the best )
  2. I changed most of it by looking on his xmls, however I recall I found some changes to be not fitting and either didn't changed the original code or change it with my own (GDI and Zocom harvesters also had some issues with their weapons and Nod and Scrin had some issues with their ducking location due to missing bone EA forgot to add) So I had to edit many things in the harvesters to the points I don't recall what I did unless I compare it to the original xD I can send you the xmls though, but the lua option sound better (if it will work...), kinda interested in trying it myself but don't feel like nag Mjjstral over it
  3. CGF fixed it by changing the geometry and few other stuff in the gameobject, Mjjstral solution in the discord server was to use lua that use the return command if the harvesters aren't moving when unload
  4. Strangely enough your thread didn't appear in the discord server (via a bot that was set to alame us if there's new thread in cncnz), so I didn't noticed the thread till now xP But yeah that how you do it, glad you was able to find it on your own
  5. Wish I knew more about artillery to help :/ I do recall there was miss percents code or other weapon miss code, but these not seem to be relate to your current issue, Based on your track model, you sure you can't cut the part from the rear where the missiles coming out from and set it as separate turret? If it some game limitation the only things that usually save us from it are messing with the definitions, try lua hacks, or tricking the game in one way or another with xml codes or some settings to the model file (if the game hate it for whatever reason).
  6. The WB and Static sections are separated, when you change things in WB it will only effect custom maps, in order for things to take effect in the official maps you will need to extract them yourself, add the objectes you edited to the map's folder and include them in the override xml, after that you need to mod the map, lastly you will need to make a map big file for them and tell your mod to read it, or just add them manually to your mod's big file Here most maps if you want them uncompiled: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-classic/addons/official-kws-mp-maps-extracted-fixed-unmoded
  7. I'm actually stuck on this area as well cause I want to make hostile AI that spawn from netural as well and if it not being spawned from your units it just won't do anything to the players Lua didn't helped me so far; setting them to spawn as creep team made it possible for them to fight back only when you attack them first, giving them the Vis attribute made your units to auto attack them so they attack right after lol xP But I still stuck on it, here what commiedog said about how it work on TW/KW: "Each "player" maintains a list of teams as well as a default team value for any unit or structure not explicitly assigned to a team. Teams are primarily used by AI-controlled players to group their units, allowing for easier scripting (instead of telling each tank to attack an enemy, the AI groups the tanks into a team and only has to issue one attack order for the entire team). C&C 3's friendliness checks primarily rely on the players in control of the units involved, but it's possible to override that for specific teams with the code I mentioned. For the Fiends to attack any of a player's units or structures, you'd have to override it for every one of a player's teams. And since teams are generated dynamically in-game (at least for faction players--the Fiends may be lumped into the team of the Tiberium field that spawned them, which would almost certainly be the default team for the neutral player), you have to add the overrides on a team-by-team basis." We still experiment on that...
  8. I don't know if we can do it via WB alone, but I do know we can make map that randomly spawn objects at each load, we can also set the rain as timer that make it die and come back I guess, I saw some leftovers codes that can change the weather from BFME, wonder if it works...
  9. For rain, you already have it in-game and you just need to make this xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <Weather id="Weather"> <Snow SnowTexture="FXRainDrop" SnowFrequencyScaleX="0" SnowFrequencyScaleY="0" SnowAmplitude="0" SnowPointSize="1" SnowMaxPointSize="120" SnowMinPointSize="60" SnowQuadSize="8" SnowBoxHeight="300" SnowSpacing="12" SnowSpeed="100" NumberTiles="4" SnowPointSprites="False" SnowEnabled="False" IsSnowing="False"> <SnowXYSpeed x="0" y="0" /> </Snow> <Rain RainTexture="FXRainDrop" NumRaindropsPerBox="1024" RainBoxWidth="1000" RainBoxLength="1000" RainBoxHeight="300" MinWidth="1" MaxWidth="4" MinHeight="25" MaxHeight="100" MinSpeed="250" MaxSpeed="450" MinAlpha="0.2" MaxAlpha="0.5" WindStrength="1" IsRaining="True" /> <Lightning LightningDuration="30" LightningChance="0.1" LightningEnabled="False"> <LightningFactor Type="UNIFORM" Low="0.5" High="3" /> </Lightning> <Spell SpellDuration="200" SpellEnabled="True" /> <Cloud> <CloudTextureSize x="660" y="660" /> <CloudOffsetPerSecond x="-0.03" y="-0.02" /> </Cloud> <WeatherData id="RAINY" Sound="" HasLightning="True" /> <WeatherData id="CLOUDYRAINY" Sound="" HasLightning="True" /> <WeatherData id="SUNNY" Sound="" HasLightning="False" /> <WeatherData id="CLOUDY" Sound="" HasLightning="False" /> </Weather> </AssetDeclaration> And tell the overrides to use it For snow you need to add some texture EA removed iirc or use it with other xml You will need something like that <Weather id="Weather"> <Rain RainTexture="FXSnowFlake2" NumRaindropsPerBox="128" RainBoxWidth="1500" RainBoxLength="1500" RainBoxHeight="450" MinWidth="5" MaxWidth="12" MaxHeight="12" MinSpeed="150" MaxSpeed="250" MinAlpha="0.5" MaxAlpha="0.8" WindStrength="0" IsRaining="True" /> <Cloud> <CloudTextureSize x="660" y="660" /> <CloudOffsetPerSecond x="-0.03" y="-0.02" /> </Cloud> </Weather> But you will need texture For more complex things like sand strom or snow dusts you need to make some Particle fx (Try this guide https://www.gamereplays.org/kaneswrath/portals.php?show=page&amp;name=modding-essentials-persistent-particle-systems ) And WB will give you some issues show them fog of war without some script (Need to look wth some mapper told me to do to force them to show up >.> ) For adding objects, unless the object is already ready-to-use, you need some modding knowledge, but in case it ready to use you need to put the right files in The Art, Audio, Misc, Data/Static, or Data/Worldbuilder, folders which should be Inside your map's folder, And tell the overrides to use these files, after the complie they should be included in the map, not sure how to see them in WB though without use them via mod (it should be possible and even easy, probably have something to do with adding some lines to the WB skudf so it could load them)
  10. Egozi44

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    Work fine for me so far, what key WEd show in the error that it claim you use it twice?
  11. Know how it feel (with both cases) In regard to how lua work on xmls, when it come to gameobjects xml for example you need to add in their behavior <AI> </AI>, and inside them any kind of AI like the AIUpdate code, then you need to add the AILuaEventsList="UnitNameFunctions" code, from there it go to the scriptevents which afterward go to the lua "scripts" file I'm not expert in lua myself but I know some of the basic things, we can keep it via pm if you want (at least for some of the things you wanted to do)
  12. Egozi44

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    Glad to see Noir is happy :3
  13. I know some nasty bugs you can do with garrisoned inf, that whole garrison code seem to be buggy xP Did setting the banner's model to use invisible/gun model while inside garrisons didn't helped? I think I may have bumped into something in the definitions that allow us to hide it in some conditions but don't sure...
  14. Sorry for the delay (tend to forgot old threads with my 3s memory xP) I can help you with it if you want
  15. That only if you want to include it in your mod, to make the map to simply show up in-game, all you need to do is to place it in the maps folder you just created (the one you compiled the map on) to mod it, in others words it should already be playable in-game
  16. You need to put your moded map in documents/Kane's warth/maps/ Then open buildmap.bat in your WEd folder, write in cmd the map's folder name, and press enter The map now should be moded
  17. I don't think EA care xP
  18. One of you seem to use KW's WB and the other TW's (I assume from the icons) Unless it old ver of TW you need to update it, if KW's WB than try to use TW's as the map is from TWs' camp
  19. Hi mate I was able to make viscords to spawn from inf in certain situations too and thanks to Mjjstral I also was able to add percents to the spawn, I didn't however managed to make fiends that I spawn on the map from tib field to be aggressive to all players due to the way TW and KW team system works, I only managed to make the fiends to attack you if You attack them first, Still try to figure it out ;/ As for making things to appear on each map, aside from modding each map you can just spawn it from exisitng object in the static like tib field and set it to spawn far from it or on it depend what you want, that way it spawn the game objects on every map There should be some ways to spawn things in the map from lua too (or so I believe)
  20. I tend to enter into infinite loop when it comes to these cases xP In order to help you I need to look on my files, but till I comes home I forgot to do so till the next day (which make me recalling it by looking on this thread via the phone and start the whole loop again) adding objects to a map is not too different from modding the game, if you don't have any experience with it however than it be a bit harder to explain it, adding snow or rain is more easier though but I don't know if it will work the same way in TW as it did for me in KW
  21. That bring up memories, I once edited the map too but I manually extracted it from the game rather than use someone else map, I don't sure what cause the issue but I assume it relate to the map you download, maybe it moded map that don't supposed to work like any normal custom map or maybe something else get in the way, I'm not WB expert though so beat me, it may be something you did or forgot to do. Does the map appear in the skirmish menu and have two players start points?
  22. Np if you need the specific code I can post it here if you want, but if you look on the crystal gameobject xml I'm sure you will spot it easily
  23. Yes you can, look on the tib crystal (or it may was the field but I don't recall) gameobject and you will find the code that make it's color appear green or blue in the map
  24. I never tried it with SSD but I believe it will, with SSD most of the things that runs on your OS (in case you install it on the SSD ofc) should work Wayyy more faster, while other factors like CPU and your OS state are still taken into account, I believe you will probably see some difference (though don't catch my word as I never tried it myself xP, I just saw SSD in action with similar things and the difference were outstanding)
  25. I can help you in PMs if you still have the issue, I want to ask something as well