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  1. Did you also added it to the facility's commandset?
  2. Egozi44

    Does anyone here invest in Kane Coins?

    Yea, couldn't resist doing it, because both topics were the same :3
  3. The price of Kane Coins continues to rise like hell and is more valuable than gold and even diamonds! Currently 1 Kane Coins is enough to buy a decent Mammoth Tank in America. For those who don't know what Kane Coins is: http://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104/news/urgent-transmission-from-the-brotherhood
  4. Oh, Madin right, forgot about it. looking on the formations again (the mastodon since the mammoth was already existed ingame) it look more or less identical to how I currently makes them, but you right, I completely forgot you helped with few things some years ago in regared to the formations xD then you had no time to mod and I eventually learned how to do things alone You always welcome to join again if I ever need help ^^
  5. IIRC it was code line in the game object xml (was something like formation width), I'll peek on it later. btw your formations look better than any of mine, mind to tell us your secret?
  6. Didn't saw your reply till now mate, The sources I sent you also show how to change the main menu music, if it not works it may be due to the files, KW gave me few issues as well when I tried to add new music files if they weren't encoded correctly. for music you need Mp3 format. if you got trouble I peek on my sources and tell you what should work. As for the max plugin, here it is https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=565214#565214 However it was tool earlier to open the champagnes as it seem it don't have exporter yet ;( Sorry if I gave you false hopes
  7. Seem like it was because the upgrade was set to object type and not player type, I did recall I tested both long ago and they both didn't worked with ForbiddenUpgrade, but it seem my memory was off.
  8. So I trying to make upgrade button that will act similar to Training button of unique unit like a Commando or epic unit (meaning it will spawn the unit after the "upgrade" was "researched" and that the button won't let it be train again till the unit dies and remove the upgrade). Thanks to Mjistral's lua codes we were able to create upgrade that fit the conditions but after the last change (Which was: adding StatusBitsUpgrade code that have StatusToClear code in it which is in the trained unit's gameobject xml for lua script reasons) The lua command that make the upgrade button unpressable when X unit was trained no longer works. So I tried few other things via xml like adding Forbddienupgrade code to the upgradetemplet GameDependency but from what I tested earlier (even before we made that upgrade button) the GameDependency doesn't seem to work with Forbddienupgrade code if there's already other code like RequiredObject (which I using for other thing that I need) or maybe even doesn't work at all (never really tried it alone, just saw it don't work if there's already other gamedependency code~ ), And as far as I know there isn't any forbidden object code, So is there anything else I can use to make the upgrade unavailable? (without killing the RequiredObject dummy cause I need it)
  9. Thanks, I sort of forgot to report I found other way to do it thanks to Stygs 5 mins after I opened the thread by simple give the removeupgrade code a trigger <RemoveUpgradeUpgrade id="ModuleTag_RemoveUpgrade"> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_trigger</TriggeredBy> <UpgradeToRemove>Upgrade</UpgradeToRemove> </RemoveUpgradeUpgrade> I got stuck on other thing now but I'll open new thread for it
  10. So I want to remove player upgrade with some unit (the moment it spawned) but I don't really know any other method aside from the UpgradeDie code (which not help me in this situation since I don't want the upgrade to be removed only when the unit dies), So aside from lua all that I have left is the RemoveUpgradeUpgrade, The issue is that I never really used RemoveUpgradeUpgrade code before, I thought at first that all I need to do was to put in in the unit's behavior (Something like this: <RemoveUpgradeUpgrade id="ModuleTag_RemoveUpgrade" UpgradeToRemove="Upgrade"/> ) similar to the GrantUpgrade code, but after Stygs -clear my suspicion I realized I need a way to trigger the remove upgrade with trigger like upgrade. That actually raised a bit more questions as for how I can trigger it, Do I need to make upgrade ID xml for the remove upgrade just like we do with normal Upgrade? Can I tell it which Type of upgrade to remove (Object or Player)? When I trigger it do I need to use Grant upgrade to trigger a upgrade that trigger the RemoveUpgradeUpgrade ? (lol) If someone could show my example or tell me of other method to remove upgrade I will be glad :/
  11. Egozi44

    w3x viewer

    In case you meant texture, simply make texture xml (or use the one that came with the texture you extracted) and tell the w3x viewer to open The XML instead of the dds file
  12. The user Naféasonto help us by making public C&C server for modders and mappers. The server can be used to download most of C&C's modding tools in case the sources are unavaliable for whatever reason, Or can be used to upload things (such as tools, mods, and maps) to it with Naféasonto or one of the admins permissions Side notes: 1. Naféasonto gave me his permission to post it here so there's no credit issues or whatsoever. 2. If I posted the thread at the wrong category please move it to the correct one. 3. I recommand that you will pin that thread or server's address somewhere so that everyone could have easy access to it. Server's address: ftp://cncfiles.club Username is: cncfiles no password Enjoy
  13. Egozi44

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    Merry Christmas
  14. buggy 1.08 WED also randomly does it to random things
  15. So I have some thing I want to do and my issue is with the cooldown I added some ability to structure, the ability have cooldown and can't be pressable till some upgrade will be present, however the cooldown will begin regardless of the set conditions, Sure it won't be pressable but it will keep load the ability till you get the upgrade and then you can active the ability right away, I don't want it to be this way, Is there any way to make the ability's cooldown to Wait till you get the upgrade? UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade in the gameobject behavior or forbidden upgrade in the special power xml don't work (I mean they are but not for the cooldown)
  16. The blabla ones aren't the real id, the numbers and letters are what WED extracted
  17. I have most of his tools, I need to upload them (eventually). You can get the mod launchers (1.09, 1.10, and 1.11) from my mod meanwhile (though it a bit annoy to download entire mod just for tool that take 1 mb xD ) http://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104/downloads/unofficial-big-bang-patch-104-02-open-beta
  18. Didn't work :/ That what I did: <UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade id="0x4A45D5R05A66" Permanent="True" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerBlaBla" ObeyRechageOnTrigger="True"> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_RareCrate</TriggeredBy> </UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade> <SpecialPower id="0xCCBE6448EE" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerBlaBla" AvailableAtStart="False" StartsPaused="true" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="True"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> </SpecialPower> I think I came up with a better idea though, how about replacing the button with upgrade button? I need it to spawn a unit from the structure though (but not the same way as product/train it) Is there any OCL code that can trigger after X upgrade been activated? Or maybe FireWeaponNugget that will trigger from the upgrade and will have OCL instead, (I also hope the upgrade will work with the upgrade object code so it won't effect other structures... or else I will need to have 9 different upgrades ids Dx) I can tell the unit to disable the upgrade upon death and it will crate loop (hopefully... cause if the upgrade button will decide it stop being pressalbe after the upgrade been purchased I screwed...) Edit I found CreateObjectNugget which also have RequiredUpgrade in the definitions, however since I never used it before on a unit I don't sure how to add it to gameobject's behavior code...
  19. Maybe "StartsPaused= "true" will help here? or it will just cause it to be paused forever? xD Edit... yup seem like it paused forever... Dx
  20. His site show it on maintenance now. Maybe he just drunk something bad and was out for few days....
  21. Ok, was just waiting for the admin to create category/sub-server for it in discord (And still waiting xD)
  22. Looking on the ObjectStatus definitions there are few ObjectStatusType that may be able to aid me in world domination , Can someone tell me how these status works? STEALTHED CAN_STEALTH CAN_STEALTH_FROM_PRODUCER <----- may be my savor depend how it works InvisibilityType CAMOUFLAGE Sure the name more or less say what they doing but someone may know things the name don't reveal just from it's ID. If the "CAN_STEALTH_FROM_PRODUCER" can stealth it spawner then it may bring me one step closer to achieve what I want Wish there was stealth attribute that could last for X duration, that would be the easiest way for it to work.
  23. So, in my mod I spiced the Stealth a little to be more... useful, imo EA made it balanced enough to MP but made it TOO balance to the point it boring and most of the times even not useful, one of the things I done was to also make the Nod's commando permanently stealth unless she attack or use any of the condition EA set for her (Cause being stealth only while standing is Meh..), OP choice indeed for C4 carrier. Since it too much OP I want to change it to the way it was again ( being only stealth while standing) But this time give her Stealth belt ability that will make the Nod's commando fully stealth (aside from attacking and etc) for 30s (maybe even 15s, dk yet) and move back to being only stealth while standing after it ended, in other words, like Tanya from RA3 ability But completely not ;D It should be possible to make a button that trigger one of two stealth conditions right? I'm not that good at making abilities that not in the game so I need help, sure I can mimc the clock field ability but don't sure how to convert it to unit ability and set it as temporary ability. So I need help~ Maybe spawn object that stealth the spawner could be better approach...
  24. I don't think I have them on my desktop anymore :/ I quite sure I DO have them somewhere else but don't remember where. Say, about what you said about your server, want to join some Discord modding group and help us making tool archive for all C&C tools?