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  1. Personally I never liked her act, feel too forced and her voice was too harsh for my ears :0
  2. Ah forgot good old Web archive~ We still ganna need better backup imo
  3. By extra c&c filess you mean? TW extra sdk files? KW extra files that fix the hash issue? It may be worth to note that it good time to backup all of bibber tools on additional links for the community, cause we depend on his site too much, if one day he will decide to take the site down (or he already did) modders will be doomed... (well you can find random links at random sites but never count about them to stay alive for long)
  4. My last idea was to make repair drone as slave that spawn after the upgrade was triggered from the commando's ability, it follow the commando really fast while stealthing her and will die after 30 and should take the upgrade with it... but it work only once, maybe because the I set the SpawnReplaceDelayData to 99999s but it should be able to respawn new one..., I also think it still can get attached to aircrafts... I start to run out of fuel here...
  5. So I tried different approached, I discuss things with Kane in temple prime and he made me try this: I added this to the commando: <InvisibilityUpdate id="0DRGx3BD7GFDF2F5" OpacityMin="30%" UpdatePeriod="0.2s" Options="STARTS_ACTIVE"> <InvisibilityNugget ForbiddenStatus="IS_FIRING_WEAPON USING_ABILITY IS_AIMING_WEAPON SPECIAL_ABILITY_PACKING_UNPACKING_OR_USING" ForbiddenConditions="ATTACKING PREATTACK_A FIRING_A FIRING_OR_PREATTACK_A RELOADING_A PREATTACK_B FIRING_B FIRING_OR_PREATTACK_B RELOADING_B USING_WEAPON_A USING_WEAPON_B" EnteringStealthFX="FX_NODStealthTransitionOn" LeavingStealthFX="FX_NODStealthTransitionOff"/> <RequiresUpgrade>Upgrade_StealthForNodCommando</RequiresUpgrade> </InvisibilityUpdate> Made Upgrade_StealthForNodCommando upgrade, and made the commando's ability to spawn the dummy again while it having theses upgrades: <GrantUpgradeCreate id="ModuleTag_AddStealthForNodCommando" UpgradeToGrant="Upgrade_StealthForNodCommando"/> <UpgradeDie id="ModuleTag_RemoveStealthForNodCommando" UpgradeId="Upgrade_StealthForNodCommando"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL"/> </UpgradeDie> And ofc dies after 30 secs Yet it still doesn't work D:
  6. Egozi44

    MOD.str not working

    No, you need to add 3 at the end be sure to turn off windows feature that hides the ending of familiar files types since it will hide ".str", and if you'll add it it will result as CNC3.str.str
  7. Egozi44

    MOD.str not working

    It should be in \Mods\Your mod name\Misc\DATA Be sure to name it as "cnc3"
  8. I recall I tried it and it just crash, you can open the normal TW skuef though, more or less cause it was still crashing here and there
  9. From my short tests in the past, I saw that Wed can only open skufs of mods that were created either with WED itself, or other tools like what CGF used, It Can't open TW mods that were made with the EA's SDK
  10. So, I tried to add exclude to the dummy pod, and made so it only effect self (not allies) in other words this: <BroadcastObjectFilter Rule="ALL" Relationship="SELF" Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURE PRODUCED_AT_HELIPAD HORDE AIRCRAFT HUGE_VEHICLE VEHICLE UNATTACKABLE TIBERIUM_FIELD CIVILIAN_BUILDING TIBERIUM HUSK"> <IncludeThing>NODCommandoDummyPod</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>NODCommando</IncludeThing> </BroadcastObjectFilter> And now it won't effect the aircrafts but Still will be "placed" on them, What I mean by that? I guess that since I use dummy that based on the vertigo disrupter pod. that thing actually get attach to something above it, I need it to get attach only to the commando but if aircraft will be directly above her when I use the ability, that aircraft will get the pod attach to it Instead, Now since I exclude the pod from stealth aircrafts it won't stealth it, But will not stealth the commando either since it was attached to the aircraft... What I can do in these situations? :0 make it ground only somehow?
  11. I see :/ Too bad, tried to edit the xmls to be more easier to read...
  12. Ok so after few tests I got something that is close to the result I want (I hope... still need to do some testing) I tried using the pod method (basically a weapon that shot the commanod and then OCL a dummy pod on her that will die after 30s) My issue is that when I use the ability it could stealth some aircraft that above the commando instead of the commando herself (if you place the aircraft directly above her). Here what I done (only the impot stuff) Command_CommandoDummyPod: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <LogicCommand id="Command_CommandoDummyPod" Type="SPECIAL_POWER" Options="AUTO_ABILITY_TRIGGERED"> <SpecialPower>SpecialPowerCommandoDummyPod_Dispatch</SpecialPower> </LogicCommand> </AssetDeclaration> CommandoDummyPodWeapon (I tried to filter the hell out of it after I spot the issue): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <WeaponTemplate id="CommandoDummyPodWeapon" Name="CommandoDummyPodWeapon"> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="0"> <SpecialObjectFilter Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURE PRODUCED_AT_HELIPAD HORDE AIRCRAFT HUGE_VEHICLE VEHICLE UNATTACKABLE TIBERIUM_FIELD CIVILIAN_BUILDING TIBERIUM HUSK" Rule="ANY" Relationship="SELF"> <IncludeThing>NODCommando</IncludeThing> </SpecialObjectFilter> </DamageNugget> <WeaponOCLNugget WeaponOCL="OCL_CommandoDummyPod"> <SpecialObjectFilter Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURE PRODUCED_AT_HELIPAD HORDE AIRCRAFT HUGE_VEHICLE VEHICLE UNATTACKABLE TIBERIUM_FIELD CIVILIAN_BUILDING TIBERIUM HUSK" Rule="ANY" Relationship="SELF"> <IncludeThing>NODCommando</IncludeThing> </SpecialObjectFilter> </WeaponOCLNugget> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> </AssetDeclaration> NODCommandoDummyPod: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <GameObject id="NODCommandoDummyPod" KindOf="UNSELECTABLE IMMOBILE PRELOAD NO_COLLIDE UNATTACKABLE NOT_AUTOACQUIRABLE IGNORE_FOR_VICTORY RESIST_EMP NOT_ON_RADAR" RadarPriority="UNIT" Side="NOD" EditorName="NODCommandoDummyPod" EditorSorting="UNIT" CommandSet="EmptyCommandSet" SelectPortrait="Portrait_NODDisruptionPod" ButtonImage="Portrait_NODDisruptionPod" IsTrainable="False"> <DisplayName>Name:AbilityDisruptionPod</DisplayName> <LocomotorSet Locomotor="HumanLocomotor" /> <Draws> <ScriptedModelDraw id="0x450DF2C46" RecoilDamping="0.4" MaxRecoilDistance="3"> <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_DEFAULT"> <Model Name=""/> </ModelConditionState> </ScriptedModelDraw> </Draws> <Behaviors> <Physics id="0x6D41764B" /> <InvisibilityUpdate id="0x3BD7F2F5" Options="STARTS_ACTIVE BROADCAST" BroadcastRange="15"> <InvisibilityNugget LeavingStealthFX="FX_NODStealthTransitionOff" EnteringStealthFX="FX_NODStealthTransitionOn" ForbiddenConditions="PREATTACK_A FIRING_A FIRING_OR_PREATTACK_A RELOADING_A PREATTACK_B FIRING_B FIRING_OR_PREATTACK_B RELOADING_B PREATTACK_C FIRING_C FIRING_OR_PREATTACK_C RELOADING_C USING_WEAPON_A USING_WEAPON_B USING_WEAPON_C" ForbiddenStatus="TIBERIUM_VIBRATING" /> <BroadcastObjectFilter Rule="ALL" Relationship="ALLIES SELF" Include="INFANTRY"> <IncludeThing>NODCommandoDummyPod</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>NODCommando</IncludeThing> </BroadcastObjectFilter> </InvisibilityUpdate> <LifetimeUpdate id="0x6D14780C" MinLifetime="30s" MaxLifetime="30s" /> <AttachUpdate id="0x31AF5724" Range="10"></AttachUpdate> <DestroyDie id="0xA78F6D28"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL" /> </DestroyDie> <BezierProjectile id="0xB5CB00F3" FirstHeightMin="5" FirstHeightMax="5" SecondHeightMin="5" SecondHeightMax="5" FirstPercentIndent="33%" SecondPercentIndent="66%" GroundHitFX="FX_DirtHit" OrientToFlightPath="True" /> </Behaviors> <AI> <AIUpdate id="0x12FA48BA" AutoAcquireEnemiesWhenIdle="YES" /> </AI> <Body> <ActiveBody id="0xB313F576" MaxHealth="20" /> </Body> </GameObject> </AssetDeclaration> OCL_CommandoDummyPod: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <ObjectCreationList id="OCL_CommandoDummyPod"> <CreateObject Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS" Disposition="ON_GROUND_ALIGNED" StartingModelConditions=""> <CreateObject>NODCommandoDummyPod</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList> </AssetDeclaration> SpecialPowerCommandoDummyPod_Dispatch (tried to filterd it too after I got the issue): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPowerCommandoDummyPod_Dispatch" TargetType="NONE" Flags="FOGGED_SHROUDED_CELLS_OK" ReloadTime="60s" WaypointModeTerminal="False"> <ObjectFilter Rule="UNPARSED" /> <ForbiddenObjectFilter Rule="ANY" Include="ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURE PRODUCED_AT_HELIPAD HORDE AIRCRAFT HUGE_VEHICLE VEHICLE UNATTACKABLE TIBERIUM_FIELD CIVILIAN_BUILDING TIBERIUM HUSK"/> </SpecialPowerTemplate> </AssetDeclaration> The lines I added to the Nod's commando: <SpecialPower id="0xCCBE648EE" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerCommandoDummyPod_Dispatch" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="True"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> </SpecialPower> <WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate id="0x4F35D506" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerCommandoDummyPod_Dispatch" BusyForDuration="0.5s" WhichSpecialWeapon="2" SpecialWeapon="CommandoDummyPodWeapon" FaceTarget="False" StartAbilityRange="100"/> (dk if the AI will use it but added it anyway) <AISpecialPowerUpdate id="0x75AE1AAFB" RandomizeTargetLocation="False" SpecialPowerAIType="SPECIAL_POWER_RANGED_AOE_ATTACK" CommandButtonName="Command_CommandoDummyPod"/> So what cause the issue? *So what is wrong? For whatever reason the site don't allow me to edit my comment above...
  13. Made me recall how painful it was to fix all the bugs of this units, But I didn't give up mostly because this unit is so awesome
  14. Well not always, you just need to give them both the same amount of uselessness and then they be evenly useless Jokes aside, when it come to stealth vs stealth detectors, you usually will prefer to make more stealth detectors than stealth units, the very way EA done it, which could be called unbalanced, However for the way the game works, it Sort of balanced out the gameplay Only because they made it that way, if you had the same amount of stealth units as the detectors the stealth units won't be special anymore, and at the same time the detectors won't have any rule, so you need to play in-between to make it balanced enough for the gameplay, not for the unit/structure/object that have that special rule (in this case at least). I think that when they done it that way however, stealth sort of lost most of it charm, which is why I deleted the detectors from most inf unit (which could detect any stealth in 0 range) completely
  15. Lol Even if it was a joke, I still think that it possible to make something nearly useless if you try to balance it too much to the point it won't be that significant. Sure balance mean to even things up (which is impossible if you think about it deeply) but when I say it in video games terms I usually mean they Try to balance it (cause again, it probably impossible to balance it to perfection, you can just try to balance it in way you and most players could live with it, our brain is the main issue here, and that something we can't edit/fix ).
  16. Egozi44

    Crash on load

    Afaik every mod will eventually reach the point it does that, I have some friend who test some solutions but so far I didn't heard any results
  17. Egozi44

    Need voice for new unit.

    Alright. Much appreciated : D
  18. Don't know if we allow to ask such question here (and if it allowed to be posted here, But I took my chances since it don't have much to do with Actual modding process and could be ignored by the right people if it was in the modding forum due to them not being modders or taking any interest in heavy related mod questions...) I added new unit to the ZOCOM faction, that unit don't have official voices by EA (at least not on the files I have) and probably better be voiced from scratch due to me adding some features for it that (probably) won't be in the official voices anyway. You can read most of the info here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104/news/the-condor-need-your-help And this is the unit: If someone think he/she can do it let me know
  19. Happened to me too couple of times (though it was rare), usually deleting the data in temp or replacing the bats (which seem to destroy itself after many uses?) fix the issue for me
  20. Good news, thanks to Mjjstral lua "Sagesness" I think we were able to make it work, still few test are needed (you welcome to join if you want ) but it look solid from the few tests I done. Don't think it was possible without the help of you two, I probably would've gave up after months of trying with my poor coding skills~ We may didn't was able to find solution for veterancy (though I sure I saw some veterancy inherit code when I peek on some unit (I think the shadows?) unpack ability), but I sort of fine with it, ofc if you know something I will always be glad to know. Really thanks for the help.
  21. So... time to open new thread cause the old one was too long... 1. I trying to "cut" animation with code (without involving real animation cut in max which will break it or without edit the original file as I tried it and it didn't work), can I make the game skip few frame from the start of the animation and how? 2. For some reason a new plane unit I added have some weird behvior, unlike the hammerhead or the firehawk the unit get placed on top of same unit on rally point or in different situations, don't really sure how can I explain it... it like you can't see you have more than one unit till you mark it with selection box since they one on top of the other when they come out on the rally point... they can also do it when attacking while each hammerhead will move a bit from the other on the rally point and the firehawk will try to not collide with the other when attacking , I don't think it box issue but rather code issue, maybe a line I need to add to the Kindof? (it already have the NO_COLLIDE though) 3. more of a question... is it possible for a unit to inherit the veterancy of other unit if they both uses the MCV-like ability which replace the model? the health status will be saved so I was wondering if it the same for the rank?
  22. I thinking about make the lua set the statusbit to the unit and then tell it at the same time to trigger a object upgrade after 2s, which will trigger in the unit xml the upgrade that will clear off the status bit. it should be possible right?
  23. Umm, I recall I had the same issue when I tested it for something else back at the day but I don't recall how I fix it (if I even did... well I do recall it working at some point so I probably...did? ) maybe it had something to do with the pod not being a moveable unit in the kind of? I need to peek on the pod'a xml when I get home, one thing that keep flicking my head is that the pod is more or less a prop, similar to dummy just with few more visual approaches, it missing a lot of things normal unit should have so I won't be surprised if it just not set to be movable on default.
  24. AFAIK you will need to spawn the pod first and then tell it to spawn the real unit after some time pass/upon self destruct. there are also few other ways but the one above is the most common one.
  25. Afaik the %self is not a spelling error but I'm not a lua expert so I have no clue what the percent mark is for. We manage to set status bit that way, Mjjstral gave me list that show what each number represent (though there's also a way to do it with status name alone apparently). 60=UNATTACKABLE, NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE is 23, and NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI is 26 (I needed 26 and 23 more than 60), All of them works but the remove command doesn't (Mjjstral said it 100% work for him till now but he didn't tried it with air unit as far as I understood), and thanks to that no one attack the unit. Afik I didn't needed any extended lua mod to use it, just this lua function OnZocomCondorCreated(self) ExecuteAction("UNIT_CHANGE_OBJECT_STATUS",self,60,1) local RemoveStatus = function() ExecuteAction("UNIT_CHANGE_OBJECT_STATUS",%self,60,0) end SetScriptTimer(2,RemoveStatus) And simple event like that: <EventList Name="ZocomCondorFunctions" Inherit="BaseScriptFunctions"><EventHandler DebugSingleStep="false" ScriptFunctionName="OnZocomCondorCreated" EventName="OnCreated"/> </EventList>