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    A few mod questions

    I recall I tried so many ways to solve this bug.... Seem to be coded Only way that may work will be to add the w3x files again (change ALL of their ids) and set the xml to use them, I recall I tried it and it still didn't work but my memory may be off. So far there's no easy way to edit it, some people like Bibber said that notepad++ can do the job but from my tests that incorrect, it may make few things easier but still require you to check most files one by one... (which is why I asked if someone can make tool that will detect the id and will just add "_2" next to it, but no one seem to be interest :/ )
  2. Unrelated Question if I add FadeEndFrame="" FadeBeginFrame="" to the animationstate I can control which frame will start and which frame will end correct? (by fading the rest) All of them have in default -1 so it a bit confuse me as for how it work, I need it to the Condor thingy, so if the animation let say have 72 frames, I tell it to fade frame 3 (which will also fade frame 1-2) and fade frame 60 (so 72 till 61 will fade?) , is this how it works?
  3. Does anyone have image of the tesla trooper figure as well?
  4. Well reducing the geometry size don't seem to work, I tried any MajorRadius and MinorRadius I can think of and even changed the shape from box to sphere. I think that at this point it must be the bones, could any of you take a look at them and see if anything can cause this weird issue?? I also replaced the SKN file but copy paste the same files, change the id, and told it to use my bones, that all. I will include it too just in case GUHAMHEADG_SKL.rar
  5. I fixed the laser by adding Include section to the filter added HUGE_VEHICLE VEHICLE STRUCTURE ALLIES so the laser will show up when it shoot them, added the allies only recently and just now about to test it as it won't show the laser on allies (actually should've add it to Relationship and add neutral on the way) Interesting thing I found out in regard the Hamvi (always wanted to say it :P), the evacuate ability DON'T allow it to land where the manual unload button/pressing the squad does, mean the evacuate ability can't trigger the bug as it don't allow the hammerhead to land where the issue trigger, maybe we can take the flags/timing/whatever, it uses and add it to the HordeTransportContain somehow?
  6. Model already have these (or I couldn't see the lasers at all in the first place), you can see in the rar I uploaded, you may find something wrong with the laser code if you do. As for the Hammi, well in general I think saying you have no clue is always better than make someone else on the other side wait and rise his hopes for nothing if you'll ask me ;P Anyways~ I took the exact same bones the hammer uses, change the ID, added few more bones manually without using max (kill me... but max usually break things upon importing, no idea how it not happens to you guys) and told the game objects yo use them instead of the normal bones in the xml. I suspect it have something to do with the locomator or with the hordetransport code as the separate MoveToPositionAndEvacuateSpecialPower seem to be uneffected (Still need to test it more btw...), it mostly happend when you press with certain timing on the unit's protriat in the hammerhead's slots next to some building, maybe the new bones give the box or physic hard time at evade the structure and the hammer need more time in order to land and go up?, if we could cooldown/cancel the option to take the units out when it in the middle of land/ascending it may solve it.... here the code <HordeTransportContain id="9DC593B0" ContainMax="2" EnterSound="Asset not found in stream: [844D7B9F:3BBC9ABA]" ExitSound="Asset not found in stream: [844D7B9F:FD5D6589]" DamagePercentToUnits="0%" PassengersTestCollisionHeight="-1000" NumberOfExitPaths="1" DoorOpenTime="1" ObjectStatusOfContained="CAN_ATTACK UNSELECTABLE ENCLOSED" ModifierRequiredTime="100" KillIfEmptyTime="0s" ModelConditionsWhenNotEmpty="" PassengersInTurret="False" AllowOwnPlayerInsideOverride="True" AllowAlliesInside="True" AllowEnemiesInside="False" AllowNeutralInside="False" ShowPips="True" CollidePickup="True" EjectPassengersOnDeath="True" KillPassengersOnDeath="True" HasObjectStatusOfContainedEntry="True" Enabled="True" Slots="2" ExitPitchRate="0" HealthRegenPercentPerSec="0" ExitDelay="0" TypeOneForWeaponSet="" TypeTwoForWeaponSet="" TypeOneForWeaponState="" TypeTwoForWeaponState="" TypeThreeForWeaponState="" GrabWeapon="" ConditionForEntry="TOPPLED" ThrowOutPassengersDelay="0" ThrowOutPassengersLandingWarhead="" EnterFadeTime="0" ExitFadeTime="0" ReleaseSnappyness="0.7" ScatterNearbyOnExit="True" OrientLikeContainerOnExit="False" DestroyRidersWhoAreNotFreeToExit="False" ForceOrientationContainer="True" CanGrabStructure="False" FireGrabWeaponOnVictim="True" ShouldThrowOutPassengers="False" FadePassengerOnEnter="False" FadePassengerOnExit="False" FadeReverse="False" ExtendedExitContainerChecks="True" FlyOffMapOnEmpty="False"> <PassengerFilter Rule="ANY" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> <DieMuxData ExemptStatus="" RequiredStatus="" DamageAmountRequired="-1" MinKillerAngle="0.9999999d" MaxKillerAngle="-0.9999999d" DeathTypes="ALL" DeathTypesForbidden="" /> <PassengerData BonePrefix="BONEGARRISON"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Relationship="" Alignment="NONE" Include="INFANTRY" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="" RejectModelCondition="" /> </PassengerData> <MemberTemplateStatusInfo ThingTemplate="GDISniperSquad" ObjectStatus="CAN_SPOT_FOR_BOMBARD" /> <MemberTemplateStatusInfo ThingTemplate="GDISniperSquad_Veteran" ObjectStatus="CAN_SPOT_FOR_BOMBARD" /> <MemberTemplateStatusInfo ThingTemplate="ZOCOMSniperSquad" ObjectStatus="CAN_SPOT_FOR_BOMBARD" /> <MemberTemplateStatusInfo ThingTemplate="ZOCOMSniperSquad_Veteran" ObjectStatus="CAN_SPOT_FOR_BOMBARD" /> </HordeTransportContain>
  7. Ok, adding this code: <ActivateLaserNugget Lifetime="0.5s" LaserId="1"> <SpecialObjectFilter Rule="ANY" Relationship="ENEMIES" Exclude="INFANTRY HORDE AIRCRAFT HUSK"/> </ActivateLaserNugget> <DamageNugget Damage="0" DamageType="CANNON" DamageFXType="ALIEN_CANNON"> <SpecialObjectFilter Rule="ANY" Relationship="ENEMIES" Exclude="INFANTRY HORDE AIRCRAFT HUSK"/> </DamageNugget> Fix all what I mentioned above, but now the ray fx is not visuble at all, guess that the activeteLaserNugger? Also the landing been fixed (found the right speed) Now just that ray and the hammer~
  8. Ok.. I sort of got it working somehow, it seem that in KW the Rule is buggy and ANY can cause things to not work at all, while ALL make them work but on random things? Here the code (let me know what you think) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <WeaponTemplate id="ZOCOMCondorEmpWeapon" Name="ZOCOMCondorEmpWeapon" AttackRange="250" WeaponSpeed="999999" FireSound="AudioEvent:ALI_RazorDrone_Weapon1Fire" FireFX="FX_NODSpitfireFireHeroic" FireVeteranFX="FX_NODSpitfireFireHeroic" ClipSize="4" CanFireWhileMoving="True" AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND ANTI_STRUCTURE" ReAcquireDetailType="PRE_FIRE"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.75s" MaxSeconds="0.75s" /> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="0.2s" MaxSeconds="0.5s" /> <Nuggets> <ActivateLaserNugget Lifetime="0.5s" LaserId="1"> <SpecialObjectFilter Rule="ALL" Exclude="INFANTRY" /> </ActivateLaserNugget> <DamageNugget Damage="0" DamageType="CANNON" DamageFXType="ALIEN_CANNON"> <SpecialObjectFilter Rule="ALL" Relationship="ENEMIES" Exclude="HUSK" /> </DamageNugget> <ParalyzeNugget Radius="5" ParalyzeFX="FX_NODBuggyEmpHit" ParalyzeType="EMP" DurationSeconds="3s"> <SpecialObjectFilter Exclude="INFANTRY AIRCRAFT UNATTACKABLE TIBERIUM_FIELD CIVILIAN_BUILDING TIBERIUM HUSK" Rule="ALL"/> </ParalyzeNugget> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> </AssetDeclaration> It can't and won't target inf and aircrafts, but for some reason CAN target enemies husks and some crystal tibrium that spawn only from red zone field (Ah?), But it won't do it automatically, any chance I can exclude these things? (I can see SpecialObjectFilter + IncludeThing coming >.>) As for the locomator I still testing it but THIS: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <LocomotorTemplate id="CondorEMPLocomotor" Surfaces="AIR" FastTurnRadius="50" Lift="120%" LiftDamaged="80%" MinTurnSpeed="0%" PreferredHeight="130" BehaviorZ="SURFACE_RELATIVE_HEIGHT" Appearance="HOVER" PitchStiffness="0.5" ForwardVelocityPitchFactor="-0.2" LateralVelocityRollFactor="0.1" AirborneTargetingHeight="30" RudderCorrectionDegree="0.169" RudderCorrectionRate="0.027" ElevatorCorrectionDegree="0.103" ElevatorCorrectionRate="0.016" BackingUpAngle="0.5" TakeOffAndLandingSpeed="9" TakeOffAndLandingSlowDownTime="0.5s" LocomotorWorksWhenDead="True" AllowMotiveForceWhileAirborne="True" Apply2DFrictionWhenAirborne="True" /> </AssetDeclaration> Works quite right, what do you think? As for the hammerhead, any ideas? I really don't want to throw the new bones or objects because of this bug Dx
  9. Adding this filter: <ActivateLaserNugget LaserId="1" Lifetime="0.5s"> <SpecialObjectFilter Exclude="INFANTRY HORDE AIRCRAFT HUSK" Rule="ANY"/> </ActivateLaserNugget> to the ActivateLaserNugget cause it to not being able to attack at all *_* (can't place the mouse on enemies) Do I need to add enemies filter or any of sort?
  10. Didn't work, the locomotor seem to make it wait few secs in the sky (if it not was my imagination...) but it seem to appear faster (I think) it still target inf, this makes me wonder how the EMP filter does work despite having ALL rather than ANY in it's filter... I will try change the emp next but don't think it will change anything... (better be save than sorry though) Edit didn't worked either but at least I confirmed the landing thingy was not my imagination, the unit's shadow appear right away but it seem like it just waiting there compared to before the changes where the shadow took time to appear and start moving down the moment it did, it may be just illusion crated by the descend speed
  11. So it seem I have third issue, The descend plane I was talking about also have emp weapon but for whatever reason it keep target inf despite having filter, I included the weapon with the unit (in case you was asking for it xml the last time) Could you look at the weapon and tell me what wrong? Descend Unit+Weapon.rar
  12. I did.. You can't see it? (unless you meant the other unit that is not the hammerhead) I will put the link here just in case SteelTalonsHammerhead.rar
  13. Found the issue, seem like WED was only able to detect this model if it was in Art:Static for some reason... I had this bug before with sound xmls that had to be sometimes in the mod's static folder and sometimes in MapMetaData_Global folder.... Beat me
  14. So far I imported many units from C&C4 and even few from RA3 (and had a few that already were imported from BFME), I never faced a issue which don't let me see the unit in game if I used the right shader, What even more weirder here is that the model + animations + everything else IS working on the w3xviwer and 3Ds max, I tried many shaders included TW's shader, try to use different xmls just in case the xml was bad, tried to change the ID names just in case the game was coded to ignore them for whatever reason, tried to remake everything in max (but it come out broken after save Duh), even try to mix few parts with the non-beta-state model and it work half right so I didn't put it in the game (But can guess the non-beta model will work... but I don't need it), and Nothing worked so far. The unit not viewable in WB as well unlike the rest of my moded units, I had really big plans for this model in it beta state so it really a bummer that it don't want to show up in game, I don't think the model is broken or was made specifically for the C&C4 beta shader. Can anyone take a look and tell me if he can find something wrong? (P.S I changed the shader back to the default one, So don't "The current shader is the issue" me.)
  15. Beta and final both have ion cannon Beta have different animations, may be worth testing in tw?
  16. There's, believe me there's a reason I insist on using the beta one Can you try to test it on TW and see if it works there?
  17. So far, anyone peeked at the files? My experience with SP is quite small , but with global conquest xmls it nearly zero...
  18. So, in the World conquest mod I was informed that the GDI's Sky Sentry SP not working, after testing it in both modded and unmodded game I found out it happens in both versions, It a bit hard to explain it but I give it a shot... The button seem to be 90% of the times unpressable when you try to press it (but will have color that hint it avaliable to use, or in other words the button is not gray) and won't take the requested money as it supposed to, However sometimes it will do what it supposed to randomly ( you will know it works when you see it take the money and become gray (unpressable), And at the same time you will have no clue if it works when it stays blue (like you never press it) xD), In some rare cases the button will show it working (by being unpressable till the next turn as I mentioned above), But either way, the moment the next turn arrived it always shows that it in the Middle of a cooldown as if it worked the last time you press it (when it didn't????) I don't sure what cause it and was hoping someone here could take a look on the xmls and see what may cause the issue. GDISkySentry.rar
  19. Can't really agree with it if you consider the fact that there are many random versions of WED X on random places on the net, and each X version may function slightly different, people will find themselves confused and won't be sure what to use as there's currently no bug free and fully functional release afaik (and if anything... the best version imo don't have any official link by the creators aside some random dead links on random forums, which leave confused user pm'ing me around to get that version D: )
  20. Already done it, afaik the Juggernauts didn't had any special filters in other units/SP attacks or any of the sort (aside the WALKER)
  21. I found bug while messing with the behemoth, when you kill it and use engineer to recover it, it will use the Coming out of war factory animation right after showing the getting up animation, looking at the xml it seem that User_17 is the one who causing the issue, but removing it and order the animation the same way as normal Juggernaut will result in the behemoth don't show it's bunker coming out of factory animation and will make broken cannon animation instead (just when it goes out of the WF ofc) as the cannons also sort of have "unpacking" animation while getting out of WF, while it does solve the "recover by engi" bug it add new issue over the other. I don't recall seeing it in the old days of ver 1.00 or in command school videos which showed the engi+behemoth tactic Can someone here look at the xml and see if there's a way to fix it? I don't sure what even trigger user_17, the recovery still just use user_5. I will add pic and xml later but you can simply peek on the default xml as it happenes on unmodded KW as well (and I pinned it down to user_17 which seem to be relate to the bunker and cannons animation )
  22. Missile mammoth ready for combat I usually try stuff without wait for response anyway, it just that sometimes you got tired from getting bad results after countless of tries to the point you just want to see something finally "moving" in the right direction so it will drive you again to try more things. Even after trying the EquivalentTo I would always want to know more about the code so I would know if it have some things it can't do or some "Side effects", Thanks for the info. While what I used at the end to fix the behemoth may be some lazy workaround to fix it rather than real fix, it works and don't seem to show any other issue. Thanks for the help.
  23. I was sure to look for it before I posted, first I tried to look on the KW's Definitions to see how that code works, after that I tried to see if I could find something in WED or my own xmls to see example but the windows search didn't found it (probably filter it), didn't knew the veteran units used it and what that thing even does as no one explained to me (Sure I could've guess by the name... but I never trust my guesses) Will try it now, this code just let the game think it the same unit category with other Behemoths without replace it correct? Will there be any other "side effects" I might bump into?
  24. What that code does though? make the game see this unit as equivalent to the normal behemoth? This the EquivalentTo code: <EntryList id="EquivalentTo" AssetType="GameObjectWeakRef" MaxLength="0" MinLength="0"/> So is <EquivalentTo EquivalentTo="Behemoth"/> and I need to put it somewhere before the Draws?