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  1. So basically the issue was that people use v1.07/random broken 1.08 ver as the compiler?

    If this was the case it make sense I never had the crash issue cause I only used 1.08 as my compiler (while used both 1.08 and 1.07 for my skudef/big viewing) since the first day I was modding.


    It may be late to ask but please upload your WEd @Nowaru, it may help people.

    I sort of collect WEd versions as well and give them to anyone who need the modding tools

  2. So the other shader supposed to do something with the railgun accelerator effect too or is just part of the adaptive armor effect you showed in the video?

    I personally like the default look since its dark texture makes it looks as if it really enable some anti emp meansure and more visible to the eye if you see it from afar, I'm not fan of the HC changes along with it though...

    Also not fan of the accelerator effect, your shader (which seem to be base on the accelerator's?) would probably look great for the accelerator over the armor (imo at least)

  3. I still hold to FF without Quantum cause I need my addons (which aren't being support anymore... really hate how Mozilla does that each half decade :/)

    You can also upload it to pastebin which should let us see the xml as it is from separate link,


    Btw if you have discord you could also try your luck on the c&c modding server since most of the modders are there (but that doesn't mean they always going to reply you since it depend on the weather and where the wind blow at that fateful day xP )

  4. I must to insist that you remove that code and upload your xml or use pastebin instead cause that giant script along with cncnz magic script just froze up 90% of my browsers on any type of device I'm use (it somehow work in chrome desktop version and in FF mobile version)

    I assume it also why no one replied here till now but that just assumption xP

    So... I sort of forgot what you explained there (and hell I'm not risking scrolling up from my phone to get it freezed again xD)

    But if it was about purfires animations reacting to different ranges, I can assume it because the animations have different conditions (can't check atm) like weapon 1 fire condition and the like which will cause the laser animation to play only when weapon 1 is firing, the thrower also have its own cooldown/reload time as secondary weapon and may got prioritize by the game once it can attack.


    I think the real issue may be that the purfire have some coded parts in it since the last times I messed with his voice I noticed he use lines that aren't even in its events and it also ignored any changed I did to its audio xml files



    If it really coded you may need to make similar Xml and change all the IDs in it (sometimes it doesn't help either)

  5. While I never did it myself, I'm pretty sure I saw some random TW mods who did two colors to unit's ability buttons, but I may be wrong



    Maybe  I'll work on something, not sure about adding new buttons. I believe changing the faction names is already possible using the mod.str file.

    I meant to completely replace the name with icon or maybe add the icon next to it, sure we can probably make text based icon but in KW it most likely will be displayed as a square since it not support unicodes, 

    Jana said she have some tool for UI's changes she works on.. but it not her top priority and looking on WEd 2 process so far, I assume it won't see the light till 2030 xP