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  1. Is it possible to edit or add new strike forces to the game that the AI will use? I'd like to see the AI attack you with 25 flame tanks or 10 devastator warships strke forces so that it becomes a real challenge for the player. I have never modded this game before but I can certaintly give it a shot if someone can point me to the files I need to edit.
  2. Even if I open the TW skudef file(version 1.9) I cannot open any SkirmishAI xmls... Using wrathed 1.07gamma and steam version of the games.
  3. I am experienced with modding as I've modded other games before.I am just interested in editing the AI behavior files.I downloaded the full Wrathed SDK and opened the .big files only to find out that the AI related xtmls are not shown and all I can see are a couple of memory addresses of some sort.Here is an example screenshot of what I see if I want to check out any AI file xtml:
  4. True that,but what about Global Conquest mode?There are no handicap settings there.
  5. I win most of the 1v1 battles against Hard AIs but I get raped on Brutal and it's not fun.I am wondering if it's possible to create a new difficulty called Very Hard,a hibrid between Hard and Brutal which gives the AI 25% more cash and not 100% more like on Brutal or maybe just nerf Brutal at least.If it's possble,could someone point me to the files I would need to edit in order to accomplish this task?Thanks in advance. P.S:I am talking about KW.