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  1. I would like devourer tanks/reaper tripods to be created from the warp sphere with full tiberium charge. I think it has to do with TiberiumThiefSpecialAbilityUpdate, but I don't know what attribute to modify. Can someone share their ideas?
  2. I have tried modding reckoner and everytime I deploy the reckoner with passenger the game crashes. Even just including unmodified reckoner in the mod, it still crashes. Please help.
  3. Yes. I've used reckoner dummy weapon before to create the weapon for slingshot and mantis. Created the dummy to avoid "hugging" ground units.
  4. Thanks. Replacing ANTI_GROUND in AntiMask disables force fire on ground. Do you have any idea for ground dummy weapon for slingshot and mantis? I have created one and had the same issue with point defense laser that was posted here; Unit doesn't use the primary weapon until the ground target is destroyed.
  5. Does anyone know how to disable force-firing on the ground but still able force-fire units and structures? Thanks!
  6. Thanks @Madin! That worked! Btw @Egozi44 I forgot how I made these formations. Sorry. I still remember sending a few formations to you before. Did I tell you how I made these, 2 years ago perhaps?
  7. Edited formation width and formation depth. Didn't change anything. I remember editing a file years ago, but I'm not sure what's the name of the file. It has the information about formations, showing that artillery units must be on the back of the formation, and the tanks on front. It would be a huge help if you could help me recall.
  8. Hi, I'm planning to create formation for a new unit(mastodon) similar to the formation of the mammoth tank. It would probably require the same spacing as the current formation makes the mastodon spin and bump. Does anyone know what files to edit? Thanks!
  9. If you'll have time to look at your xmls that would be great. Will try other things also.
  10. I had the pod working, but it doesn't arrive on the rally point. It is always on the top of the warfactory. I tried BuildCompletion="APPEARS_AT_RALLY_POINT". Still didn't work.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Chose to use a powerpack upgrade instead. Does anyone know how to implement a drop pod unit creation? The one that makes the unit immediately arrive on a drop pod at the rally point instead of coming out of the warfactory?
  12. Thanks for the tip Ravendark. Another question though, how would I stop the autoheal? I had the autoheal start at 25% HP below. Any ideas?
  13. I would like to ask how to implement autoheal until 50% of HP. Is it here? Tried modelconditions, didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. <AutoHealBehavior id="C07BF5C1" RequiresAllTriggers="False" RequiresAllConflictingTriggers="False" Permanent="False" WaypointMode="False" WaypointModeTerminal="True" HealingAmount="60" HealingDelay="0.5s" StartHealingDelay="1s" Radius="0" KindOf="" HealFXList="" SpawnFXList="" RespawnMinimumDelay="0s" InitiallyActive="True" AffectsWholePlayer="False" AffectsContained="False" HealOnlyIfNotUnderAttack="False" HealOnlyIfNotInCombat="False" HealOnlyOthers="False" NonStackable="False" RespawnNearbyHordeMembers="False"> <AllowFilter Rule="ANY" Relationship="SAME_PLAYER" Alignment="NONE" Include="" Exclude="" StatusBitFlags="" RejectStatusBitFlags="" AcceptModelCondition="REALLYDAMAGED DYING" RejectModelCondition="PRISTINE DAMAGED"/> </AutoHealBehavior>