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  1. Are you allowed to do it via pm. If not then thats fine I guess. and what do you mean by "never tested them". And if the website has Russian text and needs sms I probably know what it is.
  2. CyberFaction

    Online Pro Rules

  3. CyberFaction

    Online Pro Rules

    Hi I was playing generals zero hour online for a bit and I came across a game that said pro rules and i'm wondering what are the pro rules? This applies for all C&C games that are supported by C&C Online.
  4. CyberFaction

    Profile background image

  5. Lately I looked at some peoples profiles background image and I was wandering how to get a background image on your profile?
  6. I was just wandering what are warning points and how do they work? I may sound like a bit if an idiot asking this but I just want to know how the system works.
  7. CyberFaction

    Finally Deadpool Done Right in a Movie

    I've never seen deadpool or read his comics I was just looking at he imdb and yikes! From the trailer it looks ok but the imdb ratings yikes! And what is it with you and deadpool?
  8. CyberFaction

    Online Pro Rules

    That's good to know once I built a superweapon in a match that said pro rules and they complained so I had to cancel it. Tell me please is there any way to get around that or any solution to the problem? To be honest the first time I saw pro rules match I avoided that because I thought they were going to beat me but any match I played I ended up losing or leaving because I had to go. I use GenTool by the way. I thought I was good at C&C but I haven't played in a WHILE but I've started playing and now I just seem crap but I think i'm getting better and i've been playing C&C since I was 4 and now i'm 13. I used to play it on easy at that age then I started to increase the difficulty. Sorry for the long message.
  9. So he tried to make money off an unreleased title or didn't and got warning points? What game was it?
  10. Well it seems you two have a past. To be honest I wander what happened but if you guys don't want to talk about it I can understand. And to be honest I didn't think this post would get much replies but I like seeing replies on topics I post.
  11. From the looks of they job descriptions I don't think BioWare will be making a C&C game plus BioWare are making another Mass Effect game. But hopefully they will be making a C&C game too.
  12. Hi Even though I have been on this forum for less than a month (a month in 3 days). I thought I might introduce myself here and now. I'm CyberFaction but you also might see me as mub_gamer (mub being the first three letters in my name). However you might see someone else on the web named CyberFaction and/or mub_gamer. I'll find some why to let you know if it's me. I hope i'm not too late to introduce me. Sorry about that
  13. CyberFaction

    Online Pro Rules

    In the game I asked people who I was playing with and they said pro rules are no superweapons is this true or are these just the......
  14. C&C 3 GDI campaign on Act 3

    1. Plokite_Wolf


      Now you're getting to the tricky part.

    2. CyberFaction


      I know it's kind of hard.

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      "About time!"



  15. I'm 13 and thanks for the advice. I've been playing C&C games ever since I was 4. And you'll probably want to know why I wanted to this because I wanted to play generals 2 for myself and I could use the internet to help me.
  16. Damn it EA. Please let it be a new C&C game. And I just hope it isn't a moblie game.
  17. Why EA? Why did you do this? And what happened to the scrin? I thought they were supposed to comeback.
  18. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    I think EA are missing out on an opportunity instead of making the next C&C f2p make it a paid game. There are probably many C&C fans who would buy a new C&C game. It's a win win (if the game we get is good).
  19. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    Well we might see a new C&C game this year(I'm hoping) it could be generals 2 which I think they should bring back fix what was wrong with the alpha version and finish it. Or EA could make an completely new C&C storyline all together. Anyway I read an article on CNCNZ.com I think it was Sonic. It said that EA may comeback to C&C after 3 years from 2013. But this is just a rumour. Here's the link:http://www.cncnz.com/features/articles-editorials/the-state-of-the-command-conquer-franchise-where-to-from-here/
  20. CyberFaction

    2016 is Here - Happy New Year!

    I hope so perhaps command and conquer will return this year hopefully we get some information soon. Hopefully it will be announced at E3 2016 or gamescom. And yes I just saw this today.
  21. Thanks for uploading the files and I already saw this post and sent you 2 replies.
  22. CyberFaction

    C&C Generals 2 lost assets released

    Thanks for releasing some of the files.
  23. CyberFaction

    C&C Generals 2 lost assets released

    I downloaded the file and read the readme.txt does this mean that if I create a some sort of standalone game for generals using these assets I can't release the standalone game publicly and can I use unity 3d for this? You Legend
  24. Command & Conquer will return