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  1. For some reason when I click on to this site the first time after I open my browser I keep getting to a page from filestore321.com saying that file id or resource is missing something like that. This is bothering me and I don't know if it's just my computer or is it something to do with the website. Please help.
  2. Cool well this is probably the closest I will get to getting the assets of the game. Unfortunately the plan may not happen. Well I thank you anyway for considering to upload the files and for being responsive.
  3. Well we all make mistakes. Well I guess that answers my question. Just two more questions. Would it be allowed via pm and if I obtained a copy of the game can I modify it for non-commercial reasons and just for the community? I wander if I will be able to do this by the time EA announces when they're bring back command and conquer.
  4. Do you or anyone else have another link containing full game files including the main executable if not then I guess the assets will be OK. So far I haven't been please with the internet anything I find that is close is a torrent or either a fake SCAM!!. Totally not what i'm looking for. I'm thinking of executing this plan in my spare time. There is one question that bothers me will EA allow me to do this for non-commercial purposes ? So EA don't give a care if the community distribute the game files correct?
  5. Thank You for replying and giving the link to the mod I may consider looking into it and consider trying the mod. By the way are there any standalone mods for c&c generals that are like generals 2 or any other standalone mods? Thanks