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  1. Expect the C&C climate/ community to change very soon, there's a storm brewing.


    Just wait, and see, I gareintee there is something on th forseable horizon for C&C.


    That's all I can say...

    So is this from you....or from someone else.

  2. If I had listened to you then, ~6-7 years ago, (and just stopped) I would not be on the path I am now, interviewing for AAA production roles.

    What's this now?



    Before we know what we want to do, we need to assess our personnel and resources.


    Democracy only works when people are relatively equal, and despite my general agreement that people are equal in human worth, that is not the case when it comes to competence.


    We need to determine everyone's qualifications, availability, time zone, and connections.


    seniority goes to whom ever is more qualified in the respective field(s).


    Think all C&C community staff & C&C modders get an extra bump in seniority, as well as anyone who actually has skills and experience in organization and product development.


    All talk, but when it came time for action, 99% of the people flaked, and left her holding the rains, after "democratically" voting me out, due to a minor- medium PR issue.

    So are you actually going to get this together now or is this hypothetical? And try to do something before?


    We can't afford another waffling, like what happened when Nod soldier Girl (NSG) and I tried to get Community Battlecast prime time going for the 1st time.


  3. A Russian Developer is creating a project called Global War Generals. This is in fact a project early in development. It is meant to be a C&C: Generals and or 2 like game. I had seen this before and it has been recently put up on Steam Greenlight. There are videos but ones with speech are in Russian. There isn't any gameplay videos meaning it's in it's very early stage. It is being created in the Unreal Engine. However this could still be a concept or a full release which according to the Steam Greenlight page says "Free-To-Play".


    Have a look for yourself:


  4. @Cyberfaction,

    Well, maybe...

    Honestly, I'm not sure, but seems worth exploring...

    Congratulations! You've been volintold to go figure it out.

    Wait..what! maybe when I have the time Im not a mod dev and i hve study to do.


    if anyone knows the answer feel free to tell.

  5. I'm essentially saying to do it through modding, we got the talent, we got the passion, we got the time. It just requires us to all pull together into a singular project, ya, something like Renegade X...but an RTS.

    Would it be possible to make it standalone or something like it needs the game to work but runs on its own client? Like the adventurecraft mod for minecraft. Like say it needs C&C3 but you download the client from the web and install it and uses the game files or it changes the normal client with its own ui and stuff when you launch the game from the mods launcher and when you use the regular launcher it's completely normal. You know if you can't do it standalone.


    The Next C&C: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the C&C hardcore community. Our continuing mission: to create strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new horizons, to boldly go where no fan base has dared go before. The Future.

    Perfect man just....Perfect :)

  6. To bravely go where few C&C fans have dared to go, The Future.

    What future? Do you mean modding and community maps? Because that's what is happening now. Unless you mean make some sort of standalone title like Renegade X.

    And man you could have made that sound like Star Trek.


    To leave nostalgia at the door?

    Been there done that. Tired of waiting. Moved on to other games. Barely play the game.


    The sooner yall realize EA will likely not do the franchise justice, the sooner we the community can get to work.

    We the community can get to work on what? Something like what totem arts did?



    And all of EA's strength in efficiency with market trends and # crunching will be powerless to stop us.

    What do you mean? EA's a big company.

  7. I never thought they would censor a C&C game. From the description you're giving it doesn't even sound like generals at all it sounds completely different but from the images it doesn't seem to much of a difference but it kind of ruins the original effect of the sort of modern setting and puts it into the future. Just why? It just ruins the setting and it's like a different game. It kind of reminds of what activision did with CODOL the Chinese call of duty with the cyborg zombies and the gamemode where you play as some scorpion robot thing or some other robot thing.

  8. I don't care about halo wars 2 I have never played a halo game and prefer ps4 over xbox 1 and even if I did get it for pc it wouldn't even run on my pc. I also prefer C&C. But it doesn't look bad and it does look like it is made for a console which is of course good for console players.



    "Pray" for Halo Wars 2 ...

    Does that mean if this game becomes successful would EA make something to compete(unlikely a C&C although however there might be some people who would just buy the game because of its title)? Maybe, maybe not but wouldn't they be focusing on their other titles that make them successful such as battlefield 1, titanfall 2, fifa 17 etc.? And would they even bother with this they might just play it safe and keep making money on their current popular franchises? But maybe there is a chance.

  9. Go make a petition to bring back Westwood like many before you, it may work this time :rolleyes:


    I highly doubt that will work as I have seen many of them being closed before they reach their goal.


    I guess it’s a really long investigation.


    Yeah right. What could they possibly be investigating?


    One unconfirmed story that crossed my path in November 2013 ..... a very high corporate source within EA stated that Command & Conquer would be “shelved” for about 3 years while its future is determined


    Where did you hear that? And this might be unlikely because they would be focusing on their other titles but if this is true we might hear something sooner or later.

  10. The idea of having the game on their servers was most probably a bad bad bad idea. Offline games wouldn't be possible like if your internet connection is down or something. There could be server problems. And I hate DRM games with no offline play and local support(except for some games) which they weren't going to do with the f2p which was disappointing. And btw who is stupid enough to put private pics on a public server which can be hacked they can never be too secure.


    Oh yeah Plotkite Congrats on 5000th post!!!

  11. I know I have been dragging this on a bit but I just wanted to discuss this. If EA had released the f2p the game would've had support from the developers with new content coming out every month. I mean like how many games are supported by developers that release new content for free. Like they could have fixed what was wrong with the game asap even though that was one of the things that got the game killed and something else about politics or something. Although now that I think about it maybe they went back to the drawing board with it and gave it to a new studio. And what happens to the games future will the community take it in to their own hands or will EA find out what to do with? What do you guys think?