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  1. Am I looking for Core, Kane or SP?
  2. jeffnz

    C&C reboot?

    I checked Steam for small titles the other day. I just need more money and a proper internet connection lol. Thanks to engines like Cocos and Unity it's easy and fast for a small team to make a game.
  3. I've tried runver, but they killed off the files for the old versions. As for final NOD, I've tried different strategies and it doesn't work - GDI drops off reinforcements to the phase generators. I've tried protecting the phase generators and holding the west side of the map, and I've tried attacking the GDI bases. It never worked (I tried many times). The first scrin mission is impossible with the forced patches. I did clever tricks like hiding buzzer hives behind civilian structures, and I moved my forces (and fire bases) up to Parliament and the north tib field, and eventually I was overrun. I also tried bombing their base with 8 fighters and that didn't work either, plus it cost heaps of money.
  4. I'm just taking the piss/making a joke about this dumb term "in the cloud". Everybody raves about how great it is. All it means is "on a server". But celebrities love it! They upload all their private nude pics to "the cloud" because it's trendy. Then they cry when the server is compromised. The less server dependency a game has, the more likely I am to buy it. I thought Steam was a good idea until I found that they force the latest game patches onto users (CnC 3 single player ruined).
  5. Some folks here must have heard about Spring RTS. I tried that recently and I couldn't figure out how to play the Zero-K tutorial. It's such a shame because Spring RTS is the exact type of engine that the CnC community would approve. Prepare for overblown trailer and epileptic spasm: Spring RTS trailer by user sereiya. I'd try modding Spring engine but most likely it's a nightmare to build such a large project. I prefer to start from scratch and instead make a 2d engine.
  6. Pastebin has a "forever" option, I just don't need it. If there are any programmer here, get in and chat guys Back when I was a 12 year old, I remember being on a Tiberian Sun forum and nyerguds was there. This was before I learned what bb code and forum etiquette was. Nyerguds, where is Tiberian Sun 5? I thought you were a genius
  7. I dislike the idea of f2p. If anything, they would releases patches that would break the game for those who don't buy the latest DLC. Just look at what EA did to CnC3. I spent 10 years on Linux and came back to Windows last month. I bought CnC3 and wondered why I couldn't pass the first scrin mission on easy, or the final NOD mission on normal. EA released a patch that broke the campaign and made the ai cheat too much. This is the sort of thing they'd do with f2p - break everything, unless you want to become part of the trend, or part of the multiplayer. It seems EA, among other companies, want to take gaming to the "cloud", where gaming will be out-of-reach and taken hostage from us for eternity. I'd rather buy strategy games on Steam and hope for the best.
  8. jeffnz

    C&C reboot?

    The programming course is normally one year, but the New Zealand government has ruled that programming diplomas be 2 years long. Anybody enrolling in 2017 is in for 2 years. I don't want to do a degree because I wouldn't make it. Besides, I'd have to do essays and I don't want to touch the business side of things - imagine the crap I'd have to put up with. I just want to code. If I need maths knowledge, then I'll specifically take maths courses at a university and pay for a tutor. I want to get my head around programming before I get into calculus and all that tricky stuff. You're right though - if a person really wants to get into game development they need the maths too (from a degree).
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    C&C reboot?

    Back to the original topic, there won't be a reboot. I recommend that folks check out Tropico 5, it feels tacky in ways but Tropico shows us what can be achieved by a small studio. I'm going to study a software engineering diploma next year (2 years of study) and I'll make my own strategy games with C# or Java, and maybe C++. Even if I never make it in the games industry I can at least help develop things in my spare time. Battle For Wesnoth is a good example of a turn-based strategy game that "made it". They started small and got to the point of having scenario editors and multiplayer. Pretty advanced for a non-commercial project.