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  1. I don't like the thread pop-up preview, it gets in the way of things and won't disappear quick enough.
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    The happiest country in the world is.....

    I'd like to hear if there are many software developers in Hamilton. I think that if I'm serious about finding work (once the course is over) that there's only 4 cities to be in, but that isn't entirely true. This week I heard about a seed company in Ashburton that was looking for a programmer - possibly a one-off I suspect! Wikipedia cites a 2016 survey which says that Hamilton + the nearby region has a population of 161,200. It sounds better than Timaru's population. Fancy finding a job there, it must be hell!
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    The happiest country in the world is.....

    You're in Christchurch? I'm in Christchurch. Come down to Pom's Pub and get on the piss with me lol. Auckland is awful and Christchurch will be like Auckland very, very soon. The council and government need to pay for a rail network asap to link Selwyn and Rangiora with Christchurch City. Driving out to Rolleston sucks, you never reach 100kmph on the motorway and the motorway is all cracked and the seal is done for.
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    C&C reboot?

    Yeah, read his profile *heh heh heh!* -> Did you not watch that Simpsons episode where Judge Judy says to Bart: "ah you're just like me when I was a little boy" The sarcastic and humourless rubbish that people post on this forum keeps me here. Plus Plokite_Wolf downvoting my posts because he has no sense of humour! I'll agree with Zee Hypnotist on the cease-and-desist problem but everything else Zee Hypnotist said is dull in my view. I sometimes see GeneralJist's posts on Game Dev so at least he has a portfolio and at least he's more-or-less in the business. What do you expect from someone who makes mods? There's no guarantee if (or when) something will be released. People work for free, give them a break. GeneralJist is the same age as me. I think we should give him at least another 10 years to come up with something. In real life I'm usually rude, obnoxious and abrupt as often as possible --I can't stand people who're superficially polite-- or people who talk slowly, so I can't really talk ... but ... Zee Hypnotist and Lauren are being big bad meanies in this thread GeneralJist, perhaps you should enrol in a game development college and become a genius who makes The Next Big Thing, instead of working on mods and then coming here and being criticised because supposedly you haven't worked hard enough
  5. Via Slashdot: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3180571/windows/windows-vista-has-just-30-days-to-live.html Through Microsoft Virtual Academy I learned that Xbox One shares a common kernel with Windows 8, so really the only Windows you should be running is 8 or 10: everything else uses an older kernel and is likely to be killed off. Also interesting to note that Firefox does not support Vista. Do you still have an old PC running Vista?
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    The happiest country in the world is.....

    A European nation wins - I can easily believe that As for New Zealand, well, the news is always pretty depressing: the government admits that uncontrolled immigration has put pressure on infrastructure, so traffic is pretty bad where I live. Everyone seems to be complaining about the cost of housing and stuff like that, because wages and student loans/allowances never keep up with inflation. Younger folks sometimes have no choice but to live in squalor or live with their parents. I'm sure New Zealand has seen happier times.
  7. Regarding purplederp's philosophy: I used to think I could run old hardware forever, so long as I had Linux installed; not true though. Linux has become bloated with time and I'm not just talking about System-D becoming the new init system. Everything in Linux is slower and worse than it was 10 years ago but it's still much faster than Windows. PC technology has improved a lot since 2009 ... I didn't notice until I bought a PC in 2015. I didn't realise at the time that 8GB of RAM was normal - 2 sticks of 4GB each. 500GB hard drives are now the minimum it seems (mechanical). I also thought you judged a CPU partly by its front-side-bus speed, rather that the advertised clock-speed - when really all you need to know is Intel i5 versus cheaper, worse AMD chips. I also thought that I'd use a white (DVI?) connector for my monitor, but the monitor they gave me had only an HDMI cable. You can upgrade systems of course but it isn't an eternal solution. I could put a solid state drive in my current PC and perhaps I could get a newer AMD A-10 which would improve CPU speed and the integrated graphics capability. At best I might give myself an extra 2-3 years with those upgrades. I used to enjoy running Linux on nasty old PCs but now I prefer to run Linux on things that are 2-3 years old which are still formidable. There's no point in making a Linux experience more annoying than it has to be. Next year I'm thinking about either Debian or OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, as a development system.
  8. The reuse of maps hasn't bothered me yet. The detail in the maps is really good. I just started the Guardians campaign and the swamp graphics look nice, there's water flowing through the terrain but you can build on it, not in the rivers though. In one of the swamp maps you see stupid scenes like a crocodile with a penguin in its mouth. The props are great. In the Hordes campaign there are sets of eyes glowing in the dark, and spiders everywhere. The spiders are just props though, like the crocodiles. In Hordes you also find 8-sided die (dice) on some maps - a reference to old RPG games back when they were played with cards? I opened up multiverse and it didn't make any sense to me, just more stuff I can't be bothered with. I agree with your spoiler comment re music, I've disabled it for now.
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    Cities: Skylines

    Sounds cool. Simulation games ftw.
  10. That sounds like the words of an educated person Are you a doctor of physics or a doctor of medicine?
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    Petroglyph's Strikers

    Frank does whatever earns him money. What do you think he should do ... make music for an FPS title?
  12. A person can get a degree and write thousands of pages and still be wrong. If you've ever worked for a large company and tried explaining a practical matter to the corporate bosses, you'll know what I mean.
  13. I read this the other day and didn't have anything to say, then I had some thoughts. Nyerguds posted this video a while ago which shows Joe Kucan talking about Red Alert 1 scenes and how Westwood didn't want to have "shrinking violet" characters who needed to be saved. If an academic nerd with a PHD was to analyse characters in Tiberian Sun, they would conclude that Oxanna Kristos was "oppressed" because she is only lieutenant, while Slavic (a male) is commander. From my perspective Oxanna and Slavic were equal because in The Brotherhood of NOD people aren't valued by rank alone, but by loyalty. This is why I can't help but puke when a CEO/director at EA Games comes out to tell us that they want more "diversity" in games. My response will always be: "but didn't we have good female characters before the Social Justice Warriors tried to take over society?" Westwood did a good job of its female characters, without needing to brag about it in media interviews or press statements. There was no attention seeking or "virtue signalling" by Westwood. They didn't need a pat on the back they just knew that the characters in the games would have to be good. The most massive and disgusting companies on Earth are happy to preach their "equality" talks as if it was a new thing ... but having decent female characters in games or theatre isn't new. Tosca has a good female character who is abducted and manipulated by an evil baron (Scarpia) who Floria Tosca then kills (in Act II) ......... note that Tosca is at least 100 years old. It's interesting to note that in Tiberian Sun, the NOD campaign (if I remember right) is called "Act II" which suggests Joe Kucan or another staff member is a fan of opera and theatre. I recommend that you guys watch Tosca because it's really good, at least in my opinion you'll either love it or you'll hate it! Look up "Tosca 2001" on any search engine and you'll find references to Benoit Jacquot's 2001 DVD of Tosca. Umagon is totally based on Floria Tosca here is a video of her in his Pyramid, preventing the launch of his Tiberium missile.
  14. Something I dislike in 8 Bit Hordes: as far as I can tell there isn't a "retreat harvesters" option. This means that the ai attacks my harvesters all the time and my harvesters end up on 10% health and suddenly I have no harvesters. Remember Age Of Mythologies? They had a button that would retreat and automatically garrison all your villagers!

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    Petroglyph's Strikers

    I'm trying to imagine what's happening inside Petroglyph offices: "hey guys Rocket League sold really well so let's make a game that merges Rocket League with 8 Bit Hordes"
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    Petroglyph's Strikers

    Good question I hope they will invest in a full project, sometime in the future. Right now it's obvious that they're going for the easy money. I've talked to a local game developer about this stuff ... although Steam takes a huge amount of your profit, it's generally considered to be good sense to sell via Steam, because without Steam you wouldn't have marketing and access to users. That means doing stupid little projects on a small budget instead of creating a loyal fan base and a long-running series (6+ years minimum). Oh well let's see where the industry goes. Gaming is a novel thing for me these days. I barely get excited over anything any more.
  17. I didn't follow this when it was released so I'm going on what Sonic says here ... It isn't often you hear of a game that has weedy sound effects. The last time I heard someone complain about sound effects in a game, was Brute Force on the first Xbox.
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    Petroglyph's Strikers

    Okay that's enough, we need a new studio.
  19. That's an interesting question. At the moment I have Linux on a netbook and nothing else. My netbook is like a glorified MP3 player and photo browser. It's useful for backing things up and the LXDE desktop environment is fast and responsive. This year I have little intention of moving back to Linux because my current hardware is quite good on Windows: Desktop: AMD A-10, 8GB RAM, mechanical hard drive (using a Windows 10 'retail' license that I bought from Microsoft store for $200 NZD) Laptop: AMD A-4, 8GB RAM, SSD hard drive My opinion on Windows 10 versus Linux: The advertising in the start screen hasn't annoyed me that much and I haven't seen the File Explorer ads which advertise One Drive. If Windows annoys a person, I'm sure he/she will find just as many annoying things in Linux! Moving from Windows to Linux simply because you're annoyed isn't a good reason in my opinion, even though it was my reason when I was 15 (and again when I was 19). Of course if you have multiple PCs then it's a good idea to try Linux - a user may discover that Linux can do 90% of what they want. It's annoying having to reinstall/upgrade though, I warn anyone who has never ventured into Linux before, that Ubuntu has a new version every 6 months, while OpenSUSE and Fedora have a new version every 12-18 months. If you use Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) it gets updates for 5 years but you'll be stuck with older software in the repositories. OpenSUSE has a variation called Tumbleweed which is a "rolling release" meaning it gets new packages as they're available, there's no "new version" of Tumbleweed (it's the same idea as Windows 10) Linux is slowly getting more and more bloated. Ubuntu "Breezy Badger" (from 2005/2006) ran really well on my old Dell PC with integrated graphics and a Intel Celeron. If you tried putting a modern Linux distro on old hardware then you might be disappointed ("old" being 2007 - 2011, just an estimate). If you want the 'K' desktop environment then it's very nice but it doesn't run well on my AMD A-10 ... KDE can take 2-3 minutes to load. Fedora Workstation is where folks should begin, it has all the tools you need and it runs well on most hardware. If you want a quicker system then XFCE and LXDE are pretty good, but some of the utilities and programs typically included are quite trashy and not as good as their GNOME or KDE equivalent. Linux is slowly killing support for old things too: did you hear that 32 bit Linux kernels may not exist for much longer? It's a nuisance for the developers to specifically compile an extra kernel. It has to be packaged and tested and distributed too. I'll probably put Linux back on one of my PCs, once my course is over, I have thought about using Debian because it's a good developer's system.
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    Goodbye Firefox, Hello Chrome

    I read that it was based on Chromium and I went "huh". I had never heard that before so it must be a new thing
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    Goodbye Firefox, Hello Chrome

    Opera is one that I don't hear about often, I'm using it now on both of my Windows 10 computers. After about a week I've had no issue with Opera and they have an ad-blocker built in which blocks everything by default (once you tick the box to enable it). That's better than the Chrome extension that I tried using a few weeks ago, where it allowed ads by default, so every page I went to I'd block ads and have to reload, then probably never visit the website again Opera is worth trying. I think Mozilla and Google assume their users to be stupid. Both companies rush to implement Javascript and HTML5 features that no-one needs, which slows things down. Opera is good I recommend it. Edge seems to have fixed some bugs lately, and introduced new ones. Edge mysteriously stopped working on my laptop a few days ago - it won't load ANY pages. Internet Explorer works fine on that same computer, and IE is good if you're loading Outlook in your browser. Edge still works on my desktop PC. Windows 10 is so weird, I get a bug in the start screen where some of my applications don't load their icon, just a blank blue square. I looked up the problem and some people report having it as far back as 2015 so yeeeeah it isn't fixed yet. I started to use Opera after I suspected a bug in Chrome and Firefox: I was trying to enter my initials from my credit card, into the bus website to top up my bus card and it wouldn't accept any characters. So I installed Opera. It turns out I was trying to enter characters in the card number field but I was too stupid to see the obvious, despite doing it correctly every other day ......... it was worth discovering Opera though.
  22. When I got 8 Bit Armies on GOG I got all the content including the soundtrack in FLAC format (which I will archive forever, <3 u Frank ) - So although I have Armies, Hordes and Invaders, I only downloaded Armies and Hordes to begin. Invaders is sci-fi so I thought why bother, but Hordes I downloaded and I'm glad I did because it's completely eccentric. The unit voices in Hordes is even more absurd than in Armies and I'll just leave it at that LOL. Armies surprised me with 2 female voices for units, the transport helicopter (chinook) has a voice that reminds me of Para-Medic from Metal Gear 3. And the rocket helicopter voice is what I'd call posh, it would be strange if you were to bump into the helicopter lady IRL, it's a one of a kind voice, it should have been in Team 17's Worms hahaha. Most of the voices in Armies are typical of military games that's why the transport chopper stands out - the voice is a parody in what is already a cute and laughably absurd game. I hope Petroglyph can make a proper RTS in 3-5 years time and kick EA's butt. In the meanwhile I'm finding that 8 Bit Armies and Hordes is quite difficult. The mission that I disliked the most so far was called Rotorhead. On some maps you have to attack 5 enemy bases, but the level design is very good: sometimes there is a weak point where you can attack with helicopters and wreck an enemy base by out-ranging the turrets - this is never a tactic to rely on, however. There's a mission where the enemy has 6 nuke silos, where 5 of them you can attack right away (depending on your load-out) and then there's a single nuke at another base, where I think you sneak in with the choppers - the trouble is, you'll never remember all the bloody maps so it's guess work every time! Level design is great but 8 Bit Hordes is very, very hard for me at the moment. It takes many, many waves to finally break the enemy base. I think the idea I can't grasp yet is that you need to attack with one massive force, and before the big attack you need only defend your perimeter to protect harvesters. In CnC3 I managed to beat the campaign over-and-over by harassing the enemy at every opportunity, whether my attack was "the final assault" or not, I never knew. If none of you played any of 8 Bit, then Hordes is kinda weird because your "harvester" is a minecart with a guy in it, and instead of harvesting oil, you harvest from a gold mine - also you have the "crush" thing with your "vehicles" where "vehicles" means cavalry or giant monsters. The ai is really ****ing annoying and they know when to back off and hide behind an arrow tower.
  23. Eventually they'll invest in a larger project but it'll be a few years away yet. Update: I haven't yet reached the half way point for the main 8 Bit Armies campaign ('Renegades') but I'm making good progress. I've also played the first few missions for Deathsworn and Lightbringers. Petroglyph went crazy with the particle effects in these games, when a building is destroyed it falls into chunks/blocks and it looks really cool. The Renegades campaign is slightly annoying because I'm still unlocking things. I forgot the name but there was a mission that took a long time* to beat and it took dozens of waves to finally overcome the enemy . It was a snow mission and I must have played it all wrong anyway, I should have expanded my base toward the middle where the resources were. Once I unlocked the rocket-firing helicopters and transports it was easy to go back and beat certain missions/bonus objectives on hard. You can fit 4-5 tanks into a transport helicopter. The unit voices, music and funny map props make the game more interesting. Many mission maps are like arena maps but some are more like mazes, and they have ridiculous props like penguins keeping warm in front of a fire, or skeletons in desert maps. Grassy maps have waterfalls and also mine carts and their tracks. Seeing the mine carts makes me think they are paying a homage to Minecraft, you guys probably think it's all lame but I appreciate the little details from the graphics team. * I was reminded of a Dune II mission several years ago when my base was wrecked, and all I had was 2-3 palaces that produce Fremen, that mission took a few hours
  24. I like the direction that Petroglyph has taken.
  25. I've reached the point where I buy games partly because of what studio makes the game. In the past I'd buy whatever seemed cool, or whatever seemed popular - now I'm buying based on what studio, and I don't care too much about what the intellectual property is. Petroglyph knows that buying intellectual property is stupid, and trying to make IP "successful" isn't something that's done consciously, it just happens, people like it or they don't (up to fan reactions). 8 Bit Armies has been pretty cool so far, I've owned it for < 24 hours. I'm re-playing missions in the Renegades campaign, because I want to achieve the silver objectives and unlock stuff for the load-out. That's a feature that would have suited Tiberian Sun - nothing's more dull than having to train some soldiers and build a few basic structures at the start of a game. Unit spam is very important in 8 Bit, it's so easy to queue 30 tanks and send them into the enemy base. Resources are gathered very quickly, things build quickly, so it's mostly a case of doing stuff - don't stay still. In CnC3 some buildings are very expensive and sometimes I found myself short of credit. In 8 Bit there is no such thing as being careful with your credits.