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    Video of the day

    A message from Norway to Donald Trump - "America first ... but can we also say ... Norway second?" Also - celebrating Australia day is racist! You wouldn't celebrate the September 9/11 attack, therefore you should not celebrate Australia day! Australia day is MURDER!
  2. jeffnz

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    Did someone say conspiracy We know that Valve has the means and opportunity, but possibly not the motive to make HL3 - indeed, "they" do not want us to enjoy a long single-player game with an elaborate storyline!
  3. jeffnz

    Windows 10 Game Mode

    What's the point in saying that if you're not going to explain it in your post? What else does 32 mean?
  4. I've managed to compile 0ad from source on Linux but my laptop sucks so I'll probably end up compiling again, but on a Windows PC (when I get around to it!)

  5. jeffnz

    C&C reboot?

    Fast is good but I hope they can make larger maps too. Tiberian Sun's large maps could contain very zig-zaggy paths and often dead ends. In Generals and CnC3 the maps feature many open areas; when hills and civilian structures are added, it's suddenly cramped and finding a location to place a structure is slightly obnoxious. When playing CnC3 last year I often found myself spinning around structures trying to get them to fit into the surroundings.
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    C&C reboot?

    I suppose things like Tropico 3, 4, 5 and Sim City you'd call "simulation" but it's still strategy in my book. It's just more focused on buildings than units. In Tropico you command squads to explore the fog and when the enemy attacks you, you choose what the priority is when your soldiers and tanks respond. It's a bit crappy I admit but hopefully in the next game the player will have more control when deploying forces.
  7. jeffnz

    C&C reboot?

    My 2 cents: study computer science, work for a studio that makes strategy games, and be waiting in position for the next CnC I've lowered my expectations. I play RTS but not necessarily the base building then attacking type of RTS. If we want another CnC type game, then we're going to be waiting for years. That's just too bad huh. Speculation is the only fun we'll have in the meanwhile. I only mean my first comment 1/4 seriously, forums like this do make me think about what my programming objectives are and also what games I'd like to support.
  8. jeffnz

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    Supposedly there's going to be a new Wolfenstein, according to a 1-2 year rumour from a Polish voice-actress who worked on The New Order, I'll bet there's a higher chance of that over Half Life 3. If Valve makes a single player game then cool, who knows whether it'll be strongly connected to Half Life or not. Presumably if it's single player it'll need a kick ass story so 50/50 odds then?
  9. jeffnz

    Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology

    *bumpity-bump* I've got 0 A.D. running in Windows but in Linux it crashes upon launch. I posted on their forum so hopefully they can point me in the right direction https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/145-help-amp-feedback/ I'm also going to try Battle For Wesnoth again, which is turn-based strategy (don't diss haha). Unfortunately Wesnoth's campaign is unbalanced, much like CnC 3 after the multiplayer patches. I'm going to see if I can make the difficulty settings in Wesnoth more reasonable for the player.
  10. The idea of China invading the United States is ... ahahahaha. I wish story writers could avoid fantasies like that and use the style of Metal Gear 3 and 007 Tomorrow Never Dies: what if we wrongfully attacked another country, as a response to a horrific attack on us which in truth was actually the result of a corrupt element within a foreign government designed to provoke us
  11. jeffnz

    This mystery remains unsolved

    When I was working a temp job last year, one of the administration staff was telling people that actually the plane had a secret drone prototype on-board, plus Chinese scientists, that's why the US had to shoot it down ... I quickly changed the topic to MH-17 and proceeded to rip everyone a new anus. Only joking lol the Russian government was most likely involved but you never know these days, given all the lies that originate from "friendly" nations. I'd go with the suicide theory for MH 370. The pilot was probably spazzing from prozac withdrawl and may have accidentally thought he was God! It's pretty stupid that they allow pilots to turn off all systems, including location systems. I thought the whole point of software and hardware was to limit the users freedom and give control (and tracking information) to the manufacturer or government agencies.
  12. No I wasn't aiming it at anyone. Eugenics has certainly returned, in a way, especially through crime statistics (social theory stuff). It's still a case of the state thinking that it knows better than the plebs. Eugenics was always disgusting, but I guess it didn't affect the majority of people so it was seen as good.
  13. Of course not, they need to cover up BUT NOT TOO MUCH because that'd be Islam lol -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although I'm passionate about history and different perspectives, I'd rather be reading a library book than breaking my wrists typing in this thread. I hope other forum members feel the same way. In 2009 I read a book titled Better for All the World: The Secret History of Forced Sterilization and America's Quest for Racial Purity by Harry Bruinius. Every time someone tells me that the Nazis were evil because of eugenics, I will refer them to this book But politics aside, it is worth reading. The stuff that happened in America from 1900 throughout the 1930s was insanity, it actually went on for longer than that (to a limited extent) which shows that nobody learned anything from Nazi atrocities and authoritarianism. Whoops politics again. Anyway, I don't think that folks should debate which is worse - forced euthanasia; or simply killing a person's genetic line by forced sterilisation, surely both are highly unacceptable? 100 years ago it was completely normal to conclude that someone was "feeble minded" or "a low-grade moron" based on a quick question survey. Afterwards they would sterilise the woman in question. It was akin to a religious crusade. A scientific war to eliminate bad genes (even though genetics hadn't been discovered!) Thought: if Hitler was bad because he occupied dozens of nations in Europe, then why is America good (according to CNN) for occupying most of/all of the nations of the Middle East? War = Progress. Our superior ideology must be spread
  14. http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Project_Camacho I'd never heard of that game. 2 cancelled titles. That's what you get when everything is about shareholders and office politics sounds like a cool idea though. I played Renegade about 10 years ago so I don't know it, but it sounds like an acceptable concept for a game.
  15. On Wikipedia there is a listing for a foreign minister, Baron Konstantin von Neurath, the entry says: "Minister of Foreign Affairs 1932–38, succeeded by Ribbentrop. Later, Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 1939–43. On furlough since 1941, he resigned in 1943 because of a dispute with Hitler. Released (ill health) 6 November 1954 after suffering a heart attack. Died 14 August 1956" And the entry for Albert Speer says 20 years in prison for slave labour (it says slaves were used for the production of armaments). How does someone who uses slave labour and manufacture weapons get only 20 years while Heß spends 40 years in prison? The other two I mention may have expressed repentance, unlike Heß, but what did Heß have to repent for? Although he made the party what it was, he could not have predicted what would happen in the future. Heß essentially left the Nazi Party in 1941 when he flew to England. It doesn't matter how famous he was, the fact that other Nazi Party members got off lightly for wartime activity (e.g. slave labour) is unusual ... and somehow Heß is infinitely more evil because he got crowds excited? It makes no sense to me, and neither did his prison condition: he was not allowed to read books about World War II or discuss World War II with his family. I bet they kept him locked up because he had a dirty secret. Perhaps Heß was used to pass a fake message, that England would not attack Germany, should Germany invade Russia. Perhaps Churchill double-crossed Hitler? That would be sleazy enough to keep secret for hundreds of years. Personally I view Heß as a hero. He wanted to give Hitler "a free hand" against Russia so that Hitler could smash the bolsheviks and transform Germany into the greatest civilisation in the world; Of course the attack against Russia was ruthless and disgusting, but Heß pursued diplomacy in war time and there aren't many politicians like that. As for the lie that Heß was insane, his flight was planned in advance (he had to train) and his decision was based upon his past positive experiences that he had with some notable British people. It was a risky plan but it made sense. Heß had powerful friends across the channel. Churchill should have been the one sentenced to life in prison, for destroying so many cities when Germany had done nothing against England. If it weren't for General Mad-Dawg Churchill, then World War 2 would have been a war between Germany and Russia. Please don't suggest to me that Hitler wanted to invade and bomb every nation on earth, that's ridiculous propaganda. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regarding suspected censorship that TaxOwlbear didn't detect: one video from the account was banned throughout Europe, the video (titled Adolf Hitler's warning) juxtapositioned Hitler's subtitled speeches with 21st century things. It was an that could be considered incitement. Look for the comment on that video which reads: "We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: Adolf Hitler's Warning has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s): Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy, Martinique". There is some censorship going on. I had a problem a moment ago while trying to access - it told me that the video wasn't available in New Zealand. It works now, which is odd. I just assume that was a glitch.
  16. Ha. If it weren't for Alex Jones then I probably wouldn't even read books. ps. keep the memes coming
  17. When I read this my feeling was disbelief at how stupid the report was, blaming a Russian TV station for influencing the election. There's no more evidence that RT influenced the election, than say, Al Jazeera or BBC. They also stuffed-up the report by getting dates wrong, using MM/DD/YYYY when the format used by Russia and many others goes like: DD/MM/YYYY (as a result their cited date for a certain interview was wrong). The report claims that TV shows Breaking The Set and The Truthseeker influenced the election, even though both programmes ended in 2015. The report uses a day and a month but doesn't mention the years that the programmes ran for. Perhaps there is evidence that the Podesta emails were stolen and routed outside America to another location. Though, to believe the official line one would require a great deal of faith-in-government ... and I'm out of supply. We have no proof of hacking other than "the government says so" because all the evidence is secret. Anyway, if you want to skim the report it's 25 pages and CNN has embedded a copy. If CNN's auto-playing videos make you punch your screen, you can also get the file on Scribd.
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    Now Playing - Games

    I'm borrowing a friend's PS3 to play Metal Gear 3 (Remastered "HD" edition). Lots of good dialogue in this game, better than what's in The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima is pretty damn clever.
  19. Although Heß slipped down the hierarchy because of Göring's promotion, he was still influential and he was Hitler's best pal from the early 1920s until his flight, then he was dropped completely. Also consider that Mein Kampf was dictated by Hitler but edited and published by Heß. In response to Stygs who says that Heß wouldn't argue with Hitler, I read a new book about the Reichstag Fire and it cites an shouting argument between the two which happened inside the Reichstag, presumably in early 1933. When they left the room together Hitler had his arm around Heß and said: "Heß, you really are quite stubborn" - or something to that effect. Heß was not the lackey he's made out to be, and the evidence for that is who he learned from: Karl Haushofer. If you look him up on Wikipedia, the photo of Haushofer features him with Heß. Heß was not Hitler's ideological lackey, Heß believed in a geopolitical view regarding how Europe should be administered (based strongly on Haushofer's views) so Heß' views were geopolitical not racial (though he always supported Hitler in public). As for the theory of Heß being lured to Scotland, I didn't note the sources in the back of the book when I had it leased. The idea was about letters being intercepted and forged but the more important part is that he found the lights on the air strip, flew over, then came back to land and but couldn't find the air strip again because the lights were turned off. We'll never know the full story, in part because many of the letters from royal figures at the time were not due to be released for many, many decades. When the 4 authors of the book tried to find certain evidence they found that letter archives had been moved to an archive where it is still not accessible, even today. Yes, my bad lol. War was already declared against Germany, in spite of many MPs' wishes. The war declaration was rammed down everyone's throats because Churchill decreed (like a true dictator) that anyone sympathising with the appeasement movement be arrested, jailed and gagged - regardless of who they were. Members of Parliament and Lords with lofty reputations were subjected to the law too, just like ordinary working class people. He certainly wasn't an asset for ending World War II. The safety of Europe's Jews was actually one of the ideas that Beaverbrook and Halifax had, as part of peace terms. The invasion Russia couldn't have been prevented but perhaps a retreated could have happened if Heß had not flew to England. A retreat would have reduced casualties. Hitler ordered that anyone asking for a retreat be shot. If they had retreated at this time, when it was apparent that casualties were high, they would have had 100,000 - 300,000 soldiers to evacuate. Given the depth of territory I don't know how many could have returned to Germany alive, eventually I'll read another book and learn about the logistics of retreating 1,000km, without modern aircraft or truck-and-trailer configurations. That speech was in May 1940, I was talking about Churchill's popularity in May 1941. It turns out that Churchill's war wasn't very popular. Of course, after the allies won the war, the history books said that Churchill was the reasonable one, and that Hitler was the mad man who wasn't willing to use diplomacy. I think the only reason Churchill won his battle with the peace movement, was because he had supreme dictator status to declare war and censor the opposition. England in 1939 allowed the Prime Minister to declare war without a vote, right? --------------------------------------------------------------- History is a debatable subject and we have all been brainwashed through TV documentaries and history. I spoke to my grandmother a few months ago, about the BREXIT from Dunkirk. It seems that most historians praised Churchill and the great "miracle" that happened (the evacuation of the allies' expeditionary force) when in truth Hitler allowed the retreat on purpose as a sign of goodwill. I recommend that everyone watch the Youtube video by the username "The Impartial Truth" ... but it's banned all over Europe. We can't let the plebs learn these inconvenient facts can we? If there was nothing suspicious about this topic then why was Heß jailed for life, and then assassinated? You can read first-hand sources about Heß' assassination. He was due to be released in 1987 because Gorbachev was open to the idea of letting Heß free, then two guys in US Army uniforms show up and are found over Heß' body, personnel who none of the guards recognised. We're told that Heß committed suicide, but his own son says that key facts about the suicide note were almost certainly a forgery based on Heß' writing from 10 or so years prior (the writing didn't reflect Heß' letters from the late 80s). There's almost no chance that Heß could have hanging himself from a cord that was tied 1.4 metres above the ground. He was in his 90s and he could hardly walk and he couldn't raise one of his arms above his chest. The idea that he'd kill himself just before his release is so stupid, no-one who's read about this topic is dumb enough to believe it. Look up what Wolf Rüdiger Hess said about his father's highly unlikely "suicide".
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    Pic of the Day

    RED ALERT 5: Alaska Under Fire (Trump edition) ... sorry if the width breaks the forum. If I scale it down it looks awful.
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    Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology

    Besides 0 A.D. there is also an engine called Spring RTS, games for this engine are referred to as Spring RTS games. Example: ^ This particular game based on Spring isn't pretty, but then again, people who create graphics for this probably aren't using Maya for their 3D stuff. Here's the trailer for Spring RTS which shows sky, terrain and water detail. It's really good for something that's made from scratch:
  22. I'd rather be illogical than hypocritical. The United States has interfered in dozens of other countries' elections and now the tables have turned and suddenly they decide they don't like getting a taste of their own medicine. Empires will rise and fall I guess
  23. Frank Klepacki got into games at the right time, it would be difficult to have a career that rivals his. I really like the Dune II melodies and the track "airstrike" which is featured in the Tiberian Dawn credits. Those tracks have a good musical quality, they're focused around scales and proper musical technique. Most tracks nowadays are made on a computer not that it's always a bad thing (the Wolfenstein title is quite bass-heavy but it serves the purpose of being an ominous title track) If a person learns to play guitar they're 1000x times more likely to prefer music that can actually be played live with a real instrument. Klepacki's guitar is an eye-sore, I'll stick to my strat-style Jackson. I had this conversation with a friend a few years ago and I didn't need to prompt my friend to dismiss Klepacki's guitar upon seeing it .............. I suppose a custom guitar is like a tattoo. Your tattoo might like awful to other people but if you like it yourself and if you can conceal it under your sleeve then that's all that matters
  24. One point that I don't see being made in the media, is that only 56% of Americans voted, so ... who's responsibility is it to make Americans trust their leaders? It's an American problem. If Russia did slightly influence the result then it's because the American government failed to represent its citizens for the past 16 years, Russia exploited the existing pessimism.
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    Trump has made history!

    Traymen, are you there?