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  1. I was using Bing Image Search and I came across a website called Tank Nut Dave. Before anyone asks ... Bing seems to work pretty well. I've been using it for months! If you're interested in military hardware then this website is brilliant. Here's something I learned: Although I'm more of a programmer guy, I'm also interested in engineering. Ever since I became a Miata fan I've been interested in the specifics of vehicles: not the exact specs, but rather, what a vehicle can do because of its design. Strengths/weaknesses. Here are links that I recommend reading: The t-14 Armata Main Battle Tank The t-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (includes anti tank missiles) The Syrian Arab Army is using t-90 tanks in right now. That video prompted my tank research this afternoon Remove formatting button: the eraser on the top-left. I found it yay!
  2. I have an AMD A-10, everybody laugh 8gb of RAM tho, and CnC3 runs on high detail. Okay it's ~10 years old but it uses heaps of lighting effects.
  3. Worth revisiting: Site history | Everything else
  4. I like John Pilgers uncensored way of speaking. http://johnpilger.com/articles/a-world-war-has-begun-break-the-silence- https://www.sott.net/article/331232-John-Pilger-A-World-War-has-begun-Break-the-Silence The 2nd link has a video of this presentation. Edit: bad font colour from copy and paste
  5. I headbanged to Crush while playing RA on a Windows 95 laptop back in 2007/2008. Okay I'm joking about the headbanging part, but I was almost headbanging! The funny part was that I beat the campaigns using nothing but the touchpad. Torture!
  6. I watched The War You Don't See in 2011, I don't recall it being conspiratorial. The film mostly talks about media coverage of war. The film's opening quote is about World War One, when British politicians (or was it generals?) said: "if the people knew the truth, the war would be over tomorrow". In other words, people would be outraged. Nice try at being funny but nooooooo. He isn't an Aussie Alex Jones, because he isn't producing a dozen videos every day, nor does John Pilger sell supplements that make you "awake" John Pilger is old skool. He infiltrated Burma when it was 100x more repressive than it is today. His cover, was that he worked for an exotic travel company! Alex Jones may have infiltrated Bohemian Grove back in 2000, but that was within America. Alex Jones wouldn't have the "balls" to go to a repressive 3rd world country. Not then, and not now. Alex Jones isn't even really a journalist, he's a host of a talk radio show, and a political agitator. Pilger is a journalist, one of the old school ones who actually investigates stuff.
  7. He's an Australian and he's been around for ages, doing important journalism. About 5 years ago John Pilger made a film called The War You Don't See. Great film btw. It isn't rated (for violent content) so it isn't in stores. Torrent it. Usually I copy into a text editor, then copy out of the text editor - I'm still living in the 1990s! Thanks for the useful advice.
  8. I just upgraded my desktop PC to Fedora 23 with "Cinnamon" desktop. It's like Gnome 2 (classic Gnome) instead of Gnome 3 which I don't care about any more. The forked version of Gnome 2 works great. Highly recommended! I was drinking Russian Standard last night as I installed Fedora and updated it, got the packages I need. I managed to compile my program from the terminal, while under the influence Forgot to mention: Windows 10 version 1607 or something won't install on my PC, but it worked on my mum's PC. Weird inconsistencies. Give Windows 10 another 2 years and it'll be optimised enough for normal use. Right now I'd only install it again if I had fibre and some games.
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    Greg Burdett WWN reports from Aleppo

    They have indeed stated that he "must go" but they never specified how they would do it. They should offer more details Oh, wait and see what happens next Once Aleppo is recaptured, the campaign to end ISIS will kick into gear.
  10. Here's an example of BBC's typical garbage reporting: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-36939137 Few people have been reported leaving via humanitarian corridors - really? I can go to RT's Youtube channel and find a video which shows dozens of people leaving, and that's just one of the escape routes from Aleppo. There's another 3. Also who is targeting the escaping civilians? According to people in the video below, it's the moderate cannibals who are preventing civilians from leaving. No mention of this on BBC. I notice that last week the New Zealand media reported only on "human rights" in Syria, mentioning civilian casualties but not the success of the Syrian Army. When will this madness end? Only when one Vladimir Putin and his vision for a one-world order stops! This is Greg Burdett, WWN, from somewhere in Aleppo city. *camera zooms out to reveal green screen* Good good, now do it again in French and German! Is that camera still running? *GUNSHOT* One good thing that I will say about CNN is that they have hired some seriously hot women just recently. Erin Burnett in particular! Though I prefer Gayane Chichakyan: for her hair, good looks, and her unique ability to annoy the hell out of Whitehouse press people Plus Gayane doesn't have a hideously sickening smile, she looks really cautious at times it's funny. I feel sorry for the Americans on this forum. How do you put up with those bleach blonde bimbos and their botox addiction? ROFL nothing like it exists in NZ! Sorry guys I had to lighten this otherwise miserable post. Don't watch Fox. The women on Fox look like prostitutes!
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    C&C reboot?

    I've got Tiberian Sun on Windows 10 and it works, but if you accidentally press the windows key it breaks your game and you have to end-task and load your most recently saved game. I tried the option to disable special keys while in game, but it doesn't work. I'm tired of clinging onto the past. Time for a new RTS.
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    Greg Burdett WWN reports from Aleppo

    Dear Members of Parliament: While most of you have taken the bait on the issue of Donald Trump's locker-room "bro talk", I ask for your attention on leaks concerning Hillary Clinton's plan for Syria, as seen in two attached image files. In these two small image files you will see that Hillary Clinton's plan in Syria is to overthrow the government and install a CIA "puppet regime". In summary, these leaks show: 1. Hillary Clinton supports arming militants who're against ISIS, but Hillary Clinton also plans to use the same militants against the Syrian Army. We are told by the 'objective' Western media that Russia is prolonging the war; but we are not told that Hillary Clinton wants to prolong the war in Syria by arming terrorists and overthrowing Assad. This is not about democracy and human rights, it's about the CIA's plan to kill Assad by proxy and install an even worse dictatorship (with an added risk of ISIS controlling Damascus). 2. Hillary Clinton admits that the US has only taken "limited action" against ISIS in Syria. Protecting ISIS is part of her plan, you see, Hillary Clinton uses ISIS in the way that a person uses a spade or a screw driver. ISIS is a tool. They are allowed to fight the Syrian Army up to a point, then the Americans will come in, bomb everyone they don't like, and install their puppet regime. Until that happens, ISIS is essentially an American ally in Syria and all US air strikes against ISIS are pure theatre - as Hillary Clinton says in the leaked email, U.S. actions against ISIS in Syria are "limited" (read: have no effect). The U.S. did nothing when ISIS captured Palmyra in 2015, and it was Russia that liberated Palmyra from ISIS earlier this year. 3. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS atrocities and Hillary Clinton has put no sanctions on either nation. 4. Although not mentioned in the attachments, Hillary Clinton said in the 2nd debate, that she wants a no-fly zone over Syria. This would mean going to war against Russia. Question: should a person with Hillary Clinton's brainless-ness be allowed access to the red button? There is a 0% chance of the U.S. establishing a "no-fly zone" over Syria. If U.S. planes attack Russia's Hmeymim air base, the Russians will retaliate with S-400 and S-300VM missile launchers. Many U.S. planes will be shot down and the only player with a no-fly zone will be Russia. You cannot enforce a no-fly zone from the air, when all your planes are being blown out of the sky by advanced missile systems equipped with long-range radar. If MPs are not aware of it, I will make this very clear: Russian officials have openly stated that they will shoot down U.S. planes over Syria, should the U.S. have the nerve to bomb the Syrian Army again. You might think that the U.S. Navy can defeat Russia, but at what cost? The S-400 and S-300VM can shoot down cruise missiles, air craft and drones. Their range is hundreds of kilometres. Also, the S-300VM is not the S-300 that Russia recently sold to Iran. The S-300VM is an upgraded version, these launchers don't come at Warehouse prices. One of the S-300VM launchers is deployed at Russia's Tartus naval base, right in the Mediterranean. It's there to shoot down cruise missiles, should Hillary Clinton become President and suddenly have an itch to start a nuclear war. In conclusion, I ask John Key and Andrew Little to comment on Hillary Clinton's plan for Syria, specifically her suggestion of a no-fly zone, which top U.S. generals have said will lead to a war against Russia. If those of you reading this were disgusted by Trump's locker-room "bro talk" then I hate to ruin the fun for you, but we could see a war against Russia as early as February or March next year, should Hillary Clinton become President of The World. If Aleppo is discussed in our Parliament then I hope that members will not forget about the advanced missile launchers at the Hmeymim and Tartus bases. There is no room for discussion about Trump's antics in our media or our Parliament. I'm not concerned about sexism from 10 years ago, I'm concerned about global instability and nuclear weapons. Imagine a man shoving his hand up a woman's vagina. Now imagine a nuclear bomb going off and vaporising tens-of-thousands of people. Can members see that one issue here is infinitely more concerning than the other? Drop the emotion and the sentiment and think about how dire this situation could get, if we ignore Hillary Clinton's leaked emails regarding Syria. I'm tired of "women this, women that" and "sexism this, sexism that". Let's discuss the leaked emails and Hillary Clinton's obsession with wanting to become the President of The World. Regards, Jeff Mitchell
  13. What seems to be the problem?
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    Trump v Clinton

    Wikileaks on Hillary's foreign policy: http://theduran.com/wikileaks-bombshell-hillarys-8-point-plan-to-destroy-isis-and-syria-qatar-and-saudi-arabia-providing-financial-support-to-isil/ In a leaked email, Hillary Clinton says that the US has only engaged ISIS in a limited manner. ROFL The best part is where she says that they should arm the 'rebels' to also fight Assad. Silly Hilly, not gonna work! Apparently in the 2nd debate, the fact checkers said that Trump was wrong when he said "Russia is killing ISIS". The SAA is fighting ISIS in Deir Ezzor every day, and if Russia/Assad weren't fighting ISIS, then who recaptured Palmyra? Perhaps right now they are working on Aleppo, but that will change. As soon as they roll over Aleppo the SAA will go and fight in Idlib province, and I hope, in Deir Ezzor. This information should be in the news but as usual it isn't.
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    C&C reboot?

    I was working last week and I had a good yakking with a guy about Generals: Zero Hour. People still play it. I wouldn't bet on it being Windows 10 compatible, though (plus, everyone has different hardware and drivers). The introduction of Windows 10 and the breaking of some old games may mean new games.
  16. I liked the bonus screen savers in Windows 98 SE (was it SE, I'm not sure). They had a horror screen saver, a space one, and other inane stuff. I was born in 1990 and I remember well, the lion desktop background on 95. My neighbours had the lion background with a twitching wasp as their loading cursor. O yea, and the sound themes too. Nothing quite like the jungle theme for a bit of weirdness I like the recent adaptations to small things, like Paint using 'ribbons' and as you mention, the new task manager. I wish they would update notepad but I'm okay with notepad++ it has too many menus in my opinion but it's pretty cool. Recently I emailed every Member of Parliament by downloading a list of email addresses (a spreadsheet) and then I copied all the way down, then pasted into notepad++. Then I replaced the \n and \r characters with "comma, spacebar" and got myself a neat list of MPs email addresses. Microsoft has cool utilities for power users I suppose, but I haven't found half of them yet. The default desktop background for Windows 10 is way cool! Nice and dark, instead of colours that burn your eyes.
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    Trump v Clinton

    The email scandal shows Hillary Clinton's stupidity, but I am far more concerned about her malice (foreign policy). Trumps ranting might cost him some votes. We will see. Personally I couldn't care less about the non-stop stream of "Trump is sexist" stories. Those stories are mostly propaganda targeting liberal women who wouldn't vote for Trump in the first place! When CNN talks about 10 year old sexism, I read that as CNN saying: "women are emotional and stupid, therefore we will spoon-feed them emotional content instead of hard politics". The problem is not only gender-targeting propaganda, but mainly America's obsession with itself: It would be unthinkable for a mainstream news reporter to question Hillary Clinton's support for multiple wars, because it would challenge Americans to question their nation's character. It's easier to manufacture cheap outrage about a 'scandal'. Every time CNN trots out a sexism 'scandal' or assassinates the character of someone, more people switch off their TV. Let them keep doing it Edit: o yea, and the media keeps on criticising Trump for supporting the Iraq war. What they don't tell you is that Hillary Clinton supported war in Libya and Syria, albeit covert war via proxy; on the other hand Trump doesn't support those wars, certainly not the one in Syria, but you never hear it mentioned. I laugh my ass off at the moron TV anchors who keep on using support for the Iraq war as their yardstick. The Iraq war started 12-13 years ago. Syria is happening right now. Wait another 20 years and American news channels will finally admit that their regime change was a catastrophe. They'll try to claim that Trump was for the war, or that Trump somehow helped Putin and Assad to win (depending on the future of American news propaganda!) That would be stating the obvious If Trump and Clinton are so bad, then maybe CNN should make a debate between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Wait no, CNN has already decided to support Hillary Clinton. Scrap that idea But on the topic of the worst elections in American history, this video is great: https://youtu.be/jxpJk75GT3M "She's at home resting right now. Getting ready for a 15 minute speech, and that's in 2 or 3 days" ROFL! That was savage
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    Trump v Clinton

    The American media (and their lackeys here in New Zealand) put so much spin on this campaign. They should make a washing machine that spins just as much as CNN, to replace the need for dryers. Hillary Clinton is the one who is truly in trouble because her actions kill innocent people, whereas Trump only hurts people's feelings. Visit www.twitter.com/wikileaks once a week. They are going to make regular updates of new leaks, released in batches. If Trump wins, then the Hillary supporters will be the most surprised. Then again it's possible that votes will be rigged and voting machines will be compromised. Slick willy! Annnnnnnndd I'm logging in again to share comments from Slashdot: https://politics.slashdot.org/story/16/10/08/2021258/wikileaks-releases-paid-clinton-speech-excerpts-and-threatens-to-expose-google#comments
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    So much for Amazon making PC games

    I looked at Amazon for music once, and I think you have to be in the US to buy music from them. You can count on Amazon to lock everything down.
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    The end of Flash as we know it

    I really hate Flash Player. Frank Klepacki's website used to require it, as did the website for Russian Standard. I checked both websites just now, and it appears both have abandoned Flash Player! The worst thing about Flash (besides it being proprietary) is that it's clunky software. Adobe also pissed off Linux users in 2006/2007, or somewhere around that time. Back then, you couldn't get a 64 bit version of Flash Player on Linux.
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    Greg Burdett WWN reports from Aleppo

    This war is really hotting up. The US top brass have discussed implementing a "no fly zone" under which they would shoot down any Russian or Syrian air craft over Aleppo. They admit that this would lead to a war with Russia but that doesn't seem to worry them. If they do start a war, it will allow the Chinese to "field test" their radar systems, which are currently deployed in Syria. That would be useful for China: they'd have radars that work really well, based on past combat experience. They'd be ready for a naval/air battle in the South China Sea. Although the US claims it made a 'mistake' when killing 60+ Syrian Army soliders last weekend, the Syrian government has said that the bombing on Syrian forces lasted at least one hour. It appears that the attack was a deliberate and nasty provocation, designed to "send a message". Let's see how the yanks like it now that the food trucks have been bombed, and the water supply cut off. Al Qaeda is getting hungry and thirsty in Aleppo. Poor terrorists After 9/11, the US brutally tortured Al Qaeda terrorists, now the US is wringing-hands over the human rights of terrorists. Oh, how times change!
  22. I don't see a problem with Petroglyph creating content in exchange for money. It costs $30.55 New Zealand dollars to get the game, Hoards, and the downloadable soundtrack $30.55 NZD is NOTHING. I could earn that much money in 2-3 hours. Either gamers these days are just lazy and expect the world to revolve around them, or perhaps they don't know how to budget.
  23. What features were cut from RA2?
  24. I think Drok uses locrian mode, but I'm no expert on music theory - I just saw someone commenting on Youtube about a year ago. The tune in Drok is catchy.
  25. I like Dave Mustaine's perspective on modern metal bands: he says that many new bands can't play solos and they all detune (usually to drop c). Dave's advice for today's wanna-be musicians is that they should go to a music store and pick up some beginner's books! I can't recall those exact interview sources but I remember it well, and I've seen what he talks about, first-hand at local gigs. To discover what's wrong with a lot of music today, we need only look back a few decades. Most of the songs that I like have solos, they have good lead parts throughout, and sudden transitions. Half of the point of metal is those strange transitions that "jump out" at the listener, it sets metal apart from a lot of blues and classical songs, some of which are consistent in tempo. It disappoints me when I hear "metal" that goes on for too long without any drastic changes. Especially terrible is vocals that drag on, or vocals that aren't intelligently structured around riffs. Here's the track list for Dystopia: 1. "The Threat Is Real" (short solo video ) 2. "Dystopia" (short solo video ) 3. "Fatal Illusion" 4. "Death from Within" 5. "Bullet to the Brain" 6. "Post American World" 7. "Poisonous Shadows" 8. "Conquer or Die!" (Instrumental - hear the intro here, minus cool harmonics on the end ) 9. "Lying in State" 10. "The Emperor" (I'm sure this is meant to be a song about Obama) really it should be The Emperor's New Clothes but long names are not cool these days! 11. "Foreign Policy" (Fear cover) See also: Megadeth history on Wikipedia, especially 2009 onward: Endgame was pretty good, Thirteen had some old songs that were finally published, Supercollider received many negative reviews, and now Dystopia makes up for the suck. Megadeth also has their own history page with more detail than you'd ever need. Another thing worth checking out is by Judas Priest (one really long track from 1976). This song is pretty consistent with its rhythm but it's exceptionally well structured. The for No More Tears is worth watching if you've never seen it.