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  1. Check out my Steam!

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      ROFL 2GB of VRAM recommended for Warhammer ... I've got an AMD "APU" which is basically integrated graphics. I don't know about Renegade X on my AMD A-10 it might not run very well. Let me know if you get 8 Bit Armies though: we'll do a 2v2. For a good laugh I'll play as "Light Bringers" (one of the Hordes factions) That means my "aircraft" are Air Elementals and Phoenixes, and my "vehicles" are Treants (walking trees that can crush infantry).

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  2. I've got a new laptop, it has a solid-state HD and an AMD A-4. Say what you want about AMD, I'll keep buying their stuff regardless. I've nearly built 0ad from source, this should be fun to mess with!

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      I missed your comment here. I think you're right, fortunately budget-build is all I care about these days. I'm going to keep using the systems I currently have until it becomes excruciating. I could use an SSD in my desktop PC but I'm prepared to wait longer. A guy in my class said that Samsung SSDs are the fastest.

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