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  1. >> Description << Name: NightFall Game: Yuri's Revenge Editor: FinalAlert2 Type: Puzzle Size: 131 x 180 Yuri has escaped to the ancient dinosaur time to hide from us, everything gradually went back to normal. Until one day... Many groups of mutated T-Tex were sighted in all major cities on Earth and started to attack us ! Preliminary report indicates Yuri is behind this. After soviet launched their nuclear missiles, our planet is completely destroyed. The Allie started up the time machine and send an elite group back time to investigate the attack, and hope to save the world. oops, they messed up the teleportation coordinates and our engineer ended up somewhere else!! Commander, our fate is in your hand! >> Install << 1, make sure you are playing official YR v1.001, mods may modify attributes of some units, which may not be able to trigger win condition 2, extract nightfall.yrm and put it in your game directory 3, start Yuri's Revenge 3.1) choose the nightfall map from skirmish 3.2) set your location to 1 3.3) set [superweapons] and unset others 3.4) [Game speed], [Credits], [unit Count] are not important >> Objective << 1, destroy the [psychic beacon] 2, destroy the [psychic tower] to secure the chronosphere 3, break the [protection wall] to get out 4, destroy [soviet radar] to find out the [T-rex source] 5, eliminate the [T-rex source] and gain access to regional map 6, power up chronosphere and destroy [yuri's fortress] once for all mini-map You can browse full map image here [iMAGE Here] >> Notes << I am no map professional, this is my first attempt to create something. I just modified the official map wild animal park to this puzzle type mission, you are suppose to make use of the environment to complete objectives. it plays similar to the campaign mission "Dark Night". Only this one is more complicated, with lots of hidden clues for you to find out. Be careful and save often ! >> Video << https://openload.co/f/RnzqBwSnKuk/nightfall.mp4 >> FUN << Hope you have fun ! any suggestions are welcome :-) nightfall.zip
  2. it worked !! thank you so much ! but since the replay function is not really usable, I will try to record through software. but thanks anyway. have a great day !
  3. I just made my first single player mission, which is puzzle based. To keep track of the complicated solution, I decided to make a replay to show how to play. Then I realized that the program itself has a feature to record replay. But the problem is I have the origin version of the game, it uses a launcher to execute the game, which is impossible to add the -record/-play flags to the executable. Hence my question, is there a way to use the built in record feature with the origin version of RA2? Thank you all. ----update 1---- I used a DRM free version to test the replay functionality and it is severely broken. after 10 min or so, the clicks start to miss and the actions start to drift away from my intention, which results in stuff that is totally not watchable. Therefore I am going to use a record software to capture the replay. But I wish there is a way to fix the built in replay function though, I like the idea that you can take over and interact with the replay. ----update 2---- obviously the best setup would be vga recorder, but I don't have it. Then I tried a few setups, the best setup so far is the red alert 2 in winxp in virtual box on win7, then record with OBS. Its very stable even with many units at the same time. But I ended up running the game directly in win7 and record with OBS, the game play is still quite good, with a little lag sometimes. I tried to record the game play on my winxp machines, but they are too old to run any record software, and OBS simply does not support winxp.
  4. after I installed the Bibber's launcher 1, have a shortcut to the exe with parameters and try to run the game with that it tries to bring up the origin client 2, choosing RA2/YR in the launcher it still tries to bring up the origin client
  5. 1, thank you for your reply, but I was unable to get Bibber's launcher working. I am using xp sp3. The installation worked fine. but when I tried to execute yuri.exe, it brings up a window to choose under which user you wish to run, then it tries to run the origin client. maybe the origin client is too new? 2, I am aware of that, at the moment I plan to make an ipb replay, if I want to upload it to youtube, I just re-run the replay and record it with capture software.