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  1. Hi Everyone! Long time CNC fan since the mid 1990's !!! .... trying to mod CNC3 Tiberium Wars for casual play among a group of friends with like mindsets: I have tried to create a new unit type in the game...have attempted to follow guides on multiple websites. I have tried copying the raw .xml files from existing units in game such as the mammoth tank (to avoid errors) , i have changed its name and image file according to the guides i have been referencing, yet everything i try to do to make a new customized tank results in the game client crashing upon trying to start a match (skirmish or online match)....I am not getting any errors in red alert 3 mod build studio when compiling the mod .big file..... If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, i would appreciate the input. Thank you for your time. -Mike edited: re-posted under most relevant forum subtopics.