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  1. Is anyone else very disappointed about this cancelled game. We will never know the original ending of tiberium universe that westwood had in mind. What we got was Tiberium wars which had some elements from incursion but was in itself a completely different path. Also it's so sad that they made a 4th tiberium game (tiberian twilight) because we know it was supposed to be a trilogy. Also naming one of three titles tiberium instead of tiberian is strange and not fitting thematically. We never know what the story was like with scrin and cabal having his own faction all we have are the concept art and some unit names. Cabal was recycled as legion in kanes wrath and I do not accept is as lore. I don't accept tiberium wars and tiberian twilight as official westwood lore they ruined it. It is always a mystery for me how this game could have been and I think often about it. I want to know how the campaigns were like as we know cabal had a backup bunker left in the end of firestorm. Then suddenly ea retconned it and said every bunker was destroyed