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    [RA2] Ore growth?

    I tested pirat and original RA 2 / Yuri's revenge and regular moding just dont work...i discover that i nead Tibed V1,71 (5,1mb) or latest version..he was built for easy moding and WORK :d use this example for faster ore grown....but be careful to klick on icon save and fifth from last (opcions) save changes to game ...next shall be ...Do you want to run game now?...that is NO just regular start on game icon. This is Ore [Riparius] Name=Tiberium Riparius Image=1 Power=0 Value=35 Growth=5 GrowthPercentage=.03 Spread=50 SpreadPercentage=.03 Color=NeonGreen ; **WARNING**: If you change this color, notify Bret_a
  2. Fridman00

    [RA2] Ore growth?

    It is possible that the moding cant work on pirat versions...thanks for your reply...when i buy original RA2 / Yuri's revenge i will testing and write new informations...
  3. Fridman00

    [RA2] Ore growth?

    Yes.. it does not help,i test lower and hire value and nothing happends however i suspect the problem is the version or game itself.Nobody said does this work only on original or can be used at pirats to.Where did you buy and did you tested.I only find command & conquer the ultimate collection on origine.Maybe i do somthing wrong,i will navigate (using XCC Mixer ver.1,46)..... d:(drive) > RA2YuriR(dir) > Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge(dir) > RA2YR data(dir) > ra2md.mix(mix) > localmd.mix(mix) > rulesmd.ini(text) (right click and extract on desktop) open and Edit > Find... > Riparius(to find easy) now question you see this 4 margins...3 ore ..second from start (These are Gems) does all must be changed...and how,i change as you write early but all stay the same in game. This is Ore [Riparius] Name=Tiberium Riparius Image=1 Power=0 Value=25 Growth=1100 GrowthPercentage=.95 Spread=1100 SpreadPercentage=.95 Color=NeonGreen These are Gems [Cruentus] Name=Tiberium Cruentus Image=2 Value=50 Growth=10000 GrowthPercentage=0 Spread=10000 SpreadPercentage=0 Power=0 ;10 Color=NeonBlue Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 This may also be ore - DB [Vinifera] Name=Tiberium Vinifera Image=3 Value=25 Growth=1100 GrowthPercentage=.95 Spread=1100 SpreadPercentage=.95 Power=0 ; 10 Color=NeonBlue Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 This might be ore, I'm not certain - DB [Aboreus] Name=Tiberium Aboreus Image=4 Value=25 Growth=1100 GrowthPercentage=.95 Spread=1100 SpreadPercentage=.95 Power=0 Color=NeonBlue Debris=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4
  4. Fridman00

    [RA2] Ore growth?

    Plz does some one have little time for me,i know this is old topic...well i really love this game but cant speed up growth of the ore.I have strange issue with RA2 and expansions maybe mu version is not good,can some one share link where he download game and navigate me precize where and how to do this.