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  1. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    I want CarpetBombing!!

    carpet bombing eh... let me have a go at this, and ill get back to you m8 Edit #1 I had a go like i said i would, and i got as far as making the science in the 'purchase science' bit. Then the command button appeared into my command set (the command centre) the only problem for me seems to be acually placing the bombing, because i can acually select the button, and it has the special carpet bombing cursor, it just wont place though. Edit #2 errr I think Koen or someone else should have a say in this, ive gave it a shot and i just dont know why i cant place the carpet bomb... ive had this problem before when i created a seperate para drop for USA.. it was full of missile defenders and 2 pathfinders. :] but still it didnt work
  2. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Invisible units...

    if you cant see it, and you cant select it, how do you even know its there?
  3. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Jarmen kell as worker

    that means you've made a command button, but not a command set. what i suggest is that you find the acual demo trap from the command buttons its named 'command_constructGLADemoTrap' copy its name and paste into one of the many jarmen kell's. ima just test this out for myself to see if im correct.. [update] i just cheaked it out, i saw that you have the botton image there, but there was no possible way to highlight it and place it. [update] think someone else should help this guy out, ive done all i can here :x
  4. was your post nessessary? unless you were stating the fact you did wish to help?
  5. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    2 questiond

    he has 1.6 for red alert 2. and he's too busy to do that. maybe if he reads your post, he might think of it.
  6. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Stealth commanche

    can anyone help me, im trying to get the super weapon general's commanche to have the stealth upgrade. ive tried cloning the air force general's stealth commanche renaming it SupW_???? and that. then doing the prequists, command buttons/set. then you need to do the stealth button which you need to clone in the upgrades then do the command button/set. i tried it out and all i got is an error. help is apreciated.
  7. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Hey Koen

    i know your busy with making a good editor for BFME and all but, i cant seem to edit anything on the tibed mod beta 3 when i tried to right-click on an object in order to clone it, i dont seem to get the option to do so anymore.
  8. BoMbFuNk.Mc


    quite simply, youve typed in something that wont compute with generals engine. its like putting 5 star in a 4 star car engine. anyways, im afraid that the only way to stop it from doing that, is to start from scratch. what i do is write down technicly what ive done as i go along, making sure there's no loops or leaks in what im doing
  9. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Tibed Worker AI Crash

    say what country is it, America? we dont have transportation strikes here, we have fireman strikes and postman strikes in lil olde England
  10. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    Status update beta 2

    i have an idea, instead of there being a 'infantry armor' there should be specific armors like 'SupW_ColBurton armor' cause id like to have double armor on all the SupW units etc. and then every armor in the game would double... bummer
  11. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    TibEd 2 beta 1a released

    38231 days is about 104 years. In the unlikely event he lives that long I dont think he would be playing games anymore. meh
  12. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    internal error

    i had that, i always thought that i edited too many objects and it couldnt handel it all
  13. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    n1 koen im testing out the Beta now

    yay it works :]
  14. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    n1 koen im testing out the Beta now

    cool :] uhm, i did edit that post... anyways i did a few changes (all of it was halving the time it takes to build an object and halving the cost of the object all on the 'SupW General' whats wrong is when i press 'add changes to game' or what ev. i load up generals mod selecter and it gives me a ncie error saying the mod i just made will not work
  15. BoMbFuNk.Mc

    TibEd 2 beta 1a released

    you will live that long numskull and the other thing, yeah, when you open tibed 2, you get a pop-up with the two icons, C&C generals, and Zero Hour respectively. UNDERNETH those two icons is a directory. it has been put on DEFAULT obviously, you havnt properly directed your .exe for generals, or zero hour. thats why you get the error!