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    How can I play RA2 without the CD?

    is there a way to fully copy the disc to make a new one?
  2. Lookout48469

    Upload Maps

    Is there a place on here to upload/download ra2 maps?
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    How can I play RA2 without the CD?

    So Can I ask this? I have the cd in hand I purchased a 5 pack long time ago Tib sun, firestorm, renegade,ra2, yuri revenge. My concern is the cd seems to not be readable after the computer accesses infomation on the cd once. Like when I was having trouble installing it and trying various things without success to get it to work. After I would preform some operation like copy files from the cd to the desktop the cd would then be blank. I would have to open and close the cd drive before it could read the cd again. So i did a internet search for how to run ra2 without cd and found this thread. So since i have installed the game through the cds autorun also have multiple copies of the cd data in different folders on the C drive is there anyway to play without running the cd constantly im afraid it may stop during play or just quite working all together someday. Any help is appreciated. I was hoping it was something as simple as go to ra2.ini and changing locale from 0 to 1 but :(