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  1. Don't make me talk more... but he is someone old-fashioned and hard-minded, someone who wants the things like he wants or nothing. it's hard to show him newer capabilities if those change something he is expecting. If someday there is a chance to show him the remaster, i will try, but for now, i don't want to overthink this. Thanks anyway!
  2. No, you are not, if it were for me i would have no doubts, but mainly all this is about what like my relative. In fact, he doesn't play with music (yes, quite a shame) and only plays wants to play skirmish in other C&Cs, so he didn't care to the plot. I only want to put the better setup of the game i can without change everything. I know that because i tried to show him OpenRa... but he almost haven't tested it (At least he hasn't uninstalled yet). Thanks anyway!
  3. Testing a little bit more i found i was doing something wrong and you pointed out: In any case, the best is to stretch to 1920x1080 (or your monitor native resolution) to have better results with the scaling. Following your tips, i tested a bunch of resolutions, and of course the multiples of 320x200 looks better. I tested 960x600 which is the far one you can go without any issue, and it looks great, but it's a 16:10 and i looks a bit squashed. To have a 16:9 one, with scaling to 1080p, 1024x600 looks good with some pixels weird because the scaling, but it's fine. In this map, the max resolution without that line is above 1120, so this map width is like that and can't be more, i don't know if there are smaller maps than that. I tried a little bit to fit the resolution with that in mind, and if i was only for me i will try that for more authenticity, but mostly is going to be someone else playing so i tried to have it the more crisp, with more map in screen and with good fitting in the monitor. In fact, for me i would prefer to play in a window... Anyway, i also tried 960x500, but the scaling is worse as with 1024x600 and, obviously, i have less map in screen. The original C&C is what i have (we have also the original disc somewhere) and it's what my familiar used to play. And it's not very fond with changes... but to have a real HD C&C, of course is the only way. Thanks!
  4. I read here about this, but like you said, i tried but it doesn't do anything more than reset to appear again. It was what i was thinking when i see the issue, but i read about this patch somewhere and thinks like "C&C in High Definition" and seen some images what are like screenshots but it seems they are edited, and i was wondering if i was doing something wrong. Now i'm wondering what's is the best way to put the game a full screen resolution without this issue, and making more or less 16:9 to fit the monitor. Like i said, i try 1024x600 but in fullscreen it looks weird because the resolution is not made for the monitor (1080p). Doubling 640x400 to 1280x800 make the game a bit squish, and i want a bit more resolution to see more thing in the view. I don't know if there is an option to center the image adding black borders in both side (for example, have the game a 1024x768, but the resolution to 1366x768 and keep black bordes in both sides) Thanks!
  5. Hello. I have an issue with C&C Gold 1.06 rc3, but i don't know if it's something happening to everyone or it's only me. I installed the game with the The First Decade, i patched it with the patch TFD-103-rev4, and then with C&C Gold: Project 1.06c rev3. I put also Spanish voices and videos, but i tested this in english and is happening the same. I installed the patches for compatibility, but also to get a better resolution in my 1080p monitor. 1920x1080 is a lot and the units would look very tiny, so i test 1280x720 which the size is ok. But then i found i have a vertical black line, and a space where the menu tooltips remain printed in the screen above the map. I noticed too you can't move the map, and then i found that maybe the issue is because the map is smaller than the viewport, as you can see in the minimap isn't appearing all four corners representing the viewport. With 1024x600, and it hasn't the issue (and all four corners are shown in the minimap), but the letters and everything looks pixelated and strange in the monitor. I would prefer something like 1280x720 everything looks fine and in the right size. What i can do? Thanks! PD.: I attached the savegame of this map, but if i start everything i have the issue, although with the savegame i can see it straightforward. savegame.zip