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  1. Is there any tutireal or tool help creating arctic skin for infantry lets say i wanna make arctic skin for Guarding GI thanks in advance
  2. Ofc, the turret will appear ingame but in final alert2 nothing show
  3. Hi guys i've added allied anti-air gun to my mod ingame works fine but in final alert 2 wont show why? Rulsemd.ini [GAAGUN] UIName=Name:AAGUN Name=AA Gun BuildCat=Combat Strength=600 Armor=steel TechLevel=6 Prerequisite=GAPILE,GACNST Adjacent=4 Sight=5 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Neutral,Special,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry Cost=750 BaseNormal=no Points=30 Power=-50 Crewed=no Primary=AAWeapon ElitePrimary=AAWeaponE NavalTargeting=6 Capturable=false Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnims=DBRIS4LG,DBRIS4SM,DBRIS6LG CanRetaliate=no Maxdebris=3 MinDebris=2 ThreatPosed=10 IsBaseDefense=yes Powered=true ROT=8 Turret=yes TurretAnim=AAGUNTUR TurretAnimIsVoxel=true TurretAnimX=0 TurretAnimY=12 TurretAnimZAdjust=-20 HasStupidGuardMode=false WorkingSound=PowerOn NotWorkingSound=PowerOff Drainable=yes Trainable=yes AntiInfantryValue=0 AntiArmorValue=0 AntiAirValue=25 ImmuneToPsionics=no Artmd.ini [GAAGUN] Cameo=AAGUICON Image=GAAGUN Remapable=yes Foundation=1x1 PrimaryFireFLH=100,0,185 Buildup=GAAGUNMK Height=4 DemandLoadBuildup=true FreeBuildup=true CanHideThings=False CanBeHidden=False OccupyHeight=2 DamageFireOffset0=-5,13 NewTheater=yes And here is matriales: GAAGUN.rar Note: Turret is voxel :/ and i change the turret into sam for example the building will appear in final alert 2 thanks in advance