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  1. [Kanes Wrath] Hi , im have two questions regarding modding in kanes wrath, please forgive my english 1. how you can change supersonic airstrike weapon to make hit ground units along with air? 2. is it to possible to make juggernaut shells explode like that on firehawk bombs or vertigos? 3. anyway to make beam cannon have damage nuggets like continously? 4. Like question 3 , is there ways to make lasers do continous damage?
  2. thank you @Egozi44 , yes it was Kane's wrath that I wanted change. Thank you for code for mammoth tank, alsk is there any discord server for help with modding cnc
  3. Hi , I am started modding a few months ago and right now im having trouble with weapon replacement for mammoth. I want to replace the normal guns with railgun but I don't know how to. Help Please?
  4. Hi , i just started simple modding for Kane's Wrath and i have some issues regarding the audio of units i modified. The units in particular have select sounds but other than that , their weapon and other audio is absent. This is my static.xml file. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <Includes> <Include type="reference" source="DATA:static.xml" /> <Include type="reference" source="DATA:global.xml" /> <!--Armour's File--> <Include type="all" source="Static/RaiderArmour.xml.xml" /> <!--Weapons File--> <Include type="all" source="Static/GDIPredator.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="Static/ZOCOMPredator.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="Static/Titan.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="Static/MarkedofKaneTank.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="Static/NodScorpTank.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="Static/BlackHandtank.xml" /> <!-- Armament File--> <Include type="all" source Please tell me if im doing everything wrong or somethings not right. Do i need to add audio files for every unit i changed? Edit : the unit or weapon would have no sounds if i change their HP or Damage Value , how do i fix this? Edit 2: Solved