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    Dozer or Construction Yard?

    true but you can capture the command center or the supply stash that produces the workers
  2. Cyborg_Commando

    TD VS RA

    ok but the STEALTH TANK in TD is also great but still it's difficult to compare both of them cause actually TD still is a DOS game...(except for GOLD) and the graphics aren't as nice as RA
  3. Cyborg_Commando

    Capturing Video....

    a year ago I bought a video capture card (tv-card) I wanted to convert my VHS tapes to VCD but at that time my PC didn't have the standards for good capturing and everytime I captured something, I kept losing frames so later on I upgraded to an AMD ATHLON XP 2500+ 448 MB RAM and I thought that this would solve the problem but I still can't capture above 320x240(PAL) without losing frames!! does anyone know what the problem could be my capture card is a HAUPPAUGE WINTV PRO (I've read somewhere that it can't capture above 320x240, but if it's true??)
  4. Cyborg_Commando

    Best C&C Weapon?

    heavy artillery for me 8)
  5. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    yeah the prism is a great weapon and very popular too bad there's no poll
  6. Cyborg_Commando

    war,slave or chrone miner

    the slave miner isn't very popular..
  7. Cyborg_Commando


    I don't mean with the result of the poll but with the users opinion
  8. Cyborg_Commando


    yep Oxanna is very popular according to this thread..
  9. Cyborg_Commando


    It's funny though....
  10. Cyborg_Commando


    nice units and for a special weapon?
  11. Cyborg_Commando

    Capturing Video....

    do you mean with the shared graphics memory cause I actually got 512 MB RAM but 64MB shared memory
  12. Cyborg_Commando

    Storage medium

    just wanted to know what storage medium you guys use which one's your favourite? and why?
  13. Cyborg_Commando

    Best AA Unit?

  14. Cyborg_Commando

    tanya or boris or yuri prime

    yeah TERROR DRONES my personal favourites when I play with the soviets, great against almost anything, except for air units...
  15. Cyborg_Commando


    GDB Global Defense Babes
  16. Cyborg_Commando

    Convert AVI to DVD to play on a home dvd-player

    thx I'll check it out
  17. ok here's the thing I've got many movies, but many of them have resolution 352x288 now I just recently bought a dvd-burner and I want to burn them on a dvd to play it on a dvd-player but the resolution of a dvd is 720x576 so will the movie be stretched out from 352x288 to 720x576?
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    O man FEMENISM IS TAKING OVER!!!!! :shock:
  19. Cyborg_Commando

    RA problem

    when you've installed RA you can choose to play RA either in DOS or in Windows and the first time I want to play in DOS the systems says that the sound card needs to be configured, so I do this. then afterwards I can play in DOS but then when I choose to play RA in Windows, nothing happens I read on EA support that it's not compatible with ME so....
  20. Cyborg_Commando

    XP bootscreen

    a few days ago I formatted my friend his desknote I installed the drivers, performed updates, ... everything works just fine except there's something I can't figure out when you turn on your pc, after a few seconds you get the windows XP bootscreen with your version: home or pro and a progressbar but this screen won't go away for about 30 to 40 seconds while my pc at home deals with that in about 10 sec otherwise the desknote works fine, windows starts up very fast and I haven't encountered any problems what could be the problem with the bootscreen?
  21. Cyborg_Commando

    Convert AVI to DVD to play on a home dvd-player

    changed in what way....quality loss by stretching the image?
  22. Cyborg_Commando

    Being able to buy oil derrick in FA2

    I meant with the file "rules.ini" you can change the firepower, range, damage, ....
  23. never used LINUX maybe this year...
  24. Cyborg_Commando

    RA problem

    I know, it works...But only in DOS (really big arrow, ..) it won't start in windows
  25. Cyborg_Commando

    RA problem

    my dad was addicted to the first RA game some years ago but you know....as time goes by........... now he has windows ME installed and I can't persuade him to install XP anyway I install Ra on ME but it can only run in DOS cause when I want it to run in windows, it does nothing I believe I've read somewhere that RA1 's not compatible with windows ME, is this true? anyone who has info about this???