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    What should C&C 3 be about.

    yeah same here also nothing too alien like, cause f.e. the ANTS in RA weren't that nice OK it was a soviet experiment but....I still like normal infantry and units
  2. Cyborg_Commando


    I use AVG for me it's the best antivirus software there is it's powerfull, user friendly and you have updates nearly every day!! and it's free for personal use!!!!! FREE few months ago I used NORTON but the updates weren't that frequent...
  3. Cyborg_Commando

    Zee Avatar Thread

    mine 's obvious I guess.. looked for a nice photo of a cyborg and here it is
  4. Cyborg_Commando


    I'm a HUGE fan of the classics but I didn't say you're weird
  5. Cyborg_Commando

    Best CnC Team of all time

    absolutely NOT!! NOD all the way :lol:
  6. Cyborg_Commando


    they're worth their money though btw you really like BF's don't ya
  7. nice, I'll try it sometime
  8. Cyborg_Commando

    RA2 without YR

    the aegis and the Aircraft Carrier are both great naval units, but the destroyer is really crappy
  9. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    without industrial industrial plants....?
  10. Cyborg_Commando

    war,slave or chrone miner

    war miners are nice to use for an assault too bad they're a bit expensive... the man who came up with the idea to use a gun on a miner -->very smart :lol:
  11. Cyborg_Commando

    war,slave or chrone miner

    yeah the war miner is by far the best but the chrono miner is faster at collecting ore, cause of his chronoshifting
  12. Cyborg_Commando


    I personally like yuri's floating discs their armor is very hard and with the power down in your enemy's base, most of the defences are off, so......annihilation
  13. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    quicker in what way
  14. Cyborg_Commando

    C&C Tiberian Sun skirmish question

    have to check on it I'll let you know, but dunno when ... or maybe someone else already knows
  15. Cyborg_Commando

    New member-KANE-SA

    dunno what you're talking about
  16. Cyborg_Commando

    New member-KANE-SA

    and if you're looking for something specific you can try the "search button"
  17. Cyborg_Commando

    tanya or boris or yuri prime

    yeah those soviet harvesters are a lot better then the chrono harvester you can even use the soviet harvester for an assault, it has a very heavy armor.... on the other hand, the chrono harvester is usefull if it's infected with a terror drone
  18. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    the allies aren't that bad they've got some nice weapons
  19. Cyborg_Commando


    yep defend it up to 15 min is it that hard?
  20. Cyborg_Commando

    tanya or boris or yuri prime

    the industrial plant isn't that expensive same cost as f.e. the war factory
  21. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    hmm...thought he was your favourite cause you were always talking about units from Yuri
  22. Cyborg_Commando

    best tank

    I'm guessing here but Yuri is your favourite side right?
  23. Cyborg_Commando

    tanya or boris or yuri prime

    maybe he could arm himself with a pistol not a strong weapon...