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  1. thanks for your replies guys


    I finally figured it out, after a long search..


    I deployed several Mobile Sensor Arrays all over the map

    It turned out that there was a small area

    with a stealth generator that was surrounded by

    6 advanced power plants


    I thought I'd destroyed everything

    but apperently I was wrong


    anyway thanks for the help


  2. hi guys,


    I recently began playing TS Firestorm again

    but now I'm stuck in this one mission


    it's the level where you have to put an infected cyborg into

    cabals' tech centers


    now I've wasted everyone and as far as I know everything of cabal's forces, but still my mission isn't complete


    I've searched all over the map but there's nothing left

    could this be a bug of some kind???



  3. China ill crush all other sides. China vs. NOD... the NOD would be swarmed by battlems and redguards early in the game for a quick win.


    Rushing would work well against GDI and NOD. Their specialized units are too expensive to build quickly en masse




    NOD has efficient base defenses, just look at the Obelisk of Light

    and in the field -> artillery units, deployed tick tanks, hidden stealth tanks

    and last but not least the Banshee

  4. Westwood have said on numerous occasions that the two games are NOT linked. So there is no need for any storyline explanation of any kind.


    Although I don't believe this, it is how it is.

    Red Alert ONE is the prequel to C&C1. It is made as prequel to C&C, and to explain how our timeline is different from the C&C one. Seriously, it's pretty easy to understand that some of these very unstable technologies were either lost in the chaos of the aftermath of the war or simply kept classified as they were considered too dangerous.


    RA2 however is a pretty silly remake of RA2, and even though the install says it's linked to RA1 it is not linked to the C&C storyline.


    is this an assumption or are you sure that

    RA2 is not linked to the entire C&C storyline....

  5. Okay, in a past post someone said there weren't any other girls in TS other than Umagon and Oxanna, I beg to differ on that and she is my choice. I forget her characters name but her real name is Athena I believe. She was the Kodiak's female pilot, and later went on to play our favorite aide, Lt. Eva in RA2.


    haven't noticed it yet

    I'll check it out sometime

  6. The Con Yard was what made Command & Conquer games differant from all other similar games. Example, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds had Command Centers but workers did the construction. Plus it was easier to capture a Con Yard so you could use other sides techs. You can't capture a GLA worker now can you?


    true but you can capture the command center or the supply stash that produces the workers

  7. RA1 is what hooked me and most of my C&C playing friends. It was far more fun. Plus, ya gotta love attack dogs. They are good at keeping out those pesky salesmen.

    Quote the Mole from South Park:

    "I hate ****ing Guard Dogs!"

    The giant ants were fun too.



    but the STEALTH TANK in TD is also great


    but still it's difficult to compare both of them

    cause actually TD still is a DOS game...(except for GOLD)

    and the graphics aren't as nice as RA