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  1. 1.06c development topic

    Unfortunately, the system doesn't allow that without file renames. But feel free to add 'em as new .aud tracks.
  2. It just edits specific locations in the exe... if you edit the exe in unpredictable ways, no tool can support that without actually having that new file. you could just compare the exe files to figure out what bytes to change yourself.
  3. If I remember correctly, that's either something that happens on some nonstandard screen resolutions, or an error caused by Window display scaling... As for the compatibility mode, the config tool sets that to what it perceives to be the optimal setting for your operating system. So yeah, every time you press the Apply button in the tool it'll reset that. So if that automatic compat mode gives you trouble, remember to change it back after closing the config tool. Setting the file to read-only has no effect on that, since compatibility modes are Windows settings for files saved in your local system (in the Windows Registry), not anything that's changed on the file itself.
  4. The video simply says to download that, Plokite... but then it goes on about mounting disks and such, instead of also just downloading and installing the game's videos pack uploaded on ModDB.
  5. GDI Mission select freeze

    Ugh. That happens. The problem is that there is no user interaction at all in these scenes, and if you give the game user input at that point (key press, mouse click), there's no response of any kind from the game, and Windows perceives that as the game having locked up (since it's literally 'not responding' to user input), while it really isn't locked up at all, but just merrily chugging along with its animation playing. This supposed program freeze causes Window to stop bothering to update the game's visual output. Normally the audio keeps running, though. You could mess around with compatibility modes and see if anything fixes it, but I'm not sure if there's much that helps. Just make sure not to click or press keys until the animation finishes, and if it still locks up, just wait until it responds again. It should unlock when it asks to select the next mission area. By the way, not sure why you completely edited away your original topic, but that does raise the question, do you have cnc-ddraw enabled? Because that's one of the things that usually fixes this if I remember correctly.
  6. Yeah, it's called the human brain. Amazing what it can do Youtube subtitles manage, but... badly, heh.
  7. Baddies made crates loads more fun.
  8. All your images died, Kamuix... stop using photobucket. They are greedy money grubbing bastards
  9. Here's my soundtracks collection. Most of them are FLAC. Includes C&C and some other stuff. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m4ln0nnw1s7rw/Game_music
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    I really liked the soundtrack when I went to see the movie. It had very clear homages to Vangelis, but also did its own thing, mixing in more modern-sounding electronic influences. Overall, it worked very well. Oh, and, I really enjoyed the movie. I'm glad the trailer barely shows anything of what is actually going on, and in fact Harrison Ford doesn't really show up until all the way at the end of the movie, giving us plenty of focus on the real main character, where, honestly, it belongs [edit] lawl. I open that playlist and get an ad before the first vid... of the Blade Runner 2049 movie xD
  11. Well as I said... I'd need to know what your original native resolutions are... Also, are you sure you put it on Nearest? Because that sounds like Center (letterboxing) behaviour.
  12. So... why haven't you just tried the exact half then? 2560x1440 divided by 2 is 1280x720. So just use that as game resolution. The original intended resolution of the game is technically its original DOS resolution though; 320x200. I don't advise trying to approach that in the Win95 version though. I once played TS on something like 400x300. It was very strange, lol. Though I'm fairly sure C&C95 has its minimum resolution locked on 640x400. Note that I recently noticed that the game seems to have trouble with widths that are not divisible by four. I think it's a cnc-ddraw bug, but I'm not sure... As for the "weird artifacts", they're covered in the manual. They're an unavoidable side effect of the first missions being smaller than the screen, and they can be cleared quite easily by opening the game's main menu. It still baffles me that people manage to open that main menu to exit the game without noticing that that solves the problem.
  13. Crash research

    The required compatibility modes differ widely depending on the system, but I never got an accurate list of which modes work best on which systems, so yes, it is entirely possible there are still errors in what is activated by the tool / patch. Thank you for this new information. Could you test what works best in general, to both get the game running and not get any graphics freezes in the map animations and in-game menu? I don't have a Win8.1 PC.
  14. Oh, wow, GamesCom 2013... that brings back memories. RIP Generals 2... And, oh man, Planet C&C... that place was my home on the internet for so many years. And now its forums are simply gone...