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  1. ing. where Stinger was a online gaming name. It was Stingray at first, but with some great sniping from a few games it changed to Stinger.

  2. I've had the name Stinger for over 10 years now. With it, I've started playing covert ops games like delta force to RTS games like C&C. I even made/modded a few games. But I've really havnt done that much in the past year. I think this site was the last place to hold the name. I might go back to it but for now i'm sticking with this one. Wildshield has had a more personal meani

  3. ah... good to know

  4. Reply for how i'm doing: If you count out the lost of a ten year job... I've been quite well. Hope things have been good at your end.

  5. Indeed. But it will not show up due to restrictions for space. "prescription... is more cowbell!" cuts off. So what I got is what I got. Though I could add it in my signature.