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  1. Shoot me if this is in the wrong place. I havent been on these forums since 2009. Back then I went by the name of Stinger and I tried to help the coding days of CNC's red alert 2 and yuri's revenge, Also on the Tibed's Forum hosted by Koen. I helped out with the crew of Eagle Red Mod, taking on a new China faction with the last update we had out. I see a bunch of stuff going on these days. But I just wonder how is the modding days of today? Have most players/coders moved onto other games/projects. Is anyone even on here from way back in 2003. Any feed back would be awesome, for I do miss the old days of coding/programming this game (almost ten years worth). Happy Hunting and Thank You guys for the memories. 

  2. Transporter 4 - would be my pick of the worst of the worst for movie installments. they should have stopped with the first one. It being decent to watch.

    X-men 4 - well since they are making things up as they go and not following any logic. I say no. But if they have make another, dont focus on so few mutants. such as logan and storm in the 3rd movie because they have higher paid actors playing them. i dont think this movie will happen since they are moving along with the origins segment.

    Mission Impossible 4 - no thanks, work on some other stupid movie instead.

    Spiderman 4 - if they get back to the roots to the comics rather than try to market a new movie ill be happy. the first was awesome, second so-so, and other than the sandman... I hate the 3rd movie. at least they kept true for one charactor.



  3. PS3: Ok, Unless this game picks up halfway into the game... I'm going to fall asleep. This game is boring to me. Scanning around looking for clues, chating with people is cool. But this gets way to out of hand in the game. Yeah the eastereggs are funny at times and you get more of a story to really get into the game. The fighting was sweet at first but after the 50th or so bad guy it gets old. The voices seem to be a little off from the graphics. Sound was very impressive along with the visual images. But WTH is up with games that show credits in the beginning of a game? I'm not watching a movie nor do I care to see who was the best boy.