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    Particle Cannon Concept.

    Sheesh, you guys are friendly 8) All weapons in Generals are real...istic They are mostly designed for fighting terrorism, not a real war. A bit more in the way if firepower, and less stealthyness, also more recon for China, then a real war, we will have
  2. Cygnus X-1

    Who is the best Hero for Generals?

    They all have their uses. Lotus for capture,steal, Burton for combat and demo Kell for vehicles and general all around harrasment. Lotus cant defend herself Burton if knifing, just blast the area where the infantry are dying, can be seen while planting demo charges. Kell has a slow rate of fire, but is stealthed, so that is overcome. Demo general makes Kell good as Burton, except for knife and cliff, but Kell doesnt need knife.
  3. Cygnus X-1

    Best way to destroy patriots

    Terrorists get shot by pathfinders. Use rocket bugies with infantry as close support. Maybe a few techs too. For China, MiG 'em. For USA, stealth in two waves of two (like with in seconds of each other) with tomahawk cover fire will blast'em. just watch money though
  4. Cygnus X-1

    Nuke General Strategys

    look in game data, should be something similar to Worlbuilder.exe Icon with the earth on it
  5. Cygnus X-1

    America, China or GLA?

    I prefer the USA. I dont like their huge need for power, BUT, -the advance traning upgrade gives their units a major combat advantage -can train multiple snipers -air supperiority -Comanches dont need a base, they can opperate in small groups to great effectiveness -chinooks gather more supplies pere drop, and do it faster -spy equipment is highly better than China and GLA -A10 strike -Col. Burton -Fuel air bomb
  6. Cygnus X-1

    C&C Gens Nuke Cannon Glitch Freaky!!

    Also, when aircraft are on target approach over a cliff, if they fire as they pass over the cliff, their missiles will kill the craft launching them. Especially MiGs.
  7. Cygnus X-1

    Another who would win.

    All esle being equal, theres not much that would stop a strong tank force with anti infantry and helicopter support. Aside from another equally powerful force. Superweapons are best used killing bases, not mobil armor. And the rest just dont have the necessary firepower. They could certainly hurt them, but probably not kill them completely.
  8. Cygnus X-1

    Yuri's Revenge Campaign

    Sorry, then. I was a little tirred. It means SOVIET ARMOR RULES!! ALLIES...DONT RULE!! There. Eat that. (or dont)
  9. Cygnus X-1

    Yuri's Revenge Campaign

    Some say he's too old. Others, they dont agree. Myself.....Incinerate them.Yuri. I mean. Tanya has her uses, but Allies lack powerful armor.(again) Soviet armor approaching. Get out the....uuh....How 'bout we run. Good idea.
  10. Cygnus X-1

    Yuri's Revenge Campaign

    OK, the idiot wasnt directed at anyone in particullar, :? where is your sense of humor? In the case of saving time, then just goahead and take the lab, I had apocs attacking the main base while Kirovs (2) leveled the lab.
  11. Cygnus X-1


    Thats saying EA even puts the Scrin into TT. But for story, GDI ending FS is GDI lost command center but still has Tacitus and bulk of military forces. Nod is broken and destroyed, along with Cabal. The only possible continue for GDI is Scrin arrive or Forgotten rise up in revolt. Because GDI has Tacitus, they begin to reverse the Tiberium poisoning. The Nod ending in FS would be that GDI has no central command, and currently is local commanders have whatevers close to them and their on their own. Slavic has brought a stronger Nod together under one leader, and poised to destroy GDI, while Cabal is in hiding with his clone of Kane and other people(who?). The Forgotten are without a leader, but grow larger every day, the civilian population dwindles, tiberium lifeform are mutating and growing out of control, and the Scrin are watching, maybe even already on their way to Earth. Kane, under Cabal control, will probably come back, only Slavic wont trust him, and will take over GDI command to destroy Kane and take back Nod because Kan will have told Nod to bow down to Cabal and the Scrin. Maybe Cabal will rebel against the Scrin because they sent him to Earth to prepare for them, now they are here, now they dont need him so they will shut him down, but he wont like that. Mutants will fight everyone too. (how many different campaigns will that be!?)
  12. Cygnus X-1

    Tanya or Boris or Yuri Prime (fixed)

    1st, if matched, Tanya or Boris would win, who ever saw the other first. Yuri is a backstabing idiot. No armys. Allies and Yuri require strategy and thinking not to mention stealth. Soviets just brute force with some intelligent money manage ment , especially at the begining of a battle. And massad Flak is best against aircraft, speaking of which, one rocketter means no more hero units. Too bad. Same for Kirovs, but there too slow. (and dont say Yuri could capture an anti-aircraft unit, Kirov would bomb the Sh!t out of him anyway)
  13. Cygnus X-1

    Yuri's Revenge Campaign

    The base in the middle is hard, yes. But not that hard to beat. I just came in with Apocs from every other third direction. Actually might be better for nOOb to rush with 100s of rinos and a few flack tracks. Oh well. Unfortunatley, Campaign missions are ment to be beat, unlike multiplayer( no, not skirmish, you idiot!) :bang: :rockbrow:
  14. Cygnus X-1

    idea for a game. td vs ra

    At one time Westwood said something about Red Menace(RA2.vs.TS) Somebuilds an RA vs CNC mod, Iwill be right there with ya. At least the online gaming part(when I get my cable fixed) But seriosly, the ideas got merit. Maybe different game modes for multiplayer GDI&NOD :arrow: Allies&Soviets GDI&Allies :arrow: NOD&Soviets ect...