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  1. RangerF51

    TD VS RA

    BTW any of you guys heard about Free CNC? Suppose to be a reamake of the original cnc and ra? I wonder if they'll have a skirmish mode for TD!
  2. Yeah, would be better but I don't anything about modding in Generals.
  3. Anybody interrested in making a mod for tiberian dawn (c&c95) involving monsters from the Doom1 and Doom2 games?
  4. RangerF51

    WHich was the better side??

    ME too! It makes me feel like I'm back in the good old days before there was war to worry about and how things rocked in the 90s! Too bad it'll never be the same way again. :cry: (Off topic? Yes I know)
  5. RangerF51

    WHich was the better side??

    See? Soviet Ruled! Nuff said. 8)
  6. RangerF51

    Edit shp files of ra & td?

    select an shp you want to edit and right click on it, select 'PCX' to convert it to PCX. then open up paint shop pro and edit each pcx frame (using only the colors in the pallette of the shp) then when you finsh all of them, open up xcc mixer and select all of the pcx files you edited from top to bottom and right click, select 'SHP' and convert it to shp NOTE: you MAY get an error messge saying "error badfilename ,yadda yadda", but dont worry about that press the F5 to refresh the page and select the shp you edited you should see your graphics overwritten, that's it! You can also use Different turrets for your vehicles! POST BACK IF YOU WANT MORE:
  7. RangerF51

    Favourite Low Tech Vehicles

    You and I have alot in common my friend!
  8. RangerF51

    TD VS RA

    Well... RA1= has tesla RA2= just about everything is fake! YURI= Whole game is interesting but i like reality generals=well... i just plain hate it! as in TD= all you have is the chem warrior, thats the only thing that aint realistic. nuff said! :lol:
  9. RangerF51

    Best CnC Team of all time

    Polls don't mean s***! How do we know someone didn't RIG the poll?! HMMMM??? (Not pointing fingers) Sorry But I dont follow polls! You just can't trust anyone or anything these days. Oh... ummm where was I uhh...oh yeah... GDI Rules
  10. RangerF51

    Best CnC Team of all time

    You got that right my friend
  11. RangerF51

    TD VS RA

    I have to say Tiberian Dawn is way better than any other C&C game alive! 8) 1. Its Classic and you can't beat the classics! 2. So what no naval units? It still rocks! 3. The storyline is completely awesome! It's very unique, I love it! 4. I have been playing it since I was in 4th grade, now I'm in 10th! 5. You can make your own little mods in it and tweak it a bit! 6. You can make your own graphics and use them in game! 7. It's the most realistic game 8. I have to say Tiberian Sun came VERY close in my book, but TD won by an inch! RA 1 was cool (at first, this is what I played but it got old...quickly) :cry: BUT I DO REALY WISH IT HAD A SKIRMISH MODE!