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  1. You certainly didn't miss out on the story and cut scenes. Dear god.
  2. Let's see... Secret of the Magic Crystals Faerie Solitaire Fortix and Forix 2 C&C4
  3. This is what happens if you let greedy low IQ people run your company.
  4. I was talking about this: I had a mobile device
  5. Ever considered coming out from under that rock?
  6. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

  7. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    Best game so far and probably of the entire tournament. Truly a clash of the titans.
  8. Just watched the video, you're right on the dot on that one. He clearly doesn't give a shit about C&C and probably just made that video complaining about Rivals to make some buck.
  9. Holy shit dude, you need to fucking relax. 1. No fucking shit. Nobody is stupid enough to take my word for it. 2. So what is the reason then? That he hates the look of Rivals? That he didn't care about the release of a new C&C game? Can you really blame him after all the shit EA pulled so far? 3. I'm entitled to stating my opinion just as much as you're entitled to responding the way you did. There's no need to start censoring anyone here. Honestly, you're taking this way more seriously than I ever intended. Anyway, if you were offended by this (which it certainly looks like), I apologize.