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  1. Holy shit, I can't believe nobody ever posted anything about this earlier (after all this time). Looks like it's insanely hard to find too.
  2. Generally in games though, there is a huge difference in gameplay quality to be had with balance tweaks and such.
  3. Damn. I should really be trying Mental Omega.
  4. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    Schade Deutschland
  5. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    He's not wrong.
  6. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

  7. Inferno

    Q&A with CnC Rivals’ Alex “Gasty” Hetu

    Don't buy into this shit. All they want is for this game to bring more money and they're clearly using anything to get it.
  8. Inferno

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    I would be if we qualified :|
  9. Inferno

    Tiberian Incursion

    A little nuance wouldn't hurt was my point.
  10. Inferno

    Tiberian Incursion

    Come on, bro. You can't possibly think Legion is as awesome as CABAL.
  11. If you want EA to change their views, try bringing a bag of money.
  12. It honestly looks half decent for a mobile game. But for them pissing on the corpse of C&C one more time is just a disgrace to the series and its fans.
  13. Inferno

    C&C Rivals

    I'm sorry, but if I were a game designer they'd have to pay me several millions to make and promote a C&C mobile game. Talk about lowering your standards.
  14. Inferno

    TotalBiscuit Passed Away at 33

    Quite a few years ago I was a big fan of his WTF is series. I also loved the fact that he covered some of the C&C community's mods and games over the years. Even though I haven't watched any of his vids in a long time, it's sad to see him go. Rest in peace TB.