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  1. Hey guys, just thought I should share something with you all. When creating a custom map, you are MUCH more likely to spawn at the LAST spawn point you placed on the map in Final Alert. I have to say that this only really applies to Red Alert 2 since that's the only game i've tested this on. I thought about this when I kept spawning repeatedly at the last spawn point i placed. It was so uneven in terms of "random" spawning points, that I figured it had to be something about the placement of the spawn points. Alas, when I changed the order of the spawn points, the first two times I started up the game, I spawned exactly there: the spawn point i placed last in Final Alert. Try it out and give me some feedback 8)
  2. Quite the contrary my friend. The game has become too easy, i've beaten 7-player games with all brutals with superweapons. I'm trying to make a HARD map where i am surrounded with big disadvantages. It kind of sucks when i spawn at a point where i made it specifically easy for the brutal enemy. with multiple spawn points though, there are small chances that i can spawn at the point i want, something like 20% on the map i just made. ****ty odds, especially when i tried 10 times just before and i didnt hit it right.
  3. Hey guys, I just made a pretty cool map, but i got a question. I know there is no way to set where certain players start on the map with RA2 (you can with YR), but I was thinking, is there a way to set it through triggers in Final Alert, so that the human player ALWAYS starts at a certain spawn point? is there any mods for RA2 that enables you to start at a specific spot? thanks.