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    Cameos, where to?

    I reply to my own post as I have solved the problem with the Cameos. I know where to put them and what files to change. The other problem still exists, so if anyone could tell me why the barrels are pointing in the wrong direction when the turret fire it would make me very glad.
  2. I have implemented a ccannon turret and a gattling turret to my general. Everything works fine, exept two things. First, I don't get the cameo to show up in the controlbar. How do I do that? The other is the barrels of the cannon turret when they fire. The turret itself points in the right direction, but the barrels are pointing about 45 degrees to the right. Could this be in the model or in the code?
  3. I have installed tthe mod selector and I have several mods that I would like to choose from. But the selector does not find the mods. It says that I should put my mods in the mods folder in my Zero Hour folder, and so I did. But still nothing. How can I get the mods to appear?