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    IonCannon-like weapon

    Ok, you must first understand, I am insane when it comes to weapons and their strength. So, now that you know I'll tell you what I want to do. I wan't to make a weapon, that fires an IonCannon beam at its target. I am having a few problems though. First, I can tell that the IonCannon warhead is there, but I dont see a beam. Second, when it fires, it shows a off-color thing which I can only guess to be an IonCannon beacon. Can somebody help me with this matter. I really want an IonCannon beam! Thanks.
  2. How does deploy firing work? there are 3 fields for it, deployer, deploy fire, and deploy fire weapon. Could somebody tell me how to get something to act like a desolator? Thanks!
  3. In CNC Tiberian Sun, how many units should there be. I've counted 35 vehicles and I know that according to TibEd theres like half of that in terms of infantry. And when I counted, I included things that weren't buildable. What's up with that? :rockbrow:
  4. CNCKid

    2 questiond

    First of all, my question. I wanted to know if Koen would be adding Red Alert 2 support to TibEd 2. Next, my idea, why doesn't he put in an auto-load feature into TibEd 1 or 2?
  5. CNCKid

    IonCannon-like weapon

    Ok, but I have a few problems. First of all, I got the ion cannon to work. However, the imgae of the beam is really ugly because I used the OS Shp Builder color replacement function to replace the colors so the beam would look good. Second of all, when I fire it, it doesn't hit the target, it hits the place where the unit which is firing is. What I want is an Ion Cannon attack, which a unit can start and then the attack will continue for a period of time even after the unit which fired has left. So, the Ion Cannon moves around and destroys stuff and the unit doesn't have to stay there. Can you tell me how to do that in simpleton terms? I had no idea what you meant before. Thanks!
  6. CNCKid

    IonCannon-like weapon

    Because of my craving for powerful things but hate of the time for superweapons to charge, as a firing weapon!
  7. I guess I should reinstall... :tired:
  8. Please help me. I can't get my units to guard other units anymore? I remember I used to be able to do it. What happened? :crying:
  9. Ok, I was wondering, how can I (in the easiest way possible) take all the units from tiberian sun, and add them to RA2 without wrecking all the changes I've made to RA2 already? (I don't care if this is ill-advised, I've got 3 copies of the game files. Thats like 3.something GB) Thanks for you help! ----------------Edited so the post would have my signature-------------------
  10. Ya, uhh when I say units, I mean like tanks and cars and stuff. Not weapons or warheads.
  11. CNCKid

    New CD

    your right!
  12. CNCKid

    tiberian sun to RA2... How?

    Unfortunately, I still don't understand the weapons, even though I've looked at them and tried to figure them out. Right now, I've abandoned adding the units, but I will eventually come back to them. Thanks for your help!
  13. CNCKid

    I am a little worried...

    Thanks! I haven't had a problem since. I think that maybe the units which I enabled along with the massive amount of units I build was the problem. There hasn't been a problem since so a moderator might as well just delete this.
  14. I'm a little worried about something going on in my game. I am hoping that maybe I just overloaded it with all the stuff I built, but maybe not. It is starting to have internal errors quite often. Typically when I use air units. I am afraid I wrecked something. Does anybody know what to do? :?
  15. CNCKid

    tiberian sun to RA2... How?

    Thanks, but do you know how I would get the attacks in from Tiberian Sun, I know this is gonna be a pain *sigh* I just wish that it was simple.
  16. CNCKid

    Unit buildable, image won't appear

    Ok. I don't need the trash talk. Anyways, my method doesn't need the voxel=yes, I know because I did it. Also, you can edit the cameo.mix file, but you don't have to. I never said that you had to. Thats how I got it to work though. If you don't like the way I do things, tell it to somebody who cares, because I don't. I gave this answer in order to help the person with the question, not to get feedback from people who think they know it all. I have used this method before and it works for me. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it. I can stay cool no matter what you say so don't bother trying to get me angry.
  17. CNCKid

    Unit buildable, image won't appear

    To make it real simple, edit the cameo.mix file, add in you cameo, go to RA2.mix, extract local.mix and insert your voxel file and and hva file. Then recompact your cameo.mix and local.mix files back to where they belong. Finally your art.ini entry should look like this: (XXXX is the code for your unit [like SMCV for the soviet mcv]) (the y's are the name of the cameo image) (the z's are the name of the voxel for you unit) (also the z's are the name of the .hva file for your unit you should have one) [XXXX] Cameo=YYYY Image=ZZZZ.VXL/HVA Voxel=no Remapable=yes I could guide you through this step-by-step on MSN around 9:00 PST (you have to keep trying to contact me if I dont reply on any given day, I might be busy)
  18. Hooray! Koen's adding support for RA2 to TibEd 2! *jumps for joy* (another satisfied customer)
  19. CNCKid

    Changing names

    Man, I wish I had noticed this earlier... It would have saved me a lot of time... :bang:
  20. CNCKid

    Strange stratagies

    Wow, thats a lot of units. But yeah, that would crash the game.
  21. CNCKid

    tiberian sun to RA2... How?

    You know, I can tell people have looked at this, why don't you say anything? If you don't understand what I'm trying to do, say so. Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the help. I hope Koen adds in support for Red Alert 2.
  23. Hey Koen, I had this little problem with TibEd 2. It didn't have support for CNC Red Alert 2. Because of that, I foolishly uninstalled it without checking if you had a module for it. Do I have to buy it again? Please tell me what I should do. Thanks!
  24. This happened to me as well. It was when I tried to copy a save game from one computer to another. *sniff* I had a Soviet MCV too.. :crying: However, on a good note, I didn't have TibEd yet so it wasn't TibEd's fault. TIB ED ROCKS! (sorry, ADHD makes it hard for me to restrain myself)