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  1. alleylee

    Yuriko - Unfair

    lol, overall, yuriko is the best hero by far. tanya flops: she can't do with defense buildings (of soviets and empire's, the allies must use anti-infantry defenses), so she can't really get into the place and rack some havoc. Against tanks, she will die eventually... Even against waves of infantry. natasha is pretty good, but horrible if you have a wave of tanks going at her. she can take out 1 tank using her ability, kill the other using a plane, but she'll probably die before the 3rd one. she's fun to play with though if you can keep her at low key. yuriko i would say is the best, cause her juggling skills is pretty insane, especially if you can micro efficiently. i nearly never use her special powers becasue of how insane her attack is. even against air units. if you ever decide to attack her with a group of twin-blades, you'll definitely lose one. if you're saying 1vs1, i've seen it happen before. tanya is generally too weak to even do this, 2 shots from natasha means a dead tanya, even if she ports back 5 seconds. tanya wouldn't even be able to shot natasha. yuriko... i'm not as sure about cause she can juggle natasha, but i'm not sure if she'll get in range before natasha gets 2 shots on her. side note: have you guys noticed that tanya gets blonder by the game?
  2. alleylee

    Allies Mission Cheat

    haha, i did the cryo the second run, cause the first run, there was a glitch in the game, and somehow, the limo went over terran...... and the limo tried to reach to the goal through my friends' base... couldn't do squat about that....
  3. alleylee

    RA3 Modding?

    so you can't create mods like in red alert 2/yuri's revenge with red alert 3?
  4. alleylee

    Primary Tactical Issues

    yeah, i've noticed soviets are a bit powerful... maybe that's why they dont' have many scout troops/abilities. Allies i've noticed are heavier on air support... Maybe naval. Empire is difintiely a micro nightmare, but if you're good, it's a nightmare to counter. I usually like to hit and run using helicoppers. I usually like using the heros too. Empire's hero is pretty crazy against units/infantries (if you cna juggle), and decent against planes. It's pretty good against buildings too. Soviet's is insane... I mean, far range shooting, laser marker for buildings and tanks, and then a crazy special abilities when you're against 2 anti-infantry tanks (assuming you wnat to risk her in the first place). Allied's tanya... she's only alright... I've noticed her range is short.. and reaction speed is slow too.... She usually get hit by a bullet or two before she can kill them off. Her C4 can be hard to plant espcially if the tanks can run away, or if the building is war guarded. The timebelt is useful, but how useful?
  5. alleylee

    So, thoughts on the game?

    i finished the game, and i have to say, it's a pretty dam good game. mind you, those unskippable cutscenes are annoying, and the units looks like it's a kiddie's game, the sex appeal as gone just a bit too far, but otherwise, it's still a decent game. What worked well for those 1 unit "stealth" missions is the fact you have secondary abilities. The units are pretty dam balanced too... I mean, even more so than CnC3. In CnC3, i usually just play GDI, upgrade like hell, and just try to push forward with infantries mostly, like rocket troopers, riflemen, and zone troopers. That usually gets the job done. I sometimes will get snipers, maybe grenadniers to clear out buildings, but you can easily rush your enemies with just infantries. In CnC3, it's much much harder, since there is a lot of naval... and usually only heroes, engineers and scouts can travel on water (and spies for allies and jap). My personal note on the movies is that it's just what Red Alert series live up to be. I mean, RA2 and YR's movies were cheesy as hell, but it works for RA series. I had a feeling they purely concentrated on trying to get the "co-commander" thing to work, the naval, and the game balance, and it's decent. As for the mission you guys were talkign about.. i just told my co-command to build up a sizable force, and keep on bashing at them. Eventually, i can waltz into their base. Using your co-commander to keep on bashing away only works half the time.. The odd case is they die out casue of a small counterstrike sortie...
  6. alleylee

    An Expanison for Red Alert 3?

    i dont' know, originally a few years back (like 4-5 years ago) i thought Red Alert was goign to be connected to the CnC world... guess that's not happening that quickly... if it is, the vice-pres could be kane... who knows... yeah, as for the expansion, it's a no-brainer. we're talking about EA here.. they create games, littered with bugs and problems, dish out patches... until the patches start making sense, then create an expansion to clean up their mess, and make more mess... If it's goign to be along the lines of "revenge", truely hope it's ackerman's revenge cause if you look at Kane's Wrath, and Yuri's revenge, it always has to do with someone from the "bad" side. Ackerman is a japanese spy robot, so why not have a robot based army? it seems to always go that way anywys XD
  7. alleylee

    RA3 AI Co-Commanders

    with me, i never noticed the commanders sucking that much... i usually tell them to strike specific targets until they waste themselves away, and then i go in with my big guns to clean up his mess XD. i just don't like the naval from jap's side...
  8. alleylee

    RA3 Modding?

    How about modding programs, or instructions to mod, for RA3? i mean, i'm sure there is a mixed review about RA3, but it'll still be interesting to mod it. any ideas? or words of wisdom other than RA3 flops/sucks/or the sort?
  9. alleylee

    Questions on "How to do Parabombs." <[RA2YR]&gt

    ok... 1) i don't think so... sorry to say but you have to give up one of the paradrops for this... 2) ok... your problems... make them invincible and 1 lifed... they then can't get killed in midair... make their armour special 1, because dogs sometimes even kills the invincible infantries (but not terrordrones).. lol... and for the timer... under the superweapons section i think there is a timer=yes... or something like that... check out other superweapons and find the differences... as for not exploding when it hits the ground... yeah... i had that problem before... i think it has to do with the fact that there is no enemies close enough that it can target to set it off... 3) no idea.. hope that helps
  10. alleylee

    Emperor Battle Of Dune - BUY FAST!

    i'm sorry but emperor isn't the most popular game out there... i couldn't even find it in my city... well... usually, when people don't reply, it don't know. have patience... most people here are into the CNC series... not dune...
  11. alleylee

    [RA2] Armory help

    you can have rally points for the armouries but the problem is that you have to make them also have the abilities to build things (ie infantries, tanks). the biggest downside is that it might freeze up sometimes... and sometimes you can have an engineer (which was created) to become elite but you lose the infantry you originally put in it...
  12. alleylee

    Reinforcements is it possible?

    uhh.. i think the ones you're talking about a for map triggers... i don't know too much about it but i think you need to add them to your maps...
  13. alleylee

    invisable maker

    isn't it that it can be less than 16, but it must be greater than 1? i forgot... i haven't been here in a while
  14. alleylee

    The Best Side??

    agree agree agree again ok.. i disagree here.. prisms sucks no offence.. good players will have some mobile defence squads and prisms will be shredded in seconds, like war miners for exam. apoc has 800 health and can take most beating. Allieds doesn't have strong enough tanks to take beatings. Even the Battle fortress only has 600 life (which i think is a mistake). you don't need tanya for this it's called flak weapons and in some cases gattling weapons. what's the point of spys? most of the time i play against compitant (sp?) players, that knows that they never called back any infantry, and they dont' do hit and run. i would be lucky to get these spys into anything. iron curtain has greater annoyance. like i said before, good players will have mobile defences, so 9 tanks in the back is not enough.. Besides, you never only defend the parametre, but you also defend your interior. War factories are usually too heavily guarded, because it's the production line. the iron curtain makes you want to cry because you can't do much to stop the enemy. Weather storm doesn't have wider radius. Sure it can dish quite a bit of damage, but it's not too effective and it's luck. the nuke's radiation is good, and there is a rare chance that the there will be a glitch where the radiation doesn't fade away. agree this is better than sentry guns, but you need to man these things... the lowest cost is $1000. ok... i think he's better than tanya, but Yuri is far better in many cases. He can sure give you lots of cash and remove parts of your enemy at a time. i know this is your opinion, but yuri has far better defences than soviets or allieds and initiates are extremely unbalanced in some ways. in buildings, iirc, they do 40 something damage at normal, and 90 something at elite. so let me think... that's more than an apoc shot if iirc again. i have no problems fighting soviets or allieds (i prefer allieds), but against yuri.. i need a few hours.
  15. alleylee

    ra2 help

    wtf... how did you lose spies? keep the dam dogs away with tanya and don't forget to give your spys camoflage