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  1. Just a few fixes to mention. Fixed the Post Editor colours. Especially for the tag entry field. Text is now readable when you enter the name of a C&C game. All C&C games have been stored in the tag system. So just start typing a name of a C&C game and the correct one will pop up in drop down menu Fixed colours for the small reputation counters on each post Removed the white backgrounds from avatar images that have transparency Fixed a bug that prevent user hovercards from displaying on certain text links
  2. Sonic

    Now Playing - Games

    I wouldn't be installing anything on my phone from untrusted sources. Plus http://www.mobile3k.net/ looks dodgy as ****!!
  3. Haven't tried becaused to be honest I don't think Metacafe embedding support is required. Chances are you will find the same video on YouTube anyway. For furture frefernce this is what you can share/embed.... College Humor Facebook Flickr Gfycat Google+ Hulu Instagram SoundCloud Spotify Ted Twitter Vimeo Vine YouTube Plus internal links to content within the actual forums This is what IPS have built into the forum software.
  4. Sonic

    Now Playing - Games

    Would you say C&C4 works better as a mobile game compared to it's bigger PC counterpart?
  5. One small change to the how the Post Editor works when you press the ENTER key. It will now start a new paragraph as the default action. If you want to the cursor to move to the next line (as in not start a new paragraph) simply press SHIFT + ENTER.
  6. This is what the chatbox looks like with avatars displayed.
  7. Sonic

    Proposing CNCNZ.kiwi domain

    I don't make silly April Fool's jokes. It never left. All emoticons from old forums were transferred during the upgrade.
  8. Sonic

    Proposing CNCNZ.kiwi domain

    You know I was joking right? What purpose would it serve?
  9. This week's edition of C&C Music Monday is a bit different. Today we feature an actual music video. This is the "Red Alert 3 Remix" released by EA just as Red Alert 3 was launched. It could be one of the best promotional videos ever made. All of the big names from the Red Alert 3 cast appear in this video. Unfortunately the video was never released in HD, but the quality is acceptable. Watch this video and learn something! Don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  10. Sonic

    Pic of the Day

    Yeah it does. Cool isn't it First introduced in November 2013. https://hello.kiwi/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.kiwi Maybe I should get www.cncnz.kiwi
  11. Sonic

    Video of the day

    I like the look of the new Pennywise. The original, played by Tim Curry, back 1990 is still creepy though.... Those movies aren't horror movies. Their Sci-Fi. Plus I'm sure there is no such movie that can than be considered a "family horror".
  12. Sonic

    Pic of the Day

    No these Warriors http://www.warriors.kiwi/. Different sport. Yeah the Golden State Warriors are struggling alright , 60+ wins, sitting at the #1 seed in the west. They don't need Durant. I'm sick of hearing about that overloaded all star team.
  13. Sonic

    Pic of the Day

    Made me laugh....
  14. I use a ViewSonic 24" screen for my desktop computer. Bright, rich and vibrant colours. Works great. Does that include PlayStations?
  15. The favorite C&C icons got messed up during the upgrade. I fixed the functionality of them, I couldn't restore what everyone had set.
  16. Easy. Once the image appears click on it to highlight it then click Centre button. A centred image.... If you want to link the image to something else double click on the image and put your link in the "Link URL" field.
  17. Yeah as @Plokite_Wolf said it has been removed. IPS said it would be gone and it looks like they stayed true to their word. To be honest, I don't miss it or ever need it. If you think back the old way remember who many click and key strokes you had to make to post an image? Now you just copy and paste the link to your image, the Post Editor does the rest. Once you get to grips with how the Post Editor works now you will find it very easy to use I have not heard this sound, I was not aware there was one. But yeah changing to a C&C themed sound it a good idea. I'll look into that. Assuming it can be changed.
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    TWA Advanced 1.72

    As your post appears to be mod related it has been moved to the appropriate forum.
  19. One word.... well a logo..... The only Sony product worth buying is a PS4
  20. Sorry about that. Looks like the permissions for that forum got a bit messed up during the upgrade. They are all fixed now though. Members can only view and reply to topics in the Command & Conquer News forum. You should now see the reply button and the quick reply box at the bottom of the page.
  21. Long time visitors know that Mondays around here are C&C Music Mondays. And this week our pick comes from the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. It's "Power". Part techno, part rock. And one of my favourites. It's clear that Frank Klepacki did some amazing work on the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. As always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  22. The latest trailer for Justice League came out over the weekend. Looking good. Due out in November.
  23. I have indeed. I went through a lot of different themes on the IPS Marketplace and decided to that Surface Dark looked the best. But as you can see, I've been slowly chipping away and changing many things anyway.
  24. After a solid month of testing and theme building our new forums are now up and running. As you can see we have a completely new look. New colours, new features around the forums. But we have retained all data. There are still some to things to fix, stuff to add and probably changes to the theme to make based on your feedback We had the forums off line for much longer than originally planned. There were some complications during the upgrade. But thanks to fine folks at IPS Support and more assistance from our excellent hosts, MyHost we were able to sort out the problems. The last part was waiting for 13+ years of forum data to rebuild. The final process took around 8 hours for everything to rebuild. We were unable to retain data from the old forum's "Shoutbox". We have installed a new "Chatbox" though, it works basically the same way as before, but as you can see none of the past shoutbox posts are there anymore. So feel free to browse around our new forums, if spot something that should be fixed, added,or whatever comments you may have, just post about it here. I'll be working on many things over the next few days.
  25. More small changes Added dark border to quoted text boxes Change the tag colours to a lighter grey Restored bottom banner ad Moved "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" menu links to "Browse" submenu