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  1. :rofl:


    I can see this thread so heading south.


    So Acerz any other questions for this fine (take that with a pinch of salt) community you call home?


    Nah not really. I'm just gunna be lurking for awhile, I'll end up joining in regular discussions at some point.

  2. I am outstandingly in good health despite my recent assassination attempts...


    I drop by to have my guards kill you, but then your mother answered the door and offered us lemon squares...


    so you live another day...


    but we did kick your neighbor's dog on the way out.


    Ahahahaha oh man I missed you too Shah. Got any good stories/rants that I may have missed somewhere for me to read?

  3. Maybe not, but I have :P


    It never ceases to amaze me how many old faces suddenly appear on the Horizon of a new game. Most end up disappearing again though.


    You're not going anywhere this time Acerz. As administrator I officially Ban you.... from leaving again! ;)



    Awwwr ilu2. :D

  4. I've just been busy doing heaps of stuff (read: drinking, partying, playing with girls, sleeping in to 2pm.) and playing WoW as well as studying and working. Just been too busy to really do much online, barely play WoW as it is rofl. Haai Mina missed you too