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  1. Scorpio XIII

    Video Cards

    Yeah I feel sorry for you.
  2. Scorpio XIII

    Video Cards

    I have an ATi Radeon Xpress 200M in my Laptop
  3. Scorpio XIII

    Wish Me Luck

    I wish you luck, comrade! And yes, it isnt that bad, the Aftermath is the sucky part. Even though im late.
  4. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    ROFL, Your siggie Pic is funny too!
  5. Scorpio XIII

    Google - Good or Bad?

    Yeah Google Earth is fun, and Welcome
  6. Scorpio XIII


    PONG 5D!!! Oh, yeah, Hi!
  7. Scorpio XIII

    Favorite Units

    I screw ppl over w/ the Spy Crate all the time, some catch me, but often they dont. :lol:
  8. Scorpio XIII

    How fast does RA2 load?

    My HP Pavilion zv6000 (AMD Athlon64, ATi Radeon Graphics) takes only 6-8 seconds online and 3-6 on skirmish.
  9. Yeah, tell us your graphics card manufacturer, and we can help you.
  10. Scorpio XIII


    This is another 'Dee Dee Dee' Question to add to my list.
  11. Scorpio XIII

    I Hate People...

    Humanity Sucks, I regret being one every day.
  12. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    :cry: My Cat passed away a couple years ago. :cry: Another Cat thing 7|_|||4!
  13. Scorpio XIII

    Google - Good or Bad?

    ZOMG 7|-|3 6()()6L3 15 7|-|3 3/1L!!!1!11!
  14. Scorpio XIII

    CNCNZ.com Network Dissolved

    Yeah, a real bummer. I like the new banner thingy though!
  15. Scorpio XIII

    The Worst Game Of All Time?

    BURN THE HERITIC!!!!!!! I know you're kiddin', but still, |/|3 L1|{35 7() 8|_|R|| 7|-|3 |-|3R171(5!
  16. Scorpio XIII

    Google's at it again

    *Begin |337 mini-rant* 7h3 6006|3 //1|| ()wn 7h3 //0r|d! 17 //1|| 83 7h3 |)347h ()f |_|5 4||!!!! *End |337 mini-rant*
  17. I don't! Me wants some more Kane! (although sadly :cry: after WW's untimely death Joe Kucan went off to do other stuff.)
  18. Scorpio XIII

    Red Alert: Escalation - The New Game from BPB

    I can help you there, Im in Russian II in high school.
  19. Scorpio XIII

    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    Ya' JUST found that out?!? Just one hour around some people here will make you believe that! *Cough* The late MadBadger *Cough* (P.S. notice I only said SOME not all! So don't yell at me!!!!)
  20. Scorpio XIII

    The Worst Game Of All Time?

    NOW they aren't, but THEN they were almost perfect quality (of that time). So they may not be the greatest games NOW, but sure as hell not the worst. I play classic TD at least once a week if not more. I care more about Enjoyability and Story more than graphics. You may revolve all around graphics, which is fine, but I dont.
  21. Scorpio XIII

    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    Your monkey 0wns! I want a monkey too! No fair! :lol: For Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War
  22. Scorpio XIII

    WWE: Eddie Guerrero passes away

    Same here, I wish him the best in the AfterLife.
  23. Scorpio XIII

    Best General for the Generals Challenge

    Thats what I do.
  24. Bah! I already got 360, PS3 Is cool, but Ive played my Xbox more frequently than PS2. AND THAT STUPID SPIDER-MAN FONT IS DRIVING ME INSANE!
  25. Scorpio XIII

    The Worst Game Of All Time?

    Battlefront II is awesome. It met all my expectations as a sequel to BF I and more. This game is a must have, even if your not a big fan of Star Wars. As the case says "The Sequel to the Best Selling Star Wars Game EVER!". Its cool on Xbox too, really kewl on my 360 + Xbox Live.