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    Google - Good or Bad?

    Ahem...<Start Suspense Music> Dun dun duuun <End Suspense Music> 3/1L 6()()6L3!!!
  3. Scorpio XIII

    Broken Images

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Twits.
  4. Scorpio XIII

    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    errr Luk3us,you do know there is children here. You can see that women's ****** rofl :lol:
  5. Scorpio XIII

    What's your favorite orca?

    And ya can't beat the classic look of it either.
  6. Scorpio XIII

    Bounce Bounce New Guy in da house

    Sorry, im out of it right now
  7. Scorpio XIII

    Alpha's - can they be taken down?

    I feel the same, Comrade
  8. Scorpio XIII

    Something GOOD about generals for a change

    The Scuds get better armour and a more armoured missile that has less chance of getting shot down. they're devestating at elite rank. 3+ Elite SCUDs + AA Support + a few Elite Marauders or Scorpions = InstaDeath may be difficult to mass up, but once done, pwnage time!
  9. Scorpio XIII

    Trainer cheat

    Yes, one of the best, No Cheaters + New Maps = Great Server
  10. Scorpio XIII

    YR: Enhanced 1.3

    Awesome, When are you going to release it to us?
  11. Scorpio XIII

    Bounce Bounce New Guy in da house

    Welcome SoulJa (NVM)
  12. Scorpio XIII

    Japan 'water hose' jailors freed

    You are being a little overzealous Louis
  13. Scorpio XIII

    Stolen Xbox 360?

    Well said!
  14. Scorpio XIII

    Weather report

    Weather: C*** Temp: C*** General Mood: C*** Sorry for the language, but this is the only true way to depict it.
  15. Scorpio XIII

    Stolen Xbox 360?

    ROFL, That was quite amusing, when he spazes at the end and drops it, and the 'CD Drive'.
  16. Scorpio XIII

    Currently Playing # 6

    Battlefront II (PSP) GTA: Liberty City Stories (PSP) <Dejavu> Dawn of War: Winter Assault (PC)
  17. Scorpio XIII

    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    My Newest Avatar is the Necron Nightbringer (You may know him as 'The Grim Reaper') from Warhammer 40,000 BTW The Hypnotist's Tesla Trooper Avatar was made by me, I will make anyone a 'BASIC' (NO Flash) Avatar or Siggie
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    Now Playing - Music

    148 Pages Strong! The Speed of Sound - Coldplay
  19. Scorpio XIII

    Are we allowed...

    I want to donate CNCNZ money too, but my parents will think im insane (and I am) and ill probbly just f00k it up somehow. The most I can do is a Banner beside my Visitor counter on my weblog, wish I could do more X_X.
  20. Scorpio XIII

    59 Signs a C&C Fan Needs a Life

    A)When your life turns to c*** you try to find the "Restart Mission" Button. B)You've decided you won't go outside anymore due to the 'tacky graphics, poor sound and low playability.'
  21. Scorpio XIII

    scorpion tanks

    Yeah, bomb the Shiitake out of 'em!
  22. Scorpio XIII

    Are we allowed...

    Yeah, same here. This place is my life!
  23. Scorpio XIII

    Are we allowed...

    I have a CNCNZ Banner on my Site, Since they have banners, it should be okay, as long as it isin't for personal profit
  24. Scorpio XIII


    Sad But True