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    welcome rEd, and you guys are falling off topic again, I sware, indroduce Yourself has some of the most topics sent off topic.
  2. Scorpio XIII

    This C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod looks awesome

    Talk about Slow on the uptake, if you werent a C&C Community newbie, Id be ashamed, thats like one of the most anticipated ZH mods on the Net
  3. Scorpio XIII

    Did anyone else see this?

    WOL: HackAds/Spam bots out the 'Wazoo', thats another reason why I hate YR on WOL, Get n use XWIS!
  4. Scorpio XIII

    Red Alert 2 Network problems

    Yeah Ive seen that many times, boy your own seperate games cheapskates, I can get a used bundle of RA2 + YR for $6.99 at EBGames (Saw it yesterday) or buy the "Red Strike" (Has RA2 + YR) pack for like $15 - $20 (Can't Rember)
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    He......... ummmmmmmmmm............"Disappeared" :roll: L13k ()|/|F6 h3 607 Pwn3d 8y 7h3 (14 0r F81
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    Now Playing - Music

    Danger Mouse - A Dark March (The Intro Song for GTA:LCS)
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    its either Your Comp is not good enough, or your Disk is FUBAR
  8. This will prove to be interesting
  9. Scorpio XIII

    is tib sun now open sourse or what

    lol. As per usual, Fenring's correct! PO is a waste of good time and webspace.
  10. Scorpio XIII

    New person here.

    I sense a lock incoming. Duck n' cover!
  11. Scorpio XIII

    Stealing Vehicles from own team - Caught Cheating

    I like mining my teammates when basic soldiers, then they kamikazi at enemies, can you say: FREE KILL POINTS!
  12. Scorpio XIII

    Post your PC

    Not bad, not bad at all
  13. Scorpio XIII

    C&C - The End of a Generation

    Very good work.
  14. Scorpio XIII

    Yuri Has a New Toy...

    I feel a Lock coming :?
  15. Scorpio XIII

    I need some good Tib Sun cameos.

    Yeah, near impossible to find High Quality TS Cameos anymore...........d*** shame. :cry:
  16. Scorpio XIII

    Install error!

    Yeah, there should be some help available somewhere....'should'
  17. Scorpio XIII

    Anti Theft Gadget

    Exactly! Its a good idea, but lacks common sense.
  18. Scorpio XIII

    Cute little stupid doggy.....virus

  19. Scorpio XIII

    Mpeg Video Rushe.

    Da Heck? :?
  20. Scorpio XIII

    scorpion tanks

    Took me 3
  21. Scorpio XIII

    Please help me find my favourite game!!!!

    You can find ANYTHING on eBay, ya need to find a rare item 97% chance that eBay has it, I got my TD from a EB Games store, used, only the game, and the case was craked (IDK I keep my games in a Army Green CD Case Thingy), but I got it for $5, I was estatic.Anyways.........Welcome to our side of the Universe.
  22. Scorpio XIII

    The Generals

    Awesome, cant wait for it!
  23. Scorpio XIII

    Now Playing - Music

    System Shock 1 End Title Remix - Chicajo
  24. Scorpio XIII

    Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine

    Yup they r up, im gonna DL it in da morning its like 4 AM here, and the wait is almost 30 mins (kinda Odd for 4 AM) and im to drokking tired to DL it now, lol *Falls into a deep sleep on laptop*