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    Trainer cheat

    The UN servers r usually good too.
  2. Depleated Uranium is used for shells in a Rail Gun if not another metal. Me loves Science too.
  3. Scorpio XIII

    Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine

    Nutin there, just 404's
  4. Scorpio XIII

    Anything related to Halo

    There is no Definite release time yet, anything you have heard is rumors
  5. Scorpio XIII


    Yeah this is a great map.
  6. Scorpio XIII

    Renegade ingame name change?

    Really? All I got were Frenchies! And we all know how the French fight *cough*0wned in WWII*cough*
  7. Scorpio XIII

    Lady MAP

    Yeah, pervs (coming From a Hentai fan X_x)
  8. Scorpio XIII

    here we go newbie new

    From Greetings to the Dark Side, 3 letters: WTF. Anyways, welcome to our Bizarro Universe X_x
  9. Scorpio XIII

    You would not believe this...

    lol, yeh, lil TOO much spare time, and yeah that kinda odd coincidence =?
  10. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    ROFL Bio-hazard Snow.
  11. Scorpio XIII

    Internet game - buildings explode

    Yes this should work, I had a friend who had a semi-similar problem and this idea worked
  12. Scorpio XIII

    My Mod :)

    Ditto, btw I love your 0x Maps Slash
  13. Scorpio XIII

    Stealing Vehicles from own team - Caught Cheating

    Yeah, damn vech stealers, I also hate teammates who C4 ur stank when ur stealth, ruins the point of STEALTH!
  14. I found a copy of Renegade in Russian while I was in Russia over Spring Break. I got it for about 7 Rubles (about $1.50 I believe). I got it because i just thought itd be a kewl collector's item. What im wondering is if any of you have bought foriegn C&C games, for any reason, and why?
  15. Scorpio XIII

    Numa Numa

    Dragonsea Din Tei - by O-Zone . I actually have the CD that this song is on, got it in Russia (due to the fact that they r a Romanian Group)
  16. Scorpio XIII

    Assistance Requested!

    Ok, Got it to work, thx Nyerguds.
  17. Im tryng to install classic C&C to my laptop (which has XP) and this: http://www.cncnz.com/features/tech/ccxpfix.shtml dosent help, because AutoRun is on but it dosent AutoRun, and when I try to Install it by going to My Computer, the DOS thing pops-up (after making it run in 95 compatability) then dumps, and when I click on RUNGAME.exe (in 95 compatibility again) it says I dont have the 8 KB of disk space available, when I have 56 GB Hard drive space left. And I swore this was Gold Edition too, but it may not be, because where I got it from, the clerk was clueless (got it used, but the disks were in Prime condition). So a little bit of help here would be nice, or just some clarification, atleast. Thank you for your time.
  18. Scorpio XIII

    Assistance Requested!

    Ah.... Figured, thx for the help, ill try the help page thingy.
  19. Scorpio XIII

    Which Drone is Best?

    Spy drones with Tomahawks (extra sight for pain) is the only time I dont use Battle Drones. :?
  20. Scorpio XIII

    Now Playing - Music

    Honour - VNV Nation (the BGM to that TS Nod Honour video:http://www.cncnz.com/index.php?subaction=s...amp;ucat=9&)
  21. Scorpio XIII

    RA2: The Generals

    so im currious, whats you're definition of "due time" ?? Yeah, please tell, before I implode from waiting
  22. Scorpio XIII

    Favorite Side?

    Or Russian (or UN/GDI as a dedication to WW)
  23. Scorpio XIII

    When Idiots Are Allowed on The Internet...

    I agree! *Gives Fenring n C&C King pats on back*